Keep your car cool with Kulcar

Do you ever love a product so much that you always want to brag about how great it is? Well one of those products for me is the Kulcar. In fact, I decided to re-post the review for you guys just in case any of you missed it! So here you go:

When I was younger and had an older car my air conditioning didn’t work. I always wished that I had a solar powered fan to keep my car cool while I wasn’t in it so that it wasn’t so bad when I did get into it. Now we have a working AC but since our car is black with tinted windows, it gets really hot throughout the day. Sure once it cools down it stays cool, but I don’t like turning on the car and leave it running just to be able to get the girls in the car. I was so excited when I got the Kulcar!


So what is Kulcar? It is a Turbo powered fan that is placed above the window in your car that is solar powered. When in the sun the fans turn on to cool your car down without killing your battery or you needing to be there to turn it on. It is decently quiet and is easy to install.


The Kulcar comes with weather striping for you window that not only fits perfectly around the device, but also around you window. For our car, installation was a little more difficult because as you can see above, our back window are angled. After some cutting and sizing we had it installed in no time. It only took about 10 minutes to install even with cutting the strips to size. I also couldn’t believe how great it looked on our car!

DSC03401 DSC03400 Kulcar Review

Like I said earlier, our car gets really hot during the day. So if we want to take the girls anywhere we have to turn the car on, open the windows and let the AC run. I hate doing this for many reasons! One, I don’t like leaving my car on without me in it and of course I have to go back inside to get the girls after it has cooled down so this doesn’t really work for me. Two, I don’t like wasting gas. Three, it takes a lot longer then it should to cool down. With the Kulcar you can just leave it on and it will run when the sun is shining on your car and keep it cool and ready for you to get in.

The only thing I would suggest when using the Kulcar is that if you do have air conditioning in your car, I would push the solar panel down while driving so that it doesn’t turn on and off every two seconds. Other than that this device is easy to use and really comes in handy when it’s hot! I can’t wait until the weather is warmer to be able to really test this thing out!

I think that the Kulcar not only is a great product for the family, but that it would make a great gift. I mean really, who doesn’t want a cool car? Also it is a great idea for families with pets, so that they are safe in the car as well!

You can find Kulcar on their website here, or on Amazon here.

Also, be sure to check out their Social Pages!

Kulcar Facebook: #/pages/Kulcar/551389814931439
Sonray Facebook: #/pages/Sonray-Technology-Inc/500367573391926
Twitter: #/KulcarSonray

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My Favourite ‘Dress to Impress’ Tips

There are lots of occasions when you might need to dress to impress. You might need to dress to impress for an interview, or you might be going on a date. Whatever the occasion, making an effort is so important. These are my favourite tips!

Wear Clothes That Suit Your Shape

If you don’t know your body shape, you should find out what it is, quick. Wearing clothes that suit your shape is essential if you want to look great at all times. If you have an hourglass figure, for example, clothes that pull you in at the waist will look very flattering on you. If you see yourself as an apple shape, you’ll want to avoid wearing baggy clothes as they can make you look bigger. Do your research first!

Get Inspiration

If you’re stuck for inspiration, you don’t need to suffer in silence. There are lots of ways you can find clothes that you love. Take a look on sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Lookbook to start with, recommend JustFab.

Only Wear Clothes You Love

Don’t wear clothes just because somebody says you should. Don’t wear clothes just because somebody else likes them either. You need to wear clothes because you love them, and that’s that! If you make sure the clothes you’re wearing are items you really like, you’ll always look confident and beautiful.

Always Accessorise

Don’t forget to accessorise, even if you’re only going to wear a nice watch. Never leave the house without your accessories! Some outfits might call for a necklace, others might call for a pair of statement earrings. My favourite jewellery is a nice watch with a statement ring. It’s a combo that goes with everything.


picture source

Wear Colours to Suit Your Colouring

Wearing colours is great, but you need to make sure they suit your colouring. What colours suit your skin tone? Take your hair and eyes into account too and you should find colours that look great on you.

