The Best Ways to Fix Balding or Thinning Hair

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Balding and thinning hair can happen to anyone although it is more common for men to go bald. However, although women usually aren’t walking around with big bald patches, it’s not uncommon for their hair to thin or for them to have bald spots. Whether you’re a man going bald or a woman whose hair is thinning, it’s difficult to find ways to fix it or stop it in its tracks. There are lots of things that claim to be able to stop balding and thinning, but the truth is that it’s often in your genes. However, even though you can’t change your genes, you can try to keep your hair healthy and put off or reduce your hair diminishing. And with the advance of certain surgeries and technology, there are ways you can fix bald patches or encourage hair growth.

Stay Healthy

Your lifestyle and health could affect the thickness of your hair. There could be an underlying cause, including things like hormones and medication. If your hair is thinning or you’re discovering bald patches, there are some things you should check to see if you can fix it with a change to your lifestyle. Firstly, visit your doctor to see if there might be an underlying cause that you can treat. If hormones are causing your hair thinning, for example if you’re pregnant, you can help to look after your hair by handling it gently and perhaps changing your hairstyle. Hair loss could also be caused by a medical condition, such as a thyroid problem, or it could be a side-effect of a medication. Again, your doctor can help you with these. Stress can cause hair loss too, so if none of the other causes are the culprit, make sure you’re getting enough down-time.

Hair Transplants

If male pattern or female pattern baldness is causing your hair loss, then the cause is, unfortunately, your genes. You can’t change your genes, but you can fix your baldness. One option is to have hair transplantation in Miami. Both men and women can have transplants and hair replacements. Although it involves surgery, it’s a very clever operation. The surgeon removes hair from one part of your body, known as the donor site, to another part of your body. Usually, hair from a part of your head that balding hasn’t affected is transplanted onto bald spots to give you a natural and full head of hair.

Nourish Your Hair

If you can’t afford a hair transplantation, you can try to boost the growth of your hair in several ways. Firstly, use gentle products on your hair, so that it isn’t discouraged from growing by harsh chemicals. Find a shampoo that doesn’t contain alcohol or sulphates and conditioner with no silicones. Natural ingredients are best, so look in health stores for natural products. You can also be kind to your hair by combing it, instead of brushing and avoiding hair dryers and other products that apply heat to your hair. You could also consider a hair regrowth treatment, such as Rogaine.

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