Indulgent Home Pampering Techniques You Need To Try

Everybody enjoys a trip to the spa now and then. The problem is that having a spa day often stresses us out. The strain, these trips put on your bank account, is immense. The entire point of having a break is so that your worries melt away, and you feel fantastic. If, when you walk out the spa, you have a sudden pang of guilt about the money you spent, there is a problem. Rather than wasting loads of your hard-earned cash on visiting a spa, why not pamper yourself at home?

You can create a stunning home spa in your bathroom, and then try some of these cool remedies and techniques. In no time, at all, you will start to relax and feel happy again. Sometimes, the worries of the world can get on top of us. When that happens, it is hard to focus on what is important in life. When you spend all your time fretting about things, you have no time to chill out. As it is a new year, it is time to treat yourself. Here are some indulgent home pampering techniques you have to try.



Dry Feet Remedies

Do you have dry, itchy feet? If the answer is yes, you can sort that problem out in no time at all. Much of the time, people will tell you to scrub your feet until all the dry skin comes off them. Don’t do that. That can be harmful to your skin. Before you start scrubbing, you need to soften your skin up first. You will notice that the skin on the bottom of your feet is hard. Use an old pair of socks and a good lotion to soften that dry skin. Before you go to bed, you should wash your feet and smother them in lotion. Put the socks on and wear them through the night. When you get up, you will notice that your skin is soft and clean. If there is any excess skin on your feet, you can now scrub it away with ease.

Hair Repair Techniques

If you have loads of split ends, you might think that you need to get a haircut. Well, there is another way. Use Argan oil as a hair mask when you go to sleep at night. It might feel weird going to bed with damp hair, but it will work. If you want, you can wrap your hair in a hand towel so that the oil can work its magic.

The Perfect Skin Facial

Everybody wants to get perfect skin, yet it seems like it is impossible for some of us. If you suffer from skin problems, such as dryness or acne, it might surprise you to learn that a lack of vitamins could be the cause. When you don’t have enough vitamins in your system, your skin tends to suffer and become unhealthy. You should get some vitamin C for your face so that you can revive old skin cells. If you use the solution every day, you will find that your skin looks perfect in no time.

The Ultimate Body Scrub

People often tend to focus on their face, hands and feet when they treat their skin. What about the rest of your body? Why should you neglect the rest of your skin? If you want to pamper yourself and feel fabulous, you have to try this body scrub. You will love this scrub as it has everyone’s favorite ingredient in it – chocolate! All, you need to do, is mix coconut oil, cocoa powder and brown sugar together. The oil and sugar act as the base for the scrub, whilst the cocoa powder smells incredible. Use the scrub after you have had a shower and rinse well.

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How To Create Your Own Home Spa Experience

(Photo credit)

Are you feeling a little bit stressed out? Are all the pressures of your hectic work schedule and lifestyle getting too much? Yes? Then it is important to take some time out to relax and recharge your batteries, and what better way to do this than at your very own home spa.

Whilst a trip to your local spa, can also be a great way to relieve stress, it can also be rather expensive and difficult to find enough time to go. Whereas a home spa is cheap to create and won’t take up too much of you day.

For our guide to creating your own home spa experience, have a read of this.

Think about who you will invite?

Are you planning on relaxing alone or inviting the girls over for a group spa experience? Just bare in mind that the more people you ask to join you, the less relaxing your spa will become.

If you want to invite some friends over to join you, stick to three friends at a maximum. Otherwise, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed.

Remember, the whole point of creating your own spa is to relax you, not to create more stress.

What will you need?

What you will need, will depend on the treatments you want to do. For the ultimate spa experience, you will all need to be wearing bathrobes, so tell everyone you invite to bring their own bathrobes along.

You will also need a couple of bottles of chilled champagne and some strawberries. As well as face masks, deep conditioning creams, essential oils, candles, and any other beauty bits you can think of. Don’t forget the cucumber.