Wear Shaping Underwear

Shaping underwear is great for creating curves and pulling you in in all of the right places. No matter what you’re wearing, shaping underwear can help you to look even better than before. Try it once, and you’ll be hooked! You can even find shaping underwear that gives you a Kardashian style bum lift. Who needs surgery?!

Don’t Forget Your Beauty Treatments

Accessorising and dressing to impress is all well and good, but don’t forget your beauty treatments. Make sure your nails and hair are up to scratch too. You can’t expect to impress anybody if your nails are all odd shapes and chipped! You don’t even have to pay for these; learn how to do it yourself. It’ll be worth it in the long run.

Use these tips when it’s time to dress to impress and you’ll always look effortlessly put together. Bear in mind that less is more and you want to enhance your beauty, not mask it with makeup and sparkly jewellery. See you next time!

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Top 5 Tips For Feeling Fabulous

As we rapidly approach the holiday season again, we know there will be plenty of parties and celebrations. We will have to suffer the boss and colleagues who hate us at the office party, and put up with sister-in-law at the family get together. No wonder so many people are miserable at this time of year!

It doesn’t help that year on year we are looking and feeling older. Worse still, everybody seems to think it’s ok to comment on it and make us feel even worse! It is impossible to find a genuine smile to give and all you can think to say is bah humbug.

Fear not! We have the top 5 tips for feeling fabulous this season. Sit back with a bar of choc and your feet up.

  1. Buy that fabby dress: So we are starting with a little retail therapy, but sometimes it’s effective. If you find a dress that looks good on you, buy it. How many times a year does that happen. Usually when we’ve squeezed into something we turn around and see it accentuates the size of our bottoms to silly proportions. If it fits well and looks good, then it was meant to be.d1mRgtAu2eZhgv69kLlgU1HGpFXA5inribZBAsuYQr8wGvWa6rrQbh0kLBZTsZZYjOh858PbbmEh9-psQNUrKVR8kYLEkYUkK92bO4XrNj3FkH524N02WW00cdY=s320 Picture courtesy of Flickr
  2. Department store makeover: If you pick quieter times, you can usually walk up to your favourite brand counter and try out everything they’ve got. The staff on the counter will talk you through your beauty routine and then cleanse and tone your skin for you. They’ll color match your skin and paint you up a treat. It’s all free because they’re promoting the products they’re using on you. Choose to buy or don’t. Then walk out of the store feeling fabulous!
  3. Facelift: This isn’t for the faint-hearted. Sometimes we just have to get rid of those deep wrinkles to stop the frowning that causes them! Find a surgeon like Dr. Robert W. Kessler, MD, FACS or someone local to you to speak about the implications of face lifts. Surgery is not an overnight fix. For a start, it may take up to two weeks for you to be well enough to venture out again. But it could well be the solution for what’s bothering you long term.
  4. Seriously intense gym workout: It is true that intense exercise for a minimum of 12 minutes will release all those happy hormones and endorphins. You’ll also feel like you have really earned that chocolate bar too! If you regularly feel a little blue, combat it with a half hour in the gym. Big brand gyms also have pools and spas included in the membership, so spend your next half hour soaking up the bubbles for a real ‘feel better’ treat.
  5. Karaoke: There is nothing quite like blasting out your favorite cheesy song through an amp in front of complete strangers who will cheer you on no matter how off key you are. Let it all hang out and sing your woes away. The adrenaline of public performance and the breathing techniques used for singing are amazing antidotes for bluesy moods.
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Finishing off an Outfit: Dos and Don’ts

Regardless of what you wear, it’s the finishing touches of an outfit that really helps it to stand out and make a statement. Without the right accessories and touches, and outfit can look unfinished and boring. The following tips will help you to finish off your outfit perfectly:0MYkOFYn5YcRKQbisExFDBlVHfqMcaNCF8HDLmakYP0L3Q1bJPeNutaqxXtDUoXoVYyn0gMMPSSqhUVdD7fn4FoV4N7oKbXeTV9QpUp9fJ0p0BR3RUDJtg3C3-k=s320

Do Clash Your Accessories With Your Outfit

By clashing your accessories with your outfit rather than matching them, you can make a much bigger impact than you would normally. They’ll stand out, and you can really balance out an outfit this way. For example, you could clash a girly outfit with grunge accessories, and vice versa. I like mixing patterns, textures, and materials for the best clashed look.

