Laura Mercier Glamour Wardrobe Review

If you are looking for a great holiday gift I think I have found it for you! Do you have a friend or a family member that loves makeup but you don’t want to get them one of those cheap makeup gift sets? Laura Mercier offers what they call a “Glamour Wardrobe” which includes two levels of colour for your eyes, cheeks and even your lips.
The top level has not only amazing eye shadows, but also comes with brushes. The colors include: Buttercream, Peridot, Heather Plum, Midnight Navy, Coffee Ground, Cherrywood, Sandstone and Sable Eye Colours that are offered in range of finishes from matte to high pearl. I love that there are so many options to these colors, and they all seem to blend together really well. I have recently become a fan of all Laura Mercier products, and the main reason for this is their eye shadows! They are so silky smooth, and unlike most other shadows are very pigmented. The majority of the colors included in this palette are a little bit lighter for a more winter look, and it also has some warmer colors to accent them.
The bottom level includes both lip colours ( Chambord, Sugarplum, Papaya, Dolce, and Brick lip glazes) and cheek colours ( Rose Glow, Pink Veil, Golden Glow, and Bronze Veil Sheer Crème Crème Cheek Colours ). The lip colours for the most part are wonderful. They glide on very smooth, and even leave a tint of color behind after they start to wear off. I like this because it helps keep the look for longer. In the palette I received, one of the colors is so soft that it acts as if it is melted. The main reason why this is difficult is that when you go from using another more solid color to using the soft one is that sometimes you get too much on the brush and it becomes a pain. Even so, I really enjoyed the lip glazes and I don’t normally like to wear colors on my lips.
When I think of blush all I think about is bright red cheeks, which is not something I could pull off. So I was very excited about the fact that not only does this set come with reds and pinks, but it also comes with more neutral colors. I love that they are not powder or solid powder but more of a solid cream. It makes it very easy to apply, and in my opinion helps make it so that you don’t add too much and also makes it easier to blend.

You could easily create many different looks using your Glamour Wardrobe! My friend has been using this set for a while now and this is one of the looks she created:

You can find more of her looks and reviews on her blog here.

Want to see all the great things Laura Mercier has to offer? Check out their website here.

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Mally Beauty Review

Mally Beauty
One of the things I love to review most is makeup. I used to think that pretty much all makeup was the same until I started blogging and was introduced to the makeup world. I still don’t think I will ever spend $100 on a foundation, but I have learned that really cheap makeup can be really cheap. Paying a little bit more for makeup generally gives you a much better product that not only looks much better, but lasts a lot longer too! Sure some are the exception to this rule but most aren’t. So I am always happy to share with you guys the makeup that I find that may not be the cheapest out there, but is inexpensive and totally worth it! I believe Mally Beauty products are one of those brands that is totally worth it!
I was able to receive their City Chick Smokey Eye Kit in “Plum Chelsea,” Age Rebel Shadow Stick Duo in “Smokey Quarts/Emerald,” and their Ginormous Mascara. I was so happy that all the colors blend together perfectly so I could create tons of new looks from just a couple products.

My absolute favorite of the bunch was the Smokey Eye Kit. Of course it was in purple, which makes me love it that much more! The kit comes with three different shades of eye shadow, eyeliner, and it even comes with a built in primer! I love that it comes with its own primer so that I don’t have to carry an extra thing along with it. Especially lately I have been very picky about my eye makeup. For me my favorites in my collection are very pigmented, have at least some shimmer or sparkle, and must last longer than 5 minutes. Anything that does not stay put either gets thrown out or given to someone else. I am proud to report that this shadow has all three!

From their stock photo you can’t really see how great the shadows are. It doesn’t show them sparkle, I know you guys want to see the sparkles so I took some closer pictures with my own camera to share with you.

I also took some swatches for you guys to see!