Think about the things you or your friends have around the house – perhaps one of you has a foot spa tub or a moisturising gloves. Ask your friends to suggest things they could bring along or things you could do.

What will you do?

Tell each of your friends to take a relaxing bath with essential oils in before coming to your house. That way you will all be nice and relaxed before you start. For the ultimate stress relieving bath, add six to ten drops of bergamot oil to the water and just soak away any stress.

Before your friends arrive, fill you spa room with stress relieving scented aromatherapy candles. You may find setting up a CD player with calming music helpful too.

Lay all your spa bits and bobs out around the room and allow everyone to do what they want. While one of you soaks their feet in the foot spa, the others can be applying all natural avocado face masks. There is no need to set a schedule or anything, just relax and enjoy spending time relaxing.

Make sure that everyone in your household knows not to disturb you. If you are concerned someone will forget, you could always place a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the outside of the door. Make sure that all home phones are off the hook, and everyone has turned off their mobiles – the last thing you want, is someone’s phone going off.

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Easy Anti Aging Advice We Should All Follow

Our skin is often the first thing that begins to suffer with age. It can become dull, tired and wrinkly. Many women are now beginning to take extra precautions to keep their skin and their bodies in the best possible condition. These range from the radical and expensive cosmetic treatments that can be bought, to more simple and easy to follow tips as outlined below.

Keeping on top of your health and skincare regime is an important part of aging well and looking fantastic. None of us want to get to 60, look in the mirror one day and hate what we see. If these issues concern you, then there are ways to help turn back the clock or prevent early signs of aging.

Image Source

Water and the importance of staying hydrated: It is so important to ensure that you drink enough water every single day. The recommended amount to drink varies depending on your sources. Just opt for around 2 litres per day, and you should be on the right track. Water quenches our skin and improves its elasticity and glow. Without enough water, our skin can become dry and flaky or irritated. Water is great for our hair and nails and is also perfect for those who want to increase their concentration during the day. Ditch the coffee and go for water instead. It will wake you up faster and give your body the nutrients it needs.

Supplements and helping hands: Professionals like dr oz anti aging expert note that resveratrol and dermacai help with the anti-aging process. Knowing the best things to put into your body and understanding what works best for you is key. Take time to research products and their effects. Many vitamins, supplements and antioxidants can help protect your system.

Eat nutritious foods: It is not good filling your body with junk food and expecting it to look great. In years to come, your body will be relying on you to provide it with nutritious and delicious food and drink for it to survive.

Protecting Your Hair: Your hair can be easily looked after and conditioned with some simple hair care tips. You should avoid using excess heat on your hair as this can cause damage and breakage. Stay out of the sun for long periods of time where possible as UV rays can also damage your hair. Wear a fashionable sun hat to look stylish and keep your hair in perfect condition for the future.

Wear sunglasses and sunscreen: Wearing sunglasses isn’t just a fashion statement. They can prevent you from squinting too much and ending up with wrinkles around your eye areas. It will also preserve the condition of your eyes. Pair these with some extra strong sunscreen that contains UVA and UVB. The sun’s rays can be harmful to our skin in so many ways.

Don’t forget to use your common sense. Things like drinking less alcohol and getting plenty of rest are essential to keeping our bodies in good condition. Aim for at least 8 hours sleep every night in order for your body to look and feel fully restored.

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Top Tips For Finishing Off That Look

When you have spent a lot of time and money on your look, it can be really frustrating to look in the mirror and feel that it still isn’t right. While we all feel a little lacking in confidence about our looks from time to time, knowing that something could be better is a different feeling altogether. Something in the finishing touches is usually all that is required, but getting it absolutely perfect is the real challenge. We look at the top finishing touches that often get left out in a hurry:

Lips – As we get older, or put on weight or lose weight or even whiten our teeth, our lips can require a different finish. Checklist: Have you used lip balm? Have you applied lip stay? Do you need lip liner? Is the lipstick color right for your outfit?