Don’t Wear Too Many Accessories at Once

The rule is, and has always been, don’t wear too many accessories at once. You’ll look like a jewellery stand or something equally as ridiculous. A handful of rings, armful of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings will more than likely look like you’re trying too hard. You should always take off the last thing you put on if you have too many accessories on.

Do Create a Focal Point With One of Your Accessories

What is your favourite accessory out of them all? Create a focal point with this accessory by playing it up. This could be your favourite bag from Guess, for instance. If you plan on wearing other accessories, make them delicate so that this accessory really stands out. I find you can do this best with a bag, necklace or ring.

Don’t Knock the Look off Balance

You can create an unbalanced look if you wear too many heavy items and not enough delicate items. Play around with combinations to try to balance out your accessories. You should always mix different shapes and sizes, but too much of one thing can make your look lose its edge.

Do Look on Pinterest for Inspiration

Pinterest is full of amazing inspo if you’re stuck on where to take your look. You can get ideas for ring combinations, outfits, and so much more. It’s my favourite app! If you’re ever stuck, just type your query into Pinterest and something is bound to pop up.

Don’t Worry About What Other People Think

If you like something, wear it. Don’t worry about what anybody else thinks. Everybody has different opinions, and the world would be boring if everybody was the same. If you can pull a look off with confidence, you’ll win every time.

Do Spend Time on Your Hair and Makeup Too

Your makeup and hair are just as much your accessories as anything else. Make sure they match the look you’re trying to create. Practice different hairstyles and makeup styles so you have a few you can pull out the bag at a moment’s notice.

Use these dos and dont’s to get your look on point every single time. Expressing our personalities through our style is so much fun, so ditch your boring accessories and makeup looks and start experimenting today!

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The Best Ways to Fix Balding or Thinning Hair

VihAEoWnSmQEX1n_FTFfzwFy5lGDGduS1ItKnsASWLnZlueZPFceXAVbKdjYUq8C-UFb6tzCtZaVxcqjUYH4xeJ7rf413hYDvCZ3x1EQGK74Mx7lZa9nvciTHnA=s320 Thanks to Eve for the photo

Balding and thinning hair can happen to anyone although it is more common for men to go bald. However, although women usually aren’t walking around with big bald patches, it’s not uncommon for their hair to thin or for them to have bald spots. Whether you’re a man going bald or a woman whose hair is thinning, it’s difficult to find ways to fix it or stop it in its tracks. There are lots of things that claim to be able to stop balding and thinning, but the truth is that it’s often in your genes. However, even though you can’t change your genes, you can try to keep your hair healthy and put off or reduce your hair diminishing. And with the advance of certain surgeries and technology, there are ways you can fix bald patches or encourage hair growth.

Stay Healthy

Your lifestyle and health could affect the thickness of your hair. There could be an underlying cause, including things like hormones and medication. If your hair is thinning or you’re discovering bald patches, there are some things you should check to see if you can fix it with a change to your lifestyle. Firstly, visit your doctor to see if there might be an underlying cause that you can treat. If hormones are causing your hair thinning, for example if you’re pregnant, you can help to look after your hair by handling it gently and perhaps changing your hairstyle. Hair loss could also be caused by a medical condition, such as a thyroid problem, or it could be a side-effect of a medication. Again, your doctor can help you with these. Stress can cause hair loss too, so if none of the other causes are the culprit, make sure you’re getting enough down-time.

Hair Transplants

If male pattern or female pattern baldness is causing your hair loss, then the cause is, unfortunately, your genes. You can’t change your genes, but you can fix your baldness. One option is to have hair transplantation in Miami. Both men and women can have transplants and hair replacements. Although it involves surgery, it’s a very clever operation. The surgeon removes hair from one part of your body, known as the donor site, to another part of your body. Usually, hair from a part of your head that balding hasn’t affected is transplanted onto bald spots to give you a natural and full head of hair.

