Top 5 Tips For Feeling Fabulous

As we rapidly approach the holiday season again, we know there will be plenty of parties and celebrations. We will have to suffer the boss and colleagues who hate us at the office party, and put up with sister-in-law at the family get together. No wonder so many people are miserable at this time of year!

It doesn’t help that year on year we are looking and feeling older. Worse still, everybody seems to think it’s ok to comment on it and make us feel even worse! It is impossible to find a genuine smile to give and all you can think to say is bah humbug.

Fear not! We have the top 5 tips for feeling fabulous this season. Sit back with a bar of choc and your feet up.

  1. Buy that fabby dress: So we are starting with a little retail therapy, but sometimes it’s effective. If you find a dress that looks good on you, buy it. How many times a year does that happen. Usually when we’ve squeezed into something we turn around and see it accentuates the size of our bottoms to silly proportions. If it fits well and looks good, then it was meant to be.d1mRgtAu2eZhgv69kLlgU1HGpFXA5inribZBAsuYQr8wGvWa6rrQbh0kLBZTsZZYjOh858PbbmEh9-psQNUrKVR8kYLEkYUkK92bO4XrNj3FkH524N02WW00cdY=s320 Picture courtesy of Flickr
  2. Department store makeover: If you pick quieter times, you can usually walk up to your favourite brand counter and try out everything they’ve got. The staff on the counter will talk you through your beauty routine and then cleanse and tone your skin for you. They’ll color match your skin and paint you up a treat. It’s all free because they’re promoting the products they’re using on you. Choose to buy or don’t. Then walk out of the store feeling fabulous!
  3. Facelift: This isn’t for the faint-hearted. Sometimes we just have to get rid of those deep wrinkles to stop the frowning that causes them! Find a surgeon like Dr. Robert W. Kessler, MD, FACS or someone local to you to speak about the implications of face lifts. Surgery is not an overnight fix. For a start, it may take up to two weeks for you to be well enough to venture out again. But it could well be the solution for what’s bothering you long term.
  4. Seriously intense gym workout: It is true that intense exercise for a minimum of 12 minutes will release all those happy hormones and endorphins. You’ll also feel like you have really earned that chocolate bar too! If you regularly feel a little blue, combat it with a half hour in the gym. Big brand gyms also have pools and spas included in the membership, so spend your next half hour soaking up the bubbles for a real ‘feel better’ treat.
  5. Karaoke: There is nothing quite like blasting out your favorite cheesy song through an amp in front of complete strangers who will cheer you on no matter how off key you are. Let it all hang out and sing your woes away. The adrenaline of public performance and the breathing techniques used for singing are amazing antidotes for bluesy moods.
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