Top Tips For Finishing Off That Look

When you have spent a lot of time and money on your look, it can be really frustrating to look in the mirror and feel that it still isn’t right. While we all feel a little lacking in confidence about our looks from time to time, knowing that something could be better is a different feeling altogether. Something in the finishing touches is usually all that is required, but getting it absolutely perfect is the real challenge. We look at the top finishing touches that often get left out in a hurry:

Lips – As we get older, or put on weight or lose weight or even whiten our teeth, our lips can require a different finish. Checklist: Have you used lip balm? Have you applied lip stay? Do you need lip liner? Is the lipstick color right for your outfit?

Cheeks – In winter we definitely need to balance the blush with the redness the cold is going to cause. If you have a little extra holiday padding, try defining your cheekbones in two tones. Checklist: Did you dust off your blusher brush to avoid loose particles that may stain your clothing? Do you want to add a little sparkle or glamor to the blush finish?OYnGGnGrcqhRBsT3XhmAR6OdX_aoGu1X7XSLYNR4kEnA8s86Z5Mu7zQ8BCzePAymGiIQ2HfwkmAIejLLMAZdw-QVPeHhocCFob18Zsq3PXQanDh8UBXXFSkjjvOyBrIoTg=s320

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Eyes – Not all of us can get away with full eyeliner, but it doesn’t hurt to try it out from time to time. Line the top lashes first to see how they go. Shape the ends to emphasize your look. Mascara definitely needs to be waterproof at this time of year, but you may choose a little extra glam with a glitter base. Alternatively, try some extensions or glue-ons. If these aren’t for you, be sure to get the eyelash curler out for a fuller effect. Finger shadows are great for precision and their choice of color and finish.

Hair – Half up for long hair is definitely in at the moment. Pick a great slide or clip to finish the look. Straighten straggly ends or curl them for a softer finish. Use some hair mascara for some extra color are detail. Finish with a good weatherproof spray. Pin in your hat if it is going to be rough out.

Nails – If you haven’t trimmed down your nails in the last couple of weeks, give them a go now. In colder weather, you are more prone to knocking nails, and they will break or chip. Two coats of polish are usually essential when wearing gloves to avoid excessive wear. Falsies are great until you need to wear the heavier duty gloves! Jeweled nails can get knocked off more easily so keep the decoration simple. Darker reds and purples look great at this time of year.

Jewelry – Try a few chunky accessories to finish off your look. Drape a matching set over your handbag or through your scarf. Berets look great with a couple of sewn in beads. If you are looking at more than costume jewelry for an outfit, think about how it can be visible with your outdoor wear on.

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