Nourish Your Hair

If you can’t afford a hair transplantation, you can try to boost the growth of your hair in several ways. Firstly, use gentle products on your hair, so that it isn’t discouraged from growing by harsh chemicals. Find a shampoo that doesn’t contain alcohol or sulphates and conditioner with no silicones. Natural ingredients are best, so look in health stores for natural products. You can also be kind to your hair by combing it, instead of brushing and avoiding hair dryers and other products that apply heat to your hair. You could also consider a hair regrowth treatment, such as Rogaine.

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Hair Repair Tips That Really Work

If your hair is feeling a little worse for wear, you should take the steps to repair it before it’s too late. You don’t want your hair to end up a big, flyaway, brittle mess. The following hair repair tips have been proven to really work, so you can transform your locks into smooth, healthy tresses once again:EPRmeVgyvhl1jYBVHovNh6C0KH64XtduhEwg6W0bARDEgm6Ho10D5zPx7auUcFiRCPwIURxeXhQPnrb6r6DvSYsILZ13EJL6TZ3UdmkzwxBTA3YxCO4WC-dzCmU=s320

Always Use Heat Protecting Spray

Before using any heated appliance on your hair, including a hair dryer, make sure you spray on a heat protecting spray liberally. Concentrate on the ends of your hair especially. This will help to stop it from getting too damaged as you style it. Ideally, you won’t use heated appliances that often. If you must use them, follow these instructions to keep it in the best condition.

Smooth on Coconut Oil as a Mask

Coconut oil is a beauty product that has many benefits, but I love using is as a hair mask. All you need to do is smooth it on, concentrating on the ends of your hair again, and then wash off in an hour or two. You could even leave it in overnight. When you wash it out, only use a shampoo. If you use a conditioner your hair will become weighed down and greasy. You should notice a huge difference after using this.

Use Argan Oil After Washing

Argan oil is a great product to have in your beauty arsenal. There are many LT Organics Argan Oil benefits, but I especially like to smooth a blob or two on my hair after washing it. This helps to give it shine and smooth out any frizz.

Make Your Own Mask

Instead of spending a fortune on hair masks from the salon, you can make your own out of ingredients you’ve probably already got at home. Mayonnaise, believe it or not, is supposed to be a wonder product for hair. Avocado is said to be amazing too.

Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases keep your hair smooth during the night. You may not know it, but you probably toss and turn an awful lot as you sleep. By sleeping on a silk pillowcase, you minimise damage to your hair. You’ll also find that it’s much easier to style afterwards.

Have Your Hair Cut Regularly

Even if you’re trying to grow your hair, make sure you have it cut regularly to get rid of dead ends weighing it down and spoiling your look. There’s no point trying to hold on to your dead ends, so bite the bullet and have them chopped off. Even if you go for a regular trim, it’s better than nothing.

If you’re sick of the condition of your hair, having a lot cut off will make it feel brand new. It’ll look thicker, healthier, and you’ll find it easier to style.

Frizzy, split hair is never a good look. Use these tips to prevent and repair damage and you’ll love the results. Do you have any tips? Leave a comment!

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5-hour ENERGY® “Yummification” Video Contest Winners

I am a big fan of energy drinks. I drink them almost every day. 5-hour ENERGY is one of my favorites and they recently had a contest to find out how everyone likes to drink their 5-hour ENERGY Shots. We wanted to share with you what ideas won the 5-hour ENERGY “Yummification” video contest!


There were a total of 3 winners, so here we go!

First place received a whopping $50,000 prize! The First Place submission is called “Pomelimelade” and was submitted by Tim Merlau from Los Angeles, CA.

Yummification Winning Recipe

It sounds super simple and delicious! The video shows what can be accomplished in the 5 hours after drinking “Pomlimelade” and is a total winner. I guess that would be why he won the contest! Congrats Tim!

Yummification Winner

Second place was snagged by Mark Golembeski from Los Angeles, CA with his “Ramalamadingdong” submission and took home $30,000!

Yummification 2 Place

Mark’s video shows us how to turn that 2:30 frown upside down and shows us a clown, a puppy, a guy in a tutu and much more!

