If you know me personally you probably have noticed that my lips are always chapped. And by that I mean chapped so badly that my lips crack, peel and often bleed. I have tried just about anything I could think of to fix this problem but nothing ever seems to help. So when I heard of Chopsaver I thought it would be just like any other chap-stick. Something that makes it a little less painful, but doesn’t actually stop the problem no matter how many times a day I apply it. So I decided to put Chopsaver to the real test! I decided that I was going to do a before and after blog review. Luckily for me (or unlucky at the time) when I started this mission my lips were really chapped. Remember the splitting and bleeding I was telling you about? That’s how it was when I received my Chopsaver. It was horrible! Every time I smiled at my daughters first birthday my lip would re split and the moment would be gone. I hate not being able to smile because of my lips! And having chapped lips makes you not want to bring any attention to them. So enough was enough! I needed to get rid of my chapped lips immediately. So the next morning I began my mission. Here is what my lips looked like before Chopsaver:

I absolutely loved the taste of Chopsaver, and it was very smooth. Some chap-sticks have a horrible flavor, and are either too oily or too sticky. Another thing that I noticed is that Chopsaver lasts a really long time, there’s no need to reapply every 15 minutes because your lips are dry again. So before I could put up an honest review about Chopsaver, I used it for 7 days to see if it was noticeably different. I definitely noticed a difference and I think you will agree! Here is a picture of what my lips looked like after just 7 days of using Chopsaver!

Like I said, I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that Chopsaver really helped my lips. I am very happy with this product and I will definitely need to buy some more to stock up on!
Want to know where to find Chopsaver?
You can find them one their website here,
Or on their Facebook here.
Thank you for stopping by!
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BringItUp Instant Breast lift

I don’t know about you but when I see all the stars on the red carpet I get super jealous because there is no way I could go bra-less and pull off a dress like that! Not only that but when I go to the store I see certain things that I would love to wear but my bra will show. The only other option would be to buy another bra that can be hidden, right? Wrong! The lovely people at Bring It Up fixed this problem for us! I’m sure you all have heard of taping yourself so that you don’t have to wear a bra, but you can never get it to be comfortable or stay in the right place. So yesterday I tried Bring it up’s Instant Breast lift and I have to say that I am very happy I was able to review them. Putting them on is a very interesting task! First you take the backing off of the bottom half of Instant Breast Lift and place it, then you take the top half off and lift and stick. I was amazed at how well it worked! It lasted all day and I even was able to sleep with it on and it was still stuck there in the morning! However I would not suggest this as it left stickies from being left on too long. I didn’t even realize they were there which was why I left them on overnight, I had completely forgotten that they were even on! So if you have been looking for something to help you wear shirts without your bra showing look no further! Find the solution at!

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My Shadow- Godefroy

So I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I take the time to put eyeshadow on and 5 minutes after I put it on I have an itch and I completely forget about my makeup. I end up smearing it all over my face and then I have to run to the nearest bathroom so that I can either attempt at fixing it, or take off all my makeup to try to make it not look horrible. It drives me insane! Now I’m sure you all remember putting on temporary tattoos as a kid, right? Well Godefroy came up with the idea that we could use temporary tattoos as eyeshadow. The idea is pretty awesome, you just have to put them on and you don’t have to worry about shadowing your eyes perfectly, or what colors go together, or am I going to mess this up in the next hour? Not only that but My Shadow is meant to stay on for a long time. So there’s no need to reapply day after day. Now I’m not sure if my eyelids are of abnormal size or what, but My Shadow did not cover my eyelid completely. That and it seems nearly impossible to get it to line up directly at your lash line. Which is what I thought you were supposed to do with it. Another thing is that it is very difficult to place evenly on both sides. I did end up making it look pretty good by shading with eyeliner and adding extra eye shadow for that extra sparkle. My end result is the picture on the left. I think that with a little more practice I could really get used to them and place them correctly. My only other problem is that they seem to be kind of heavy. I don’t wear makeup very often so even regular eyeshadow seems heavy. I’m sure that by the end of the day I will be used to them. I definitely would recommend them to anyone looking to get that shadowy look without spending too much time on it. I used mine for the base and it turned out pretty well. I’m just glad I decided to use the shadow ones as practice first before I used the night clubs set. It’s definitely something I will have to get used to, but I love it! And at only $1.99 a sheet they are definitely worth it! You can find My shadow at the Godefroy website here. Just remember to take your time while applying so that you put them on right! A couple of things I would love to see in the future, and hopefully try, are different sizes of My shadow so that we can cut it to fit our eyes, and My Shadow with sparkles. I know they make temporary tattoos with sparkles so I think that would be a really cool idea!
Have fun guys!
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Gorgeous Corset Dress Review and Giveaway!!

