Holiday Ready: 5 Top Tips For Looking Fabulous Whatever Your Destination

Whether we are jetting off for some winter sun or preparing for a family summer holiday, we spend weeks making sure we look our best when we finally get to our holiday destination. To make sure you don’t miss anything, here are my top tips for getting holiday ready.


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  • Get Healthy

No one wants to be walking around a foreign city feeling big and awkward, or hanging out on the beach envying other people figures (admittedly, we’ll do that anyway). In the run up to your holiday, watch what you eat and try to get some exercise. Not only will this make you feel better when you get there, it will also let you enjoy your holiday more.

Plane travel, jet lag and a lack of sleep can have a real impact on your body, it could leave you feeling groggy and ruin the first few days of your holiday. The circulating air on the plane is also full of everyone else’s bugs. Making sure your body is in tip top fighting condition means you’re not likely to be suffering from a cold on the beach or a cough in Rome. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables in the run up to your holiday is also a fantastic way to protect your skin from sunburn. The antioxidants in these healthy foods (you also get them in chocolate, just FYI) help to bolster your body’s natural defence against UV rays. Of course, it’s still not as good as sun cream, and no one want’s to look like a lobster, so remember to pack the factor 30.

  • Look Good

Let’s face it ladies, this is the one we all focus on before we travel. It is also the most time consuming and tedious of the preparation tasks. We remove hair, buff, moisturise, pluck and preen our way to perfection. At least it is worth it once we land in exotic climes.

There’s something about getting away from all the people that you know and the places you regularly see. On a holiday we reinvent ourselves for a week or two. We dress up every night for dinner, wander along foreign marinas and dabble at any number of new languages. Every night is a date night, so make sure you have at least one or two new outfits to wear.

Opt for something you wouldn’t normally or a colour that needs a tan to carry it off. Indulge yourself (after all, you are on holiday) and surprise your partner. If you are away with the kids, book a babysitter and make sure you get one night to yourselves. Holiday’s are about taking a break from the norm, and they can be a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship away from the strains of everyday life. So make sure you look your best.


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  • Pack Sensibly

Whether you’re packing for the kids or for a romantic getaway, the principle are the same. Consider the weather, the activities you’re likely to be doing and the length of your stay. Looking fabulous is all about being prepared (and not having to lug a ridiculous amount of suitcases around with you!).

Shoe’s take up the most amount of space so be smart here. A pair of flip flops, nude courts and some flats for walking should be all you need. An outfit for every night is a necessity, but you can reuse daytime outfits, a skirt, a couple of pairs of shorts, some strap tops and a few blouses can literally last you ages. Evening wear is more complicated since you don’t know what sorts of places you are likely to be visiting. Summer dresses that can be dressed up or down with jewellery are a fantastic option, whilst a cover up and trousers mean you will be prepared if the evenings turn out to be chilly.

Check to see if the hotel has a hair dryer. In humid climes this is an essential to looking and staying fabulous but it will take up space in your luggage. Work out which beauty products you absolutely can’t do without but don’t load your suitcase with everything.

If you are packing for the kids, it’s a tad more problematic and will undoubtedly mean you have to leave some of your essentials behind to accommodate theirs. An outfit a day is a necessity – ice cream stains are going to happen and you don’t want to have to spend your holiday washing clothes. The evening outfits are the place to save space when it comes to the kids. They’ll only wear them for a few hours and aren’t likely to complain at wearing the same thing twice in one week.


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  • Plan Ahead

We all know spontaneity has spelt disaster for many a fabulous look – you spend hours getting your hair just right and he turns up to pick you up on a motorbike. Less than ideal. It doesn’t hurt to do a little planning. If you know you’re going to be riding camels through the desert you can pack accordingly (and resign yourself to looking less than fabulous that day). If you’re likely to be jet skiing or learning to surf, you can make sure you pack some waterproof mascara. No one want to arrive at the beach looking fabulous only to be coaxed onto the banana ride and left feeling like a bedraggled mess the rest of the day.

It is also worth taking the time to do some research. What’s the weather doing this time of year? What’s the humidity like? If your hair is likely to frizz out in these conditions, you can plan ahead and pack some serum to tame it. There’s nothing worse than trying to fight it into some semblance of order and knowing you have the perfect solution sitting at home on your dressing table.1DMBn0TJp6OFa-l2R5HG77WJMc_BJXOiZ_c3KXiYWLxVLJvAUcEl5I3N7-iTqasxCTIDxWmuBhq50NtLDYeHpuLZbcHJc8BLIacQZayMLnYcrRSqX633S6rkcgg=s320

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  • Be Selective

Remember, no matter how hard you try, there will inevitably be times on your holiday when you look less than fabulous. That time you fell asleep by the pool with your mouth open or the incident with the spaghetti at the restaurant are all going to get captured by loving friends. Make make sure you have your social media settings on high and can be selective about what everyone at home sees. Just because you occasionally looked less than fabulous, doesn’t mean everyone needs to about it.

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