Laura Mercier Glamour Wardrobe Review

If you are looking for a great holiday gift I think I have found it for you! Do you have a friend or a family member that loves makeup but you don’t want to get them one of those cheap makeup gift sets? Laura Mercier offers what they call a “Glamour Wardrobe” which includes two levels of colour for your eyes, cheeks and even your lips.
The top level has not only amazing eye shadows, but also comes with brushes. The colors include: Buttercream, Peridot, Heather Plum, Midnight Navy, Coffee Ground, Cherrywood, Sandstone and Sable Eye Colours that are offered in range of finishes from matte to high pearl. I love that there are so many options to these colors, and they all seem to blend together really well. I have recently become a fan of all Laura Mercier products, and the main reason for this is their eye shadows! They are so silky smooth, and unlike most other shadows are very pigmented. The majority of the colors included in this palette are a little bit lighter for a more winter look, and it also has some warmer colors to accent them.
The bottom level includes both lip colours ( Chambord, Sugarplum, Papaya, Dolce, and Brick lip glazes) and cheek colours ( Rose Glow, Pink Veil, Golden Glow, and Bronze Veil Sheer Crème Crème Cheek Colours ). The lip colours for the most part are wonderful. They glide on very smooth, and even leave a tint of color behind after they start to wear off. I like this because it helps keep the look for longer. In the palette I received, one of the colors is so soft that it acts as if it is melted. The main reason why this is difficult is that when you go from using another more solid color to using the soft one is that sometimes you get too much on the brush and it becomes a pain. Even so, I really enjoyed the lip glazes and I don’t normally like to wear colors on my lips.
When I think of blush all I think about is bright red cheeks, which is not something I could pull off. So I was very excited about the fact that not only does this set come with reds and pinks, but it also comes with more neutral colors. I love that they are not powder or solid powder but more of a solid cream. It makes it very easy to apply, and in my opinion helps make it so that you don’t add too much and also makes it easier to blend.

You could easily create many different looks using your Glamour Wardrobe! My friend has been using this set for a while now and this is one of the looks she created:

You can find more of her looks and reviews on her blog here.

Want to see all the great things Laura Mercier has to offer? Check out their website here.

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