When Should You Let Your Kids Have Piercings?

Most parents dread the time when their kids start to rebel, or even just begin making big decisions independently of their parents. But there are many decisions that you need to be involved in, whether your kids want you to be or not. Often these decisions involve what your children want to do with their bodies. Although you might not want to make them feel like you are in control of their bodies, there are some things that you could feel aren’t age-appropriate for many kids. When should you allow your daughter to wear makeup or shave her legs? Is it ok to tell your son to change because you don’t like what he’s wearing? And at what
age is it appropriate for your kids to have piercings?


Carissa Rogers

Piercings can be a contentious issue among children and parents. You might see no problem with your kids having parts of their body pierced when they’re old enough, whether it’s their ears or lip. But the question is when is the right age? Many parents may decide that there are different ages for different piercings. Pierced ears, for example, are common in younger children. But making the decision of when piercings are appropriate can be hard. Try some of these tips to help you make your own decision.

What Does the Law Say?

Before thinking about anything else, you need to know what the law says in your local area. It may be different for different types of piercing. For example, children may be able to have their ears pierced much earlier than they can have a navelpiercing or tongue piercing. It could be that there are different age requirements depending on whether your child has your permission. Make sure you check what is and isn’t legal before you make your decision. As well as the law, check with your child’s school to find out their policy on piercings.

Talk to Other Parents

Parents will have a broad range of opinions on body piercings. In many cultures, it’s common to pierce a child’s ear or ears when they’re just a baby, but other people prefer to wait until they can decide for themselves. You won’t hear just one opinion when you talk to other parents, but doing so can help you nonetheless. Listening to what other people think can help you to shape your opinion, but you don’t necessarily have to follow the crowd.

When is Your Child Ready?

Trying to decide on a hypothetical appropriate age is one thing, but it’s also important that your child is ready for such a big decision. Body modifications are a big deal, even if piercings can be removed. Not all piercings will heal completely when removed, so it’s important that your child knows what they’re doing. It’s best to give it some time if they ask for a piercing, just to make sure they’re serious, and ensure they know what the piercing involves. You could also ask them to pay for it to give them a goal and sense of responsibility.

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