So I was very excited when I was told that I get to review a Corset dress! I was even more excited when it got here today. It is so pretty! One of the worries that you would normally have when purchasing this kind of product is that the materials are not strong enough to hold it together, and you can’t get the look your trying to get because your too afraid it will the clips will snag. With this Corset, I don’t think that you could break the hooks if you tried. They seem Very heavy duty without looking bulky, ugly or tacky.

My corset dress had three pieces, The corset top, the tutu skirt, and the matching thong. The Corset top is very beautiful, the fabric is absolutely amazing and doesn’t look like it is going to snag on anything that touches it. The tutu skirt is also very pretty and is separate from the top that way you can wear the top with or without the skirt and also has a silk style waistband so you wont be uncomfortable while wearing it. I thought that the dress would come with just a plain black thong, but it has the same fabric that the top is made out of which was really awesome! CorsetChick has a lot of different Corsets including plus size corsets, corset tops, corset dresses, and tons of other lingerie. They have just about any color you can think of, and many different styles. It was very hard to choose just one! Go Visit there website and look at all there gorgeous corsets here!

You can also find them on Facebook here.
Want to win your own Corset? Enter my giveaway below!
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Ecco Bella

I recently received Ecco Bella’s FlowerColor Natural Liquid Foundation. Ecco Bella is a cosmetics company that offers not only organic products, but cruelty free products. So when you use their products you are not only saving the planet, but you are saving animals as well. How cool is that? So I was really excited about trying their foundation.
I really loved it! It covers well, and blends very nicely. It also didn’t turn my face yellow like some foundations do. Best of all it didn’t smell funny either. Which for me is a must with anything that I use regularly. It being eco-friendly made it that much better. I love their products, and I love that they care about the products that they put out there. It definitely makes me want to go and buy every product that they have!
Ecco Bella is currently offering an instant $10 certificate for anyone who signs up for their invincible spirit program. All you have to do is share with them your story here and you could save $10! They also would love some more facebook friends! You can find their Facebook here. So go ahead, save the planet, save some adorable little animals and get some Natural Skincare while your at it! They really are an awesome company!

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Clean Bottle

Have you ever had to throw away your favorite water bottle because your kids (or someone else in the house) hid it from you? My kids love to hide all my favorite things, especially things that they think are yummy or cool looking. So weeks later I will find my favorite cup or bottle hidden underneath their bed molded or worse and I end up having to throw it away. Even if I attempt at cleaning it I end up spending hours on it, only to not be able to reach a certain spot and then I have to throw it away anyway. Yesterday I received a really cool water bottle called Clean Bottle. Clean bottle has a removable top, bottom, and nozzle so it is really easy to take apart and clean. So if it does end up getting yucky inside you can take it apart and clean it without having to worry about what special thing your going to do to it to clean the bottom, or even the nozzle. Or if your at the park with your kids and some dirt or something gets stuck inside you can take it apart and rinse it while your there! Another cool thing about the Clean Bottle is that you can customize it with any company, charity or sports team logo you want. That way your Clean bottle can be your favorite new bottle too! I love my new Clean bottle! Hopefully it won’t ever get moldy or yucky, but if it ever does at least I know that I can clean it! You can fine Clean Bottle at REI, Performance Bicycle, Dick’s Sports, 24Hour Fitness, GNC, and of course at their website
You can also find them on Facebook here
Or on Twitter here

