How To Create Your Own Home Spa Experience

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Are you feeling a little bit stressed out? Are all the pressures of your hectic work schedule and lifestyle getting too much? Yes? Then it is important to take some time out to relax and recharge your batteries, and what better way to do this than at your very own home spa.

Whilst a trip to your local spa, can also be a great way to relieve stress, it can also be rather expensive and difficult to find enough time to go. Whereas a home spa is cheap to create and won’t take up too much of you day.

For our guide to creating your own home spa experience, have a read of this.

Think about who you will invite?

Are you planning on relaxing alone or inviting the girls over for a group spa experience? Just bare in mind that the more people you ask to join you, the less relaxing your spa will become.

If you want to invite some friends over to join you, stick to three friends at a maximum. Otherwise, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed.

Remember, the whole point of creating your own spa is to relax you, not to create more stress.

What will you need?

What you will need, will depend on the treatments you want to do. For the ultimate spa experience, you will all need to be wearing bathrobes, so tell everyone you invite to bring their own bathrobes along.

You will also need a couple of bottles of chilled champagne and some strawberries. As well as face masks, deep conditioning creams, essential oils, candles, and any other beauty bits you can think of. Don’t forget the cucumber.

Think about the things you or your friends have around the house – perhaps one of you has a foot spa tub or a moisturising gloves. Ask your friends to suggest things they could bring along or things you could do.

What will you do?

Tell each of your friends to take a relaxing bath with essential oils in before coming to your house. That way you will all be nice and relaxed before you start. For the ultimate stress relieving bath, add six to ten drops of bergamot oil to the water and just soak away any stress.

Before your friends arrive, fill you spa room with stress relieving scented aromatherapy candles. You may find setting up a CD player with calming music helpful too.

Lay all your spa bits and bobs out around the room and allow everyone to do what they want. While one of you soaks their feet in the foot spa, the others can be applying all natural avocado face masks. There is no need to set a schedule or anything, just relax and enjoy spending time relaxing.

Make sure that everyone in your household knows not to disturb you. If you are concerned someone will forget, you could always place a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the outside of the door. Make sure that all home phones are off the hook, and everyone has turned off their mobiles – the last thing you want, is someone’s phone going off.

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