Cheeks – In winter we definitely need to balance the blush with the redness the cold is going to cause. If you have a little extra holiday padding, try defining your cheekbones in two tones. Checklist: Did you dust off your blusher brush to avoid loose particles that may stain your clothing? Do you want to add a little sparkle or glamor to the blush finish?OYnGGnGrcqhRBsT3XhmAR6OdX_aoGu1X7XSLYNR4kEnA8s86Z5Mu7zQ8BCzePAymGiIQ2HfwkmAIejLLMAZdw-QVPeHhocCFob18Zsq3PXQanDh8UBXXFSkjjvOyBrIoTg=s320

This photograph is from Flickr

Eyes – Not all of us can get away with full eyeliner, but it doesn’t hurt to try it out from time to time. Line the top lashes first to see how they go. Shape the ends to emphasize your look. Mascara definitely needs to be waterproof at this time of year, but you may choose a little extra glam with a glitter base. Alternatively, try some extensions or glue-ons. If these aren’t for you, be sure to get the eyelash curler out for a fuller effect. Finger shadows are great for precision and their choice of color and finish.

Hair – Half up for long hair is definitely in at the moment. Pick a great slide or clip to finish the look. Straighten straggly ends or curl them for a softer finish. Use some hair mascara for some extra color are detail. Finish with a good weatherproof spray. Pin in your hat if it is going to be rough out.

Nails – If you haven’t trimmed down your nails in the last couple of weeks, give them a go now. In colder weather, you are more prone to knocking nails, and they will break or chip. Two coats of polish are usually essential when wearing gloves to avoid excessive wear. Falsies are great until you need to wear the heavier duty gloves! Jeweled nails can get knocked off more easily so keep the decoration simple. Darker reds and purples look great at this time of year.

Jewelry – Try a few chunky accessories to finish off your look. Drape a matching set over your handbag or through your scarf. Berets look great with a couple of sewn in beads. If you are looking at more than costume jewelry for an outfit, think about how it can be visible with your outdoor wear on.

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The Good Girls Guide to Gorgeous Hair

Our hair is our crowning glory. We all want beautiful, tumbling locks that are gorgeous. But, the winter can play havoc with our hair. It can look dry and lacklustre. You don’t have to suffer at the hands of winter any longer. There are some great ways that you can have a good hair life.

Mind the Shampoo

We are all a little guilty of being heavy handed with the shampoo bottle. But, the key, to having gorgeous hair, is to use shampoo sparingly. What is more, you need to ensure that you are only washing your hair three times per week. Many women make the all too fatal mistake of washing their hair daily. This can have a detrimental impact on the overall look of your hair. What is more, your hair will be prone to grease and dullness. You want to avoid dryness when it comes to your crowning glory. Use a good quality shampoo and omit the sulphates and silicone. Your hair will look gorgeous in no time.

Deep Conditioning Treatments Are Your New Best Friend

Deep conditioning treatments have always been our friend. Make them your best friend. Aim to add a deep treatment to your hair once per week. Include it in your weekend regime. Coconut oil is the best thing for dry locks. Apply the oil to your hair and sleep with it in overnight. This will ensure that your locks are glossy and shiny. By using coconut oil, you are using natural ingredients that your hair loves. Your hair will be hydrated and super bright. Think of coconut oil as a drink for your hair.gh65OkPlGwO2aG5ZMmgdPp9i0E0AslfFzhEljGkFqGiG4yuApmdUbDsbaaVDybyF1n2bCt0mXb88bVDLaIdA8eLagc9Tyo6nFkRkqFAfFxaEJ_c9BdZ0FQhuX07PQM3mfQ=s320

Josef Seibel

Choosing the Right Brush for Your Hair

Most of us are guilty of using the same brush that we’ve had for years. It may be time to re-invest in a good quality hairbrush. Did you know that your hairbrush can negatively impact on the overall health of your hair? Dr. Kabaker performs hairline lowering in Oakland, and he stated that the wrong brush can cause premature hair loss in women. Think about the age and style of your brush. If you’ve had your hair brush for over one year, it’s time to get rid of it. Likewise, think about the bristles on your brush. Natural bristles are more useful for creating a super-glossy look. Synthetic bristles can leave your hair looking nasty. So, make sure that you invest wisely. Boar bristle brushes are the best kinds on the market. Do be prepared to pay a premium for these brushes.