I was really surprised with how soft the shadows were, and how easy they were to apply. I also love how shimmery the shadows are. The eyeliner went on really smooth, and is easily used for a more sultry look as it is not the darkest over the shadow (you can see more of what I am talking about at the end of the review when I show you the look I created). The liner stick itself is very thin so it makes it easy to apply thin lines.

My second favorite product would have to be the Shadow Sticks.

Mally Age Rebel Waterproof Shadow Stick Duo

Like the shadows they are very shimmery.

I was really worried that they would look funky or apply chalky like a white shadow stick I have from another company but they glided onto my skin and looked great too!

At first I thought that I would hate the Emerald. Not because of the product, but because I am not a fan of green. I actually really love this green, and I love to use the both of them with other colors and products. They are great for blending and they look great! What I love most about them is that they not only stay on for a long time (mine stayed on overnight when I forgot to take my makeup off) but they do not crease or leave funny lines. I love to use these when I want to wear makeup but don’t have time to do a lot.

Last but not least is the Ginormous Mascara.

I absolutely LOVE the brush for this mascara. It works wonders for my lashes!

I love how it separates each lash, and that it doesn’t leave clumps behind. My only issue with this mascara is that it’s not waterproof. My eyes tend to water a lot so by the end of the day my mascara is ruined. Even so, it does last longer than most non-waterproof mascaras and I still love to wear it because it still makes my lashes look amazing! Hopefully they will make a waterproof version later on!

I love these products, and I love how versatile they are. I can wear the colors with just about anything for any occasion. Not only that but the colors do not fade which is a real plus! I will definitely be ordering more Mally Beauty products, especially more shadow sticks! They are truly amazing!

Here is the look I made using my new Mally Beauty products!

You can find Mally Beauty on their website here, or you can check them out on QVC.

Have you used Mally Beauty products before? Let us know your favorite in the comments below! :)

**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here .

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Pilot FriXion Review- Influenster Cosmo Box

We all love our pens. While the idea that they are permanent is great, we all wish that we could still correct our mistakes when we need to. Pilot has solved this problem by coming out with their line of FriXion pens. I was fortunate enough to receive on of these pens in my Cosmo Voxbox from Influenster.

Frixion Ball 8-pack pouch

I love writing with pens, but even most erasable things leave behind bits of the eraser and I can never seem to get rid of them. I received both black and purple (my favorite color :) ). I love how smooth these pens write. Not only are they smooth but they don’t leave a huge ink trail behind like some of the other pens I have reviewed. Which is good because that means the ink will dry faster. They also don’t have a traditional eraser which means no mess!

As you can see below there is still traces of the ink left on the paper, but for the most part the ink is completely gone. If you are like me I’m sure you are wondering how these amazing pens work. Well I found the answer! The ink itself is thermo-sensitive, which means that when the ink comes in contact with heat it disappears. Apparently if it comes in contact with cold temperatures it reappears but I have not personally seen it happen. Because of this heat problem it is advised that you do not use these pens on very important documents.

I am going back to school this January and before when I was in school I always hated the fact that I couldn’t write out my homework in pen because I would always mess up and have to scribble out what I had written. I hate letting anyone see a scribbled mess and these pens makes it so that no one has to! I am so glad that I can use my pen and not have to worry about making mistakes with my pen because of how easy it is to fix them!

I love that these pens come in so many colors! Not only that but they have many packaging options so you can pick a pack that has all your favorite colors! They are also inexpensive so you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get the ones you want.

You can check out these and other great FriXion products on their website here.

**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here .

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Forever Red Exclusively at Bath & Body Works- Cosmo VoxBox Review

It’s hard to find an inexpensive fragrance that lasts long, and that smells great. I recently received a bottle of Forever Red from Bath & Body Works from Influenster.

Forever Red is the first Eau de Parfume launched by Bath and Body Works, so this was very exciting for many fans. Not only that but they spent more money developing, perfecting, and of course promoting this one fragrance than they have on any other fragrance. Forever Red is a passionate blend of pomegranate and red osmanthus with a sexy surprise of vanilla rum. I think my favorite part about this perfume is the vanilla. It helps give the perfume a warmer/sweeter after tone.