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Skoy Cloth Review and Giveaway

Have you guys ever wished you could re-use your paper towels? Or do you wish that they wouldn’t fall apart while cleaning up that spaghetti your kids spilled on the counter from dinner last night. Or wish that they would actually clean up the whole mess without having to use towel after towel? I know I did! Luckily for us the lovely people at SKOY Cloth have found a solution for us. Yesterday I received in the mail a package of SKOY Cloth to review. When I opened up the package I was a little confused. The cloths were completely dry and were hard as a rock. My First thought was how in the heck are these supposed to be like paper towels? Then I looked at the information that came with them. They said that for best results to wet with water first, then ring out the excess water. After doing this it made more sense, the cloth felt like a really thin sponge. I felt much more confident that the SKOY Cloth would do what it was intended to do.
Now to put it to the test! SKOY Cloth claims that it can absorb 15 times its own weight, can do the job of 15 paper towels, and in its lifetime one SCOY Cloth is the equivalent to 15 rolls of paper towels! And I believe it! Now I wont be able to break it down mathematically for you like they have, but i can tell you this: the SCOY Cloth can definitely hold a lot of liquid! Not only is it amazing at cleaning up those liquid messes, but as you can hopefully see from my pictures they are also textured. So they are also very good at scrubbing those tough messes that paper towels normally rip while trying to clean up. Which for me will come in handy as my two little girls LOVE to make messes! I am very happy with how well thought out this product is. Most of the similar products will only have one feature or the other. But Skoy Cloths seem to have the whole package. I only wish that they had more colors and that we were able to choose which color we got. My kitchen’s theme is anything to do with red. From my appliances down to my towels. Luckily I love my colors and the colors these come in are very cute! And they are definitely worth it! I will be buying more of these very soon!
Besides all of the great things about the product itself, like them being 100% biodegradable and all natural. They are a really great company. The owners were two stay at home moms who were sick of how many people were wasting paper towels and that sponges were inadequate. So they went on a search to find something that could do what both products did while being environmentally friendly. Not only are they keeping our planet safe but they also want to help our schools! SKOY Cloth has a fundraising program which gives 40% of all sales back to the school! You can find information on this program here. This truly is a great company and I’m sure you will love them to!
Want to try SKOY cloth before you buy it? Enter the Giveaway below!
U.S.Only please.

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So a couple months ago a friend of ours showed my husband and I what he had found online. A CString, which is underwear that holds itself up without the help of straps so that you wont have tan or panty lines. Which, lets face it, when wearing that little black dress the last thing we want is for everyone to see what underwear we have on. So I made my hubby a deal, if he were to stop complaining about my blog and me testing out products I would try to get a CString to review. Today the package arrived and he couldn’t be happier. I on the other hand was a little scared. First off I was VERY surprised at how fast it had gotten here. It took at the most 3 days to get here. So if your worried about shipping taking to long, don’t because you will have yours in no time! When i got it out of the box the first thing I noticed was the color. I ordered the Pink Sparkle fabric because I love pink and purple! It was very shiny and pretty, and surprisingly soft. The downside to the color I choose was that my 2 year old daughter thought that it was for her, and get this, a head band! It took me quite a while to stop laughing about that one. Now I know many of you are wondering what the C Sting is made out of, right? I’m sure that if you don’t have one you at least know what an under wire bra is. Think of it this way, the CString is like a under wire bra for your you know what. But the material seems very durable. So it should last a very long time.
On a more serious note, after I got over my fear of how uncomfortable I thought this was going to be I decided to put it to the test. Surprisingly it didn’t feel much different then a regular thong. It can be uncomfortable at first but after a while you hardly notice it anymore. Its not something that I’m going to buy 20 of them so that I can wear everyday, but its definitely something that i may purchase in the future. CString Direct has many different color choices like the pink sparkle, blue sparkle, white and black lace, pink, red and many other color options. They also have some other products so that you can have matching sets like their Triangle Top set, and their Halter Top set which are a very good deal. The one thing I didn’t like about the website was that the pictures of the colors were very small and some of them (like the pink sparkle) are kind of hard to make out. But it wasn’t a big deal, it just made it even better when I got my CString because it was so much more pretty than it was in the picture. And the customer service made up for it. So before you think that the CString is not for you because it doesn’t look comfortable or its too out of the box, you might want to give it a try. I am very glad I did because not only did it make my hubby very happy, but I’m sure it will be coming in handy every time I wear something that shows my underwear lines. So go ahead, pay the friendly people at CString Direct.
Thanks for reading!
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Dream Water