You Are What You Eat

Maintaining a healthy diet is the key to making sure that your hair looks gorgeous every day. Drink plenty of water and ensure that you are getting your five a day. If you want your hair to look shiny and feel soft, you will need to omit sugary foods. Foods containing a lot of fats can have an impact on your hair. Now is the time to reclaim your diet and make your hair dazzle. It’s not called your crowning glory for nothing!

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The Ultimate Guide To Beautiful Skin This Winter

We all want to look incredible, no matter what time of year it is. In the winter, the cold weather can take its toll on the way we look and feel. One area of our bodies that suffers the most is our skin. You might notice that during this season, your skin becomes dry and hard. That is because there is a lack of moisture in the air when there is frost or snow. When our skin does not get any moisture, it becomes dull and lifeless. It also means that any nasty skin issues look prominent. If you feel as though your skin needs some beautification, here is a guide for you. Here is the ultimate guide to beautiful skin this winter.

Image via Flickr mt9F7OO0vxm62-H4FxUhot5Fl6Rc7qRMDcHODXh72GN1H3Sun0cgq5sbS8gHpn93CaZB-kcGlkmo78ZVR92SCq0WNV_yaCG__rjWdQj4N6u_gYw8sQZC6XgtR5iMQNEtog=s320

Drink extra water

One of the main reasons that your skin begins to look dry in the winter is because it lacks hydration. When the weather is cold, your skin can easily dry out and look a mess. Drink water and hot fluids throughout the day. Doing so will mean that your skin glows.

Have warm showers and baths

When you are feeling a little chilly, you might want to jump into a steaming hot shower and warm yourself up. Try to avoid doing so. Whilst the shower might feel pleasant at the time, it is bad news for your skin. When you expose your skin to hot water, it begins to break. That will only get worse when you get out of the shower into the cold. Instead, take warm baths and showers.

Get rid of embarrassing skin tags

If you have an awkward skin condition, such as a tag, you need to remove it as soon as possible. Skin tags tend to look prominent and ugly during the winter. The rest of your skin is dry, and so the tag will stand out. There are products, such as revitol skin tag removal that will help you to get rid of skin tags. The process is easy and won’t take a lot of time, and so it is worth doing.


This tip is obvious, yet many people forget to do it. You likely already have a skin care routine, but you need to make sure that you focus on moisturizing right now. As I have already said, your skin needs hydration in the winter. Drinking water will help, but you also need to remember to moisturize so that your skin is soft and fresh. At night, you should use more moisturizer than you, usually, do. That way, your skin will hydrate overnight.

Cover up when you go out

When you brave the cold, you need to ensure that you cover up well. Make sure that you wear a hat, scarf and gloves. When you expose your skin to the cold, it damages it. Instead, try to cover up as much of your skin as you can. Wrap your scarf right up over your mouth and chin. That way, you will avoid getting chapped lips.

Eat oranges (and lemons)

One of the things that your skin needs to look fabulous is Vitamin C. People tend to miss out on the things that give them this vitamin. Make sure that you eat loads of oranges and lemons during the winter. You might not feel as though you want to eat fresh fruit, but it will make a world of difference to how you feel and look. If you have at least one orange per day, you will notice a genuine difference in your skin. Vitamin C has loads of beautifying properties, and so your skin will look young.

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Essential Tips For Looking After Your Skin

If you want to look your best then, you need to make sure that you have a good skincare regime. As much as makeup and beauty products can enhance the way we look, we need a good base to put them on. The good news is that you don’t have to invest in expensive products in order to make this happen. Instead just a regular, good skincare regime is all that you need.

