So a couple months ago a friend of ours showed my husband and I what he had found online. A CString, which is underwear that holds itself up without the help of straps so that you wont have tan or panty lines. Which, lets face it, when wearing that little black dress