Notes included in Forever Red: Fiery Pomegranate, Rare French Peach, Luminous Apple with Red Peony, Night Marigold, Red Osmanthus and a dry down of Rich Vanilla Rum, Velvety Marshmallow, Oak Wood

The bottle itself is a little plain for me, but simple can still be beautiful! The only thing I really didn’t like about it was the spritzer. It seems very flimsy and I feel like I am going to break it if I press is hard enough to spray the perfume. So far there have not been any major issues and hopefully it stays that way.

Forever Red is not just a perfume! Bath and Body works also offers many other products featuring this scent that I think you guys will really love! From soaps to lotions you are sure to find something that suites your needs.

So why is this perfume so special? Everyone loves Bath and Body Works but I know for me I am not a big fan of body sprays. This fragrance lets you have the best of both worlds. You can have your Bath and Body Fragrance and have it last longer than a body spray. Another great thing about this fragrance is that it is super inexpensive.

You can find Forever Red at your local Bath and Body Works, or on their website here.

Happy Holidays!

Star Focal received this product complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program, however the opinions expressed are our own.

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Nickelodeon Holiday Gift Guide Review!

Looking for the coolest gifts for your kids this year? Make sure to check out all the great things Nickelodeon has to offer! From toddler beds to coloring books they have you covered! With great quality, and great designs both you and your young one will be happy!

With our youngest finally ready to make the switch we could not be more excited about the Dora Toddler Bed!
Normally I am not a HUGE fan of Dora products mainly because of the colors, but I was really impressed with the toddler bed I received. Another thing that I was impressed with was how simple it was to put together. In about 30 minutes the bed was ready for my toddler to jump in and go to sleep. I know a lot of us want our toddlers to have the nice wooden beds, but with the price and how plain they are I’m not sure its worth it. With these beds not only do they last a long time, but they are inexpensive and have your childs favorite characters on them. Our oldest daughter has had this same bed with a different character on it for over a year and it is still standing strong, so you really get your monies worth with these beds.
Another thing my girls were excited about was the Spongebob Squarepants Giant Coloring Pages coloring book.
My girls love to color! One breaks the crayons while the other one eats them, which is pretty awesome but a big mess. I love the Giant Coloring Pages because they can both color the same page without getting upset about having to share. There is plenty of room for them both to color! It also has a code on the package that lets you create coloring pages from your favorite photos. I think it would be awesome to let the girls color our favorite family photo.
Lately my 2 year old has been absolutely obsessed with my makeup so I have been searching for a good makeup kit for her. Nickelodeon offers a great makeup set called the Winx Club Glam Makeup Case.
I love how solid the case is! It was definitely not something I expected! I also love that it comes with makeup applicators. My little one is always trying to take my makeup brushes to use with her pretend makeup. Another thing that is great about this case is that you can place all your little ones other makeup products underneath the slide out palettes. This will be keeping my daughter entertained for hours! This is something that you won’t regret buying that’s for sure!
One of my daughters obsessions other than just makeup is lip balm. I was very happy when I saw this next set.

Not only does this set come with 4 different lip balms with Dora on them, but it also comes with a little tin to hold them in. My daughter is obsessed with purses and things so she is super excited about the tin. I’m glad that this set comes with actual lip balm too! We got a makeup set not too long ago that came with lip jelly. I’m still not quite sure what lip jelly is, or how to get it out of my carpet so this set makes me really happy! It also comes with different flavors so your little one can choose their favorite!

Mommy is obsessed with having her nails painted, so of course the girls want to paint theirs too. Since they can’t use mommies nail polish this next set is perfect!