Starting a Skincare Regime

Your nightly skincare is really important when it comes to your skin looking and feeling its best. For starters, you need to make sure that you take your makeup off at the end of each day. You should also make sure that you use a toner and a cleanser on your face each evening too.

Lastly finish with a decent moisturiser. This doesn’t have to be one that is very expensive, instead one that works for you and your skin. You might need to experiment with different skincare products until you find the one that works best for you and your needs.

A day moisturiser for your face is also a worthwhile investment. On top of that a good quality body butter that you can use all over your body should be in your beauty bag.

Looking After Your Body

Your skin really reflects the food and drink that you are putting into your body. If you want healthy, glowing skin then you need to make sure that you are drinking enough water. You should be looking at 8 glasses of water each day. You can flavour this with all sorts if you find that water is too plain for you to drink, just make sure that you get enough of it each day. Plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet will also help.



Of course no one can be expected to eat perfectly all of the time. Don’t be too hard on yourself if this is the case. You could always supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals which can help.

Making Enhancements

If there is something that you are really unhappy with then you could look at surgical enhancements. Many people assume that plastic surgery is all to do with nose jobs and tummy tucks. However, there are many ways that you can undertake less invasive options to help improve the look of your skin. Chemical peels and laser surgery are good options that can work well in the right scenario. Of course you should make sure that you research all of your options and make sure you make a sensible decision.

You know your body and what your skin reacts best to. Remember though that your skin can change. If you use a product and it starts being as effective as it once was then don’t be afraid to try something new. The time of year, weather conditions and what you have been doing throughout the day can all affect your skin. Keep an eye on this and adjust your skincare regime accordingly for the best looking skin.

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Holiday Ready: 5 Top Tips For Looking Fabulous Whatever Your Destination

Whether we are jetting off for some winter sun or preparing for a family summer holiday, we spend weeks making sure we look our best when we finally get to our holiday destination. To make sure you don’t miss anything, here are my top tips for getting holiday ready.


Image Source: Rob 124

  • Get Healthy

No one wants to be walking around a foreign city feeling big and awkward, or hanging out on the beach envying other people figures (admittedly, we’ll do that anyway). In the run up to your holiday, watch what you eat and try to get some exercise. Not only will this make you feel better when you get there, it will also let you enjoy your holiday more.

Plane travel, jet lag and a lack of sleep can have a real impact on your body, it could leave you feeling groggy and ruin the first few days of your holiday. The circulating air on the plane is also full of everyone else’s bugs. Making sure your body is in tip top fighting condition means you’re not likely to be suffering from a cold on the beach or a cough in Rome. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables in the run up to your holiday is also a fantastic way to protect your skin from sunburn. The antioxidants in these healthy foods (you also get them in chocolate, just FYI) help to bolster your body’s natural defence against UV rays. Of course, it’s still not as good as sun cream, and no one want’s to look like a lobster, so remember to pack the factor 30.

  • Look Good

Let’s face it ladies, this is the one we all focus on before we travel. It is also the most time consuming and tedious of the preparation tasks. We remove hair, buff, moisturise, pluck and preen our way to perfection. At least it is worth it once we land in exotic climes.

There’s something about getting away from all the people that you know and the places you regularly see. On a holiday we reinvent ourselves for a week or two. We dress up every night for dinner, wander along foreign marinas and dabble at any number of new languages. Every night is a date night, so make sure you have at least one or two new outfits to wear.

Opt for something you wouldn’t normally or a colour that needs a tan to carry it off. Indulge yourself (after all, you are on holiday) and surprise your partner. If you are away with the kids, book a babysitter and make sure you get one night to yourselves. Holiday’s are about taking a break from the norm, and they can be a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship away from the strains of everyday life. So make sure you look your best.


Image Source: The Shaun Woods

  • Pack Sensibly

Whether you’re packing for the kids or for a romantic getaway, the principle are the same. Consider the weather, the activities you’re likely to be doing and the length of your stay. Looking fabulous is all about being prepared (and not having to lug a ridiculous amount of suitcases around with you!).