Another cool freebie site that I am a member of is Swaggable. Yesterday I received a product from them called Dream Water which is an enhanced water that is supposed to help you sleep. When I Received the bottle I honestly couldn’t believe that it was supposed to do anything. You don’t normally see anything that’s 2.5fl oz that actually works unless its like 5 hour energy. At this point i was willing to try anything to get some sleep as i had only gotten 3 hours of sleep 2 nights in a row and was beyond exhausted. So i decided to try it. I honestly was hoping for more flavor. I’m one of those people that cant stand most vitamin waters and propels, etc,. because I either have to have a lot of flavor or none at all. So I was pretty dissapointed in the flavor. About 30 minutes later I was running around seeing if i even could stay up any longer and it was not happening. If you really want to be a rebel try to drink dream water and stay awake! That is the real task because falling asleep after taking it was way too easy! And the good thing was that i stayed asleep all night which NEVER happens. So i definitely would recomend this product. It worked, which sad to say is not normally the case!
Happy Dreaming!

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Review of Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy

As I’m sure you all already know, I am a BzzAgent. As a BzzAgent we are sent products for free in exchange for reviewing them, and sharing our opinions. Recently I received Clear Scalp and Hair therapy shampoo and conditioner. I do a lot of coloring to my hair (i love bright colors :D) so i need a product that will help repair my hair and keep it from getting too dry and keep it from splitting. So i was pretty excited to get to try this product as it is very inexpensive in stores, not only that but it is a very new product so none of my friends have tried it either. Imy Bzzkit (what Bzzagent calls the box full of goodies you get) i got a full sized bottle of both the shampoo and the conditioner as well as 8 sample bottles of each. I absolutely LOVE the bottles! for one they are pink, one of my favorite colors, and they have a very cool design. They only downside to the bottle design is that if you go to set them upside down you have a very high chance of dropping them on your foot. OUCH! lol but if you are not as clumsy as i am you will have no problem with
them. :)
Now for the fun part: So the shampoo was very surprising. it was very thick and once you put it in your hair it was so sudsy it felt like foam. It made me feel like it was definitely cleaning my hair. it also had the pearl effect that i love, and it smells great! and since it was so sudsy i didn’t need as much as i normally do, which is a lot as i have hair almost to hips.
I seem to have problems with most conditioners. like i said before i have very long very dry hair. so any conditioner i use has to be thick otherwise it doesnt work. i thought i was going to have the same problem with this because most cheap conditioners just dont do the trick. I really liked it. When i rinsed out my hair it was very soft. Now i could only hope for my hair to be pretty when it finally dried.
The one thing i didnt like was that for some reason my hair took forever to dry, WAY longer then normal. I dont know if it was because of the product or if it was because of something else. But the good news is that my hair was amazing. not as frizzy as normal, definitely shinny, and extremely soft! I couldn’t believe it. But if it didn’t do what it was supposed to do they probably wouldn’t be able to do such a big launch of their product. lol This is definitely my new favorite shampoo and conditioner. And my hair still smells awesome because of it! thanks for reading guys!
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