This is the Kiss It Paint It set. It comes with two bottles of nail polish and two tubes of lip gloss and something to carry them with. I love that the colors are not too bright so my girls can paint their own nails, and if they mess up its not a big deal. It is also really thick so that if the bottle tips it wont spill everywhere. Another great thing about these last two makeup sets is that they are very inexpensive. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make you princess happy.
You can find these and other great Nickelodeon toys at a store near you! Or you can find Nickelodeon on their Facebook, Twitter, or on their website here.
Happy Holidays!
**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here .
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SensatioNail Review, Tips and Nail Art

If you have been following this blog for a while you know that nail polish is not my nails best friend. I have a very hard time finding nail polish that will actually stay on my nails without magic. I recently found that magic in SensatioNail’s Invincible Gel Polish. I was able to get a couple really great colors, and even their starter kit to review for you guys.

Let’s start with SensatioNail’s Starter Kit. The Starter Kit comes with a Pro 3060 LED Lamp, Gel Cleanser, Gel Primer, Gel Base and Top Coat, Nail Buffer, Manicure Stick, Lint-Free Wipes, and either Scarlett Red or Raspberry Wine Gel Polish. It comes with enough supplies to complete at least 10 manicures, and each manicure lasts up to 2 weeks! In order to use any gel polish you need the LED Lamp so I was glad I was able to receive this set. My set came with Raspberry Wine Gel Polish which is a really pretty shimmery red. I’m normally not a big fan of red, but with this color and with it being the holidays I have really enjoyed having it.
The LED Lamp is very small. While I do love that it is small, I do think that it is a little too small. Because of the angle of my thumb when placed with my other fingers I have to cure my thumbnail separately from my other nails because sometimes it doesn’t completely cure. I also wish that the lamp was battery operated so that I could carry it around with me and not be tethered to a wall. Others that have a specific place to do their nails, or even a desk I’m sure would benefit from this and if you don’t like the expense of batteries this would also be good for you. Other than that the lamp works great! Regular UV lamps take double the amount of time to cure, so I love how fast this system works. It cures quickly and is not bulky so it’s easy to store. So if you’re like me and don’t have much room for nail products it’s size is a real life saver.
The Gel Cleanser and Gel Primer are great and I think one of the main reasons that this kit works so well for me. They help make sure that your nails are clean and that the polish will stick to your nails. They really help keep this kit simple and easy to use.
While they may not have many colors the colors they do have are wonderful! I am surprised every time I use them! They are extremely vibrant and shiny. The shine lasts the whole time, and doesn’t seem to wear off like other polish. It helps me want to keep my nail polish on for as long as possible so I don’t waste the shine.

After using this kit along with other SensatioNail polish, I have come across a couple tips that I think you should know about.

  1. Make sure to follow the directions carefully. If you miss a step it could either ruin your manicure or it could last a lot less time.
  2. Make sure to avoid your skin. If you you get the polish on your skin it could make your polish peel off. If you accidentally get polish on your skin make sure to wipe it off with a clean cloth or acetone before curing that layer of polish.
  3. Always cap your nails. I personally only cap them twice (once with the first layer of color, and once with the top coat) because I don’t want the ends to be too thick.
  4. If you are having trouble keeping the polish on your nails try soaking your nails in a mixture of vinegar and water for 5-10 minutes to help dry out your nails. This will help the polish stick to your nails so your manicure can last longer. Make sure to put lotion on after you are finished with your manicure so that your hands do not dry out in the process.
  5. Is your manicure still in tact at the two week mark and you love the color, but you hate that your natural nail is starting to show? You can fill your manicure by buffing both your natural nail and your SensatioNail manicure and painting your natural nail with the color you already used, and putting a new clear coat on. That way you don’t have to waste your favorite color!
  6. Oops! Did one of your nails break? Not a problem! You can fix a crack in your nails by creating your SensatioNail manicure over your broken nail. I had this problem and prolonged the life of my broken nail for over a week before I had to say goodbye.
I was able to create many different manicures with a small amount of colors. One of the perks of using gel nail polish is that you do everything layer by layer, and it won’t dry until you cure it. So if you mess up on your design and you want to start over just wipe it off and start again. You can see some of the manicures I have created so far with SensatioNail below!
Colors used: Gold Glitter and Color set (midnight Rendezvous for the base and Gold Glitter) , and Raspberry Wine.