Shoe’s take up the most amount of space so be smart here. A pair of flip flops, nude courts and some flats for walking should be all you need. An outfit for every night is a necessity, but you can reuse daytime outfits, a skirt, a couple of pairs of shorts, some strap tops and a few blouses can literally last you ages. Evening wear is more complicated since you don’t know what sorts of places you are likely to be visiting. Summer dresses that can be dressed up or down with jewellery are a fantastic option, whilst a cover up and trousers mean you will be prepared if the evenings turn out to be chilly.

Check to see if the hotel has a hair dryer. In humid climes this is an essential to looking and staying fabulous but it will take up space in your luggage. Work out which beauty products you absolutely can’t do without but don’t load your suitcase with everything.

If you are packing for the kids, it’s a tad more problematic and will undoubtedly mean you have to leave some of your essentials behind to accommodate theirs. An outfit a day is a necessity – ice cream stains are going to happen and you don’t want to have to spend your holiday washing clothes. The evening outfits are the place to save space when it comes to the kids. They’ll only wear them for a few hours and aren’t likely to complain at wearing the same thing twice in one week.


Image Source: Rob 124

  • Plan Ahead

We all know spontaneity has spelt disaster for many a fabulous look – you spend hours getting your hair just right and he turns up to pick you up on a motorbike. Less than ideal. It doesn’t hurt to do a little planning. If you know you’re going to be riding camels through the desert you can pack accordingly (and resign yourself to looking less than fabulous that day). If you’re likely to be jet skiing or learning to surf, you can make sure you pack some waterproof mascara. No one want to arrive at the beach looking fabulous only to be coaxed onto the banana ride and left feeling like a bedraggled mess the rest of the day.

It is also worth taking the time to do some research. What’s the weather doing this time of year? What’s the humidity like? If your hair is likely to frizz out in these conditions, you can plan ahead and pack some serum to tame it. There’s nothing worse than trying to fight it into some semblance of order and knowing you have the perfect solution sitting at home on your dressing table.1DMBn0TJp6OFa-l2R5HG77WJMc_BJXOiZ_c3KXiYWLxVLJvAUcEl5I3N7-iTqasxCTIDxWmuBhq50NtLDYeHpuLZbcHJc8BLIacQZayMLnYcrRSqX633S6rkcgg=s320

Image Source: S J Pinkney

  • Be Selective

Remember, no matter how hard you try, there will inevitably be times on your holiday when you look less than fabulous. That time you fell asleep by the pool with your mouth open or the incident with the spaghetti at the restaurant are all going to get captured by loving friends. Make make sure you have your social media settings on high and can be selective about what everyone at home sees. Just because you occasionally looked less than fabulous, doesn’t mean everyone needs to about it.

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When Should You Let Your Kids Have Piercings?

Most parents dread the time when their kids start to rebel, or even just begin making big decisions independently of their parents. But there are many decisions that you need to be involved in, whether your kids want you to be or not. Often these decisions involve what your children want to do with their bodies. Although you might not want to make them feel like you are in control of their bodies, there are some things that you could feel aren’t age-appropriate for many kids. When should you allow your daughter to wear makeup or shave her legs? Is it ok to tell your son to change because you don’t like what he’s wearing? And at what
age is it appropriate for your kids to have piercings?


Carissa Rogers

Piercings can be a contentious issue among children and parents. You might see no problem with your kids having parts of their body pierced when they’re old enough, whether it’s their ears or lip. But the question is when is the right age? Many parents may decide that there are different ages for different piercings. Pierced ears, for example, are common in younger children. But making the decision of when piercings are appropriate can be hard. Try some of these tips to help you make your own decision.

What Does the Law Say?

Before thinking about anything else, you need to know what the law says in your local area. It may be different for different types of piercing. For example, children may be able to have their ears pierced much earlier than they can have a navelpiercing or tongue piercing. It could be that there are different age requirements depending on whether your child has your permission. Make sure you check what is and isn’t legal before you make your decision. As well as the law, check with your child’s school to find out their policy on piercings.

