SKIL iXO Vivo Power Corkscrew Review and Giveaway!

Do your hands get tired during the holidays from opening wine bottles? In my family every great party also comes with great wine, or at least lots of somewhat decent wine. Anyway, especially at a party opening wine bottles can get tiresome. Sure you can buy an expensive corkscrew that makes things a little easier, but it can still be a pain getting all those bottles open. So why am I sounding like I’m trying to cause more problems? I recently found the BEST corkscrew!

2354-10 | iXO Vivo Power Corkscrew

One thing we all need around the house besides a corkscrew is a power screwdriver! It’s one of those things that you don’t really know you need it until you actually NEED it. Sure you remember to grab a screwdriver when your about to embark on some crazy mission, but if you are in a new house or you just moved out on your own it’s definitely not the first thing on your list and neither is a corkscrew. SKIL has solved this problem for us with the iXO Vivo Power Corkscrew.

About a week before I was asked to review this wonderful machine my hubby and I were about to sit down with a nice glass of wine. When we got into the kitchen we looked at the bottle and realized that it was not going to be that simple. We didn’t have anything to open it with! Like any other computer savvy person, I immediately went online in search of alternate methods of opening wine bottles. If you ever are looking for a laugh I dare you to google how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew. Some people have some very creative minds! One that really stuck with me (that we did not try I swear!) was to take a screw, and screw it into the cork. If you are like us then you don’t have a screwdriver either! So after you locate a screwdriver and get the screw into the cork, you then take it back out tie a not in a shoe lace and shove it to the bottom of the cork with the same screwdriver and then pull. Okay, so that really doesn’t sound like fun!

I love my new toy! The iXO Vivo Power Corkscrew comes with a 4-volt lithium-ion power screwdriver, the corkscrew attachment, a foil cutter, a bottle stopper and for those of you that need to have your cake and eat it too it also comes with a five-piece bit set. I love that it comes with the bit set because then we can use it for all of our screwdriver needs. Just the other day we used it to put together our daughters toddler bed, and we were very great full that it was small enough to reach all of the screws.
The iXO Vivo also has a light on the end called Site-Light. It’s great if you are tinkering with something in the dark so you can actually see what you are doing. I was very surprised at how bright the light was, and I love that it turns on and points exactly where the tip of the screw driver is when you press the trigger.

I was very surprised at how easy it was to use. It took a matter of seconds to get the cork out. Just make sure that you turn the screw driver to reverse to get the cork out of the attachment. After we used it my oldest took the screw driver and began playing with it. So it also became a toy in our house, only with out the attachments of course. She even helped put together her sisters new toddler bed with it.

So whether you are looking for a great screw driver or something to save your hands during the holidays from all those bottles of wine, this is a great tool that I believe every household should have. You can find this and other great SKIL products at a local hardware store or on their website here.

Want to win your own SKIL Power Corkscrew? Enter the giveaway below!

Happy Holidays!

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**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.

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