Zac Sheorn from Lugoff, SC won Third Place and $10,000 with his “Arnold Power” video.

Yummification 3 Place

I think this would probably be my favorite of the tree drinks! This drink stick to it’s name by showing us how it can help keep you refreshed so you can keep practicing, even if you are not good at sports.

You can find these videos and check out behind the scenes of the video productions here!

What do you think of the videos and 5-hour ENERGY? Let us know below! Be sure to tell us your favorite video and of course your favorite flavor of 5-hour ENERGY!

The 5-hour ENERGY® samples, gift card, and information have been provided by the makers of 5-hour ENERGY®.


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When is the Right Time to Have Surgery?

Having surgery has both pros and cons. Procedures come with certain risks, but they can also increase the quality of life of a person thanks to increasing their confidence. However, certain people have surgery and believe that it will change their entire lives, when this isn’t always the case. Just when is the right time to have surgery? Find out here:z_0m_md6F9hDeMChMBMMc487B0PUCOfyA8IpFSVYJSIyhzpUg4dLDIi0Xer_Bhy0wEBRjtA9yJIib1Mm9Hfw0eqBc9uZmzXRgPCbGnROSdPcvVCXqDltELCvFQM=s320

The Right Time to Have Surgery

If you have an issue with a particular part of your body and you have for a while, then you may consider surgery. This may be the size of your breasts, your nose, or even your stomach. Wherever the area is, you need to make sure that booking surgery is justified.

There’s a difference between having surgery to live a higher quality of life, and having surgery to impress somebody or to try to be somebody/something you’re not.

Surgery isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Despite the fact that more and more people are having it, you need to think very carefully about your decision. There are alternative to surgery, such as beauty treatments and makeup. That may be a better option for you.

You May Be a Good Candidate for Surgery If:

  • You are of sound mind.
  • You don’t pick faults with each part of your body. You may have body dysmorphia, and this could lead to never ending surgery appointments. If you aren’t happy with yourself overall, you need to start by healing your mind before you do anything else. Surgery is unlikely to be the cure to your problems.
  • You understand the risks and no what you will do in event of a risk.
  • You have had a consultation with a surgeon from a cosmetic surgery in London, for instance, and they agree that you could be a good candidate.
  • You are fit and healthy.
  • You are willing to do what it takes beforehand and after surgery to get the best results.
  • You know you are doing this for the right reasons, and not for somebody else.
  • You can afford the procedure.

You May Not be a Good Candidate for Surgery If:

  • You think this procedure will change your whole life. You may not get a promotion, or even a boyfriend. You will still be the same person.
  • You want to look like a celebrity you admire. Your procedure may not look exactly as you imagined it, and you may even be disappointed with the results.
  • You have any symptoms of body dysmorphia.
  • You have had surgery multiple times and can’t seem to stop. You need to seek help from a therapist.
  • You are unhealthy.
  • You don’t want to have to quit smoking, drinking, or drugs. You need to be able to follow advice before and after the surgery to get the best results.

If everybody around you is telling you that you don’t need surgery, then it might be time to listen to them. Everybody feels bad about themselves at some point or another, but that’s no reason to go and have surgery straight away. You need to make sure you’re doing this for yourself, for the right reasons.

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Surprise Your Partner With a Romantic Trip to Venice

vSUI6YGp9ZYsK9YZQMUJUQ6oJHutt9XKCdWs4ysA7hM_Qcns9N2sjyzoTanXL-X7s4YjbPCqgGoZF95ph02YWk2mWwFlr1BvwwUEKtQBnXPU5QSEq62b1ahC32I=s320 Link to image on Flickr

If you’re looking to wow your partner with a truly special present, you may want to whisk them off on a romantic trip to Venice. Few cities can compete with the elegance and atmosphere of this northern Italian city. Located on an intricate network of more than 100 islands separated by waterways and linked by bridges, it makes the perfect setting for a vacation with your other half.

Of course, for the best results, it’s important to plan your trip carefully.