Colors used: Gold Glitter and Color set (Gold Glitter for the base and Midnight Rendevzous for the bow outline) , and Raspberry Wine

Color used: Magnetic Tantalize

Colors used: Rasperry wine for the base and Glitter and Color Duo (Midnight Rendezvous and Gold Glitter)
Day 5 and still beautiful! Colors used: Glitter and Color Duo ( Midnight Rondezvous for the base and Gold Glitter)

The more manicures I did the better they turned out, and the longer they stayed on. If you are one that has a hard time keeping your nail polish clean you may not get perfect results on the first try. Not all manicures will last 2 weeks, but even so they will last longer than traditional polish and will look much better and will keep your nails strong! I am very happy with this polish and have already added to my collection. Stay Tuned to see more manicures created with SensatioNail!

I wasn’t able to snag a giveaway for this product, but make sure to like their Facebook page here to find lots of deals and giveaways. They just did a Fan Appreciation Giveaway of 3,000 bottles of their gel polish!! I love hanging around their Facebook page to find out tips, and just to see what manicures have been created using SensatioNail. Also make sure to check out their website for their latest products here!

Have you used SensatioNail? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Happy Holidays!

**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here .

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2012 Cosmo Voxbox!

If you are not a member of Influenster I highly suggest joining. It is a free, yes free, website that lets you become a product reviewer! Sites like Influenster are the reason I started blogging in the first place!
This is my second VoxBox, and I was really excited to get it! Inside was a Venus Razor and an extra Venus and Olay blade, 2 Pilot FriXion pens (purple and black yay!), Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape Chocolate, and Forever Red perfume from Bath and Body Works.
Keep an eye out for review of my favorite products from this box!
Make sure to sign up here, if you want an invite just let me know!
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NetZero 4G Hotspot Review and Giveaway!

I don’t know what I would do without my computer, or without access to Internet. That to me would be the real end of the world. We live in a place that often has power outages, whether it be the faulty wiring of this very old house, someone hitting a power line (happens WAY too often around here), or even just mother nature saying “Hello.” When our power goes out I am completely cut off from the world! No I am not exaggerating either! Everything is run through our Internet connection. Our phone is through the NetTALK Duo, we watch Hulu on our Playstation instead of cable, and I use my computer for texting online along with Facebook. It really has become a pain which is why I was so exited about reviewing this next product!
We received NetZero’s 4G Hotspot to review. I love this little device! You can carry it around in your pocket, or in your purse and can use it anywhere that there is service. It is very easy to set up so within a matter of minutes you could be on your way to your own WiFi! Of course you can use the offered WiFi at various locations like Starbucks, or McDonald’s but I know that I am always worried about what others can access from my computer by using these. With NetZero you can use your own WiFi so that you don’t have to worry about other people hacking into your computer via a shared connection. You could also use it for going on company trips, or really any occasion and with a 6 hour battery life there are endless possibilities!
NetZero Hotspot
Like I said before, I connect everything to my internet. I alone have my laptop, my tablet, my smartphone (that I use just for internet), and my Playstation. Luckily for me and all of you with large families and multiple devices, you can connect up to 8 devices to this hotspot!
As you can see, they have a rate plan for just about everyone. I just wish that they went higher in data allowance or even had an unlimited plan. Even so this is great for those of us that are on the go.
My main use for this product is when I go shopping. My phone is not currently connected, but can connect to WiFi. So I use it to send texts through an app, but if I cannot find a WiFi hotspot it is pretty much useless. Luckily when I have my NetZero Hotspot with me I can connect to it where ever there is service. I love how fast it is, and how easy it is to connect to. The Hotspot offers speeds of up to 10 Mbps for downloads and 1.5 Mbps for uploads
So whether you are looking for internet for your home, or internet while you are away from home you should really consider getting a NetZero Hotspot. Right now NetZero has a special for the holidays that gives you not only 50% off the device, but they are also offering your first month free! You can check out the details on their website here.
Want to win this device with service included? Enter our giveaway below!
Happy Holidays!
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**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.
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Get ready for the Holidays with your favorite drinks!