Talk to Other Parents

Parents will have a broad range of opinions on body piercings. In many cultures, it’s common to pierce a child’s ear or ears when they’re just a baby, but other people prefer to wait until they can decide for themselves. You won’t hear just one opinion when you talk to other parents, but doing so can help you nonetheless. Listening to what other people think can help you to shape your opinion, but you don’t necessarily have to follow the crowd.

When is Your Child Ready?

Trying to decide on a hypothetical appropriate age is one thing, but it’s also important that your child is ready for such a big decision. Body modifications are a big deal, even if piercings can be removed. Not all piercings will heal completely when removed, so it’s important that your child knows what they’re doing. It’s best to give it some time if they ask for a piercing, just to make sure they’re serious, and ensure they know what the piercing involves. You could also ask them to pay for it to give them a goal and sense of responsibility.

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Who doesn’t love the Holidays! I know in my family we love the Holidays because the whole family can get together. Of course we see each other the rest of the year as well, but there are some extra family members that come out too. I always have the hardest time deciding on what to get for everyone, so I decided I would try to help you all get it right the first time with this years Holiday Gift Guide.

So feel free to scroll through and find the gifts you love for your loved ones and feel free to let us know which is your favorite in the comments!

Happy Holidays!

For Kids

VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Busy Sounds Discovery Home - Vtech - Toys"R"Us

Looking for a great gift for kids that love doll-houses or similar toys? Then this is perfect! All the fun of a toy house without all the usual pieces that get lost everywhere. Check it out here.

game detail

Know a little one that loves all things Frozen? Check out this Surprise Slides game here. Reminds me of the games I played when I was little.

Disney Frozen 6 in 1 Games - Target Exclusive

Here’s another Frozen Favorite! This will keep them entertained for hours! 6 Frozen games in one ultimate gift! Check it out here.

Know of a little genius or someone that loves the night sky? This would be the perfect gift! Give them an awesome gift that wont break the bank! Check out this Moonscope here.

Our spectacular solar system—in motion!

Here is another great gift for any kids that love studying the night sky! Not only can you learn from it, but it can also double as a super cool night light! Check it out here.

Hair Brush HBMB-16.3

This brush is perfect for the little girl that always has knots in her hair, or just loves to have pretty things. My girls LOVE this brush and I’m sure any little girl would be honored to have one! Check it out here.

For Her

3 Waterfall Black WB-7

Need the perfect gift or even stocking stuffer? These nail files are great! Not only are they the best nail files I have ever used ( I will never go back to regular nail files), but they are absolutely gorgeous! Check them out here, also be sure to check out their other designs!

Pocket mirror "Flowers". ACSP-21.5

These pocket mirrors are great for on the go and a great addition to anyone’s purse or makeup bag! They have tons of designs too! Check them out here.

For Him

Pulse Dimmable LED Light with Wireless Bluetooth Speakers (Pair), Powered by JBL, Candy Apple

Great gift for the guy that has everything or the guy that loves technology! These speakers are bulbs that plug into regular light sockets to produce adjustable light and sound that is controlled by your phone! Check it out here.

Glass Nail File in Hard Case - BHC-B

Yes, some guys groom their nails as well and this file is perfect. It is strong enough to use for their nails and strong enough to not feel dainty or too girly. Comes in a hard case so it is not easily broken! Check it out here.

For Everyone

at home professional teeth whitening system

Know someone always complaining about their smile? Is that you? Either way check out this amazing whitening kit. It really is perfect for everyone! Plus, how awesome would it be to tell all your friends that you crated your own custom fitted whitening tray? Check it out here.


Do you know someone that is always saying their car is too hot? Are you always complaining? Then Kulcar is right for you! Check them out here.

Kanoodle® Genius

Know anyone that loves puzzles? This game is super fun and very hard to put down. Check it out here.

Stay tuned as more products will be added to this list as the Holidays are closer!

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