Choose the right accommodation

First and foremost, get your choice of accommodation right. You don’t want to blow your entire budget on this, but you’ll no doubt want to impress your other half. By checking out the various Venere hotels and others available online, you should be able to find accommodation that falls within your spending limits and has an air of luxury and style.

As well as choosing a suitable base for your break, make sure you select a good location. You’ll want to be in the heart of the action.

Start your trip in style

There’s no better way to get around Venice than by stepping onto a water taxi. To really impress your partner, take one of these boasts from Marco Polo airport to your hotel. You’ll need to make a short walk to the Darsena dock first, but this shouldn’t take you longer than ten minutes.

Must-see attractions

It’s also worth planning some sightseeing before you arrive at your destination. Doge’s Palace is a must-see visitor attraction. One of the oldest buildings in Venice, this Gothic construction was completed in the middle of the 14th century and it is now a museum. There, you’ll be able to check out an impressive collection of artworks.

The Basilica of St Mary of Health is also well worth a spot on your travel itinerary. This white church is among the most recognisable landmarks in the city and it’s a great place to go for some peace and quiet.

Another impressive building is the Ca d’Oro Palace. Also called the Golden House, this structure sits on the Grand Canal. Now an art museum, it contains a variety of paintings by Titian and Guardi, as well as Renaissance sculptures. While there, make sure you check out the fabulous views of the Grand Canal on offer from the palace balconies.

When you want to refuel, you can head to the Pasticceria Tonolo. Located in the Dorsoduro area of the city, this pastry shop dates back to 1886. Popular among locals, it serves up top-notch coffee and a selection of sweet treats.

Indulgent evenings

Venice makes the ideal setting for romantic and indulgent evenings. To drink and dine in style, head to establishments like Ai Mercanti Restaurant. Situated off the beaten tourist track in the area of Campo San Luca, it offers a sumptuous fusion menu and a superb wine selection.

As long as you’re organised when you’re planning romantic sojourns in Venice, you can rest assured you’ll impress your other half. This is the perfect city in which to spend some quality time with your partner.

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Engagement Ring Buying Rules: Men Take Note

If you’re planning on asking your partner to marry you soon, you should know a few important rules before you pop the question. Choosing the right ring is never easy, but with these rules you can find the perfect one:


Learn all About the 4 C’s

The 4 C’s are very important when it comes to buying an engagement ring. They will help you to determine the quality of the diamond you’re buying, so you can think about whether you’re getting good value for money. Ask any jeweler you go to and they should fill you in. I’ll give you a little idea anyway! The 4 C’s stand for: cut, clarity, carat, and colour. All of these basically contribute to the quality of the diamond. Carat is the least important, as this tells you how heavy the diamond is. Just because a diamond is large doesn’t make it quality!

Don’t Buy The First Ring You See

All engagement rings are not created equally. Even if you quite like the first ring you see, do not buy it. You can always go back to it later. Don’t try to make this ‘easier on you’ – your other half will have this on her finger forever, so it’s important you put lots of thought into it.

Shop Around

Shop around plenty of jewelry stores to make sure you find one you’d like to work with. A store like is a good idea as they will educate you in a way you can understand. Make sure you work with a jewelry store willing to spend time with you and help you make your decision.

Take Her Personality into Account

Don’t buy what you think is nice if you and your other half have different tastes. Take her personality into account when selecting the ring. Would she like more colour? An antique style? Perhaps she’d prefer a classic ring? You should also consider her skin tone, as this will affect the metal that best suits her. Keep her in mind when choosing!

Make Sure You Can Return or Swap

Many places will allow you to return or swap the ring for a different one if she really doesn’t like it. Even if she does like it, you may need to have it resized if you don’t know he ring size. Make sure this is possible before putting any money down.

Consider a Custom Design

If you can’t seem to find something that stands out to you, why not consider a custom design? They probably aren’t as expensive as you think, and you’ll end up with the perfect ring design. This will mean a lot more to her as well, as you designed it yourself! It’ll be the most special piece of jewelry in her collection.

Once you’ve chosen her a ring, you can begin planning your special engagement. How will you propose? You could even book her a manicure so she feels confident showing off her new jewelry!

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