What’s better than presents for the Holidays? Having a great Holiday Party! We received samples of these products to review for our Gift Guide and our Holiday Party and they were a huge hit at our house!

More about these products!

What to buy the alpha male? Jägermeister, which translates to “master hunter,” is made from a secret recipe of 56 premium ingredients from around the world. This herbal liquor was developed for and dedicated to hunters that have strong bonds with one another, as authentic as the history and heritage of the brand itself. Today, Jägermeister is the #1 selling imported liqueur in the United States and one of the top shot brands in the world. SRP for 750ml- $24.99 And for the man with the home bar? Raise the bar with the iconic Jagermeister Tap Machine SRP $299.00

Jägermeister has always been a huge hit at out house and we drink it all the time. Our whole family loves it and it is a huge hit at parties!

· Go green this holiday season. The company who created Grey Goose Vodka is at it again.. American Harvest Organic Spirit is an American made, organic vodka made from a proprietary blend of organic vodka and organic ingredients resulting in a distinctly smooth and silky spirit with a crisp, clean taste. Handcrafted in small batches from organic winter wheat grown on a family owned and sustainably managed American farm, American Harvest is distilled and bottled in Rigby, Idaho using water from aquifers deep beneath the Snake River plain. American Harvest has been developed with great care for the quality, organic nature and sustainable growing practices of all of its ingredients. It has no artificial additives or preservatives and is produced with a continuous column distillation process and charcoal filtration to ensure the integrity and purity of the spirit. The American Harvest Distillery is USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. SRP for 750ml – $23.99.

I liked American Harvest a lot! I love that it was organic too! It is definitely a go-to drink for all the green-only party go-ers!

· Looking for the perfect gift for the whiskey aficionado? Show them what real Irish Whiskey tastes like and wrap up a bottle (or two) of the award-winning double distilled single malt and blended whiskeys named for the Irish legendary hero. Michael Collins 10 Year Old Single Malt is double distilled (for more character) in small, long-necked copper pot stills, from both malted barley and peated malted barley and matured in small bourbon seasoned casks for a minimum of ten years. Clean and smooth, the medium to dry finish has a lingering light smokiness. SRP for 750ml- $39.99. A refined blend of malt Irish whiskey and grain Irish whiskey, Michael Collins Blended Irish Whiskey is double distilled for proper balance of purity and character, and then matured in bourbon seasoned casks from four to twelve years. SRP for 750ml- $28.99

Before this product we liked whiskey, but it was not one of our favorites. Michael Collins has made it to our favorites list! This was one of the items that was gone first!

· Need a gift for your Honey? Want to talk about the Bears and the Bees? Bärenjäger Honey Liqueur – the original honey liqueur, is a 70 proof honey liqueur made from neutral grain alcohol and 300 grams (per liter bottle) of pure premium natural honey. During the 15th century, the Eastern Prussian bear trap company, Teucke & König, first introduced Bärenjäger, which translates to “Bear Hunter.” In an effort to end the struggle between man and bear, this sweet concoction was the first professionally produced Meschkinnes – mead-like moonshine made from honey by beekeepers and farmers – and was formulated to aid hunters attract bears and lure them from their dwellings. The alluring spirit’s recipe was slightly altered in the 18th century and continues to serve as the original honey liqueur enjoyed around the world today. SRP for 750ml – $27.99.

I had never heard of this brand before and I was truly amazed! It was amazing and tasted like actual honey! We could not believe it. This was one of my personal favorites!

· Your honey have a love for Bourbon? Give the gift of the newly introduced Bärenjäger Honey & Bourbon – a delicious blend of premium honey liqueur and Kentucky bourbon whiskey made with generous amounts of pure honey and all natural ingredients. Barenjager Honey & Bourbon has a balanced sweet bourbon taste with distinct lingering honey notes on the finish. SRP for 750ml – $28.99.

· With so many holiday parties, Don’t prepare your cocktails, just prepare yourself! VnC Cocktails – is the award-winning, naturally spirited, premium, all-natural, low-calorie ready-to-serve line of cocktails from New Zealand. VnC Cocktails are the perfect accessory at any holiday party for those who like the enjoying bit better than the making bit. Celebrities such as John Hamm, Lady Gaga, Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Maria Menounos are all fans. VnC Cocktails are available in 8 flavors, including Banana Daiquiri, Mango Daiquiri, Margarita, Pacific Mai-Tai, Passionfruit Caprioska, Pomegranate Cosmopolitan, Strawberry Daiquiri and Vodka Mojito. SRP for 750ml – $12.99.

I love drinking premade cocktails so this was great for us! We really enjoyed these and it was great for our guests that wanted mixed drinks!

Be sure to check out all of these great products for your Holiday adventures. You can’t have a party without them!

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SKIL iXO Vivo Power Corkscrew Review and Giveaway!

Do your hands get tired during the holidays from opening wine bottles? In my family every great party also comes with great wine, or at least lots of somewhat decent wine. Anyway, especially at a party opening wine bottles can get tiresome. Sure you can buy an expensive corkscrew that makes things a little easier, but it can still be a pain getting all those bottles open. So why am I sounding like I’m trying to cause more problems? I recently found the BEST corkscrew!

2354-10 | iXO Vivo Power Corkscrew

One thing we all need around the house besides a corkscrew is a power screwdriver! It’s one of those things that you don’t really know you need it until you actually NEED it. Sure you remember to grab a screwdriver when your about to embark on some crazy mission, but if you are in a new house or you just moved out on your own it’s definitely not the first thing on your list and neither is a corkscrew. SKIL has solved this problem for us with the iXO Vivo Power Corkscrew.

About a week before I was asked to review this wonderful machine my hubby and I were about to sit down with a nice glass of wine. When we got into the kitchen we looked at the bottle and realized that it was not going to be that simple. We didn’t have anything to open it with! Like any other computer savvy person, I immediately went online in search of alternate methods of opening wine bottles. If you ever are looking for a laugh I dare you to google how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew. Some people have some very creative minds! One that really stuck with me (that we did not try I swear!) was to take a screw, and screw it into the cork. If you are like us then you don’t have a screwdriver either! So after you locate a screwdriver and get the screw into the cork, you then take it back out tie a not in a shoe lace and shove it to the bottom of the cork with the same screwdriver and then pull. Okay, so that really doesn’t sound like fun!

I love my new toy! The iXO Vivo Power Corkscrew comes with a 4-volt lithium-ion power screwdriver, the corkscrew attachment, a foil cutter, a bottle stopper and for those of you that need to have your cake and eat it too it also comes with a five-piece bit set. I love that it comes with the bit set because then we can use it for all of our screwdriver needs. Just the other day we used it to put together our daughters toddler bed, and we were very great full that it was small enough to reach all of the screws.
The iXO Vivo also has a light on the end called Site-Light. It’s great if you are tinkering with something in the dark so you can actually see what you are doing. I was very surprised at how bright the light was, and I love that it turns on and points exactly where the tip of the screw driver is when you press the trigger.

I was very surprised at how easy it was to use. It took a matter of seconds to get the cork out. Just make sure that you turn the screw driver to reverse to get the cork out of the attachment. After we used it my oldest took the screw driver and began playing with it. So it also became a toy in our house, only with out the attachments of course. She even helped put together her sisters new toddler bed with it.

So whether you are looking for a great screw driver or something to save your hands during the holidays from all those bottles of wine, this is a great tool that I believe every household should have. You can find this and other great SKIL products at a local hardware store or on their website here.

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Happy Holidays!

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