Engagement Ring Buying Rules: Men Take Note

If you’re planning on asking your partner to marry you soon, you should know a few important rules before you pop the question. Choosing the right ring is never easy, but with these rules you can find the perfect one:


Learn all About the 4 C’s

The 4 C’s are very important when it comes to buying an engagement ring. They will help you to determine the quality of the diamond you’re buying, so you can think about whether you’re getting good value for money. Ask any jeweler you go to and they should fill you in. I’ll give you a little idea anyway! The 4 C’s stand for: cut, clarity, carat, and colour. All of these basically contribute to the quality of the diamond. Carat is the least important, as this tells you how heavy the diamond is. Just because a diamond is large doesn’t make it quality!

Don’t Buy The First Ring You See

All engagement rings are not created equally. Even if you quite like the first ring you see, do not buy it. You can always go back to it later. Don’t try to make this ‘easier on you’ – your other half will have this on her finger forever, so it’s important you put lots of thought into it.

Shop Around

Shop around plenty of jewelry stores to make sure you find one you’d like to work with. A store like http://www.whiteflash.com/about is a good idea as they will educate you in a way you can understand. Make sure you work with a jewelry store willing to spend time with you and help you make your decision.

Take Her Personality into Account

Don’t buy what you think is nice if you and your other half have different tastes. Take her personality into account when selecting the ring. Would she like more colour? An antique style? Perhaps she’d prefer a classic ring? You should also consider her skin tone, as this will affect the metal that best suits her. Keep her in mind when choosing!

Make Sure You Can Return or Swap

Many places will allow you to return or swap the ring for a different one if she really doesn’t like it. Even if she does like it, you may need to have it resized if you don’t know he ring size. Make sure this is possible before putting any money down.

Consider a Custom Design

If you can’t seem to find something that stands out to you, why not consider a custom design? They probably aren’t as expensive as you think, and you’ll end up with the perfect ring design. This will mean a lot more to her as well, as you designed it yourself! It’ll be the most special piece of jewelry in her collection.

Once you’ve chosen her a ring, you can begin planning your special engagement. How will you propose? You could even book her a manicure so she feels confident showing off her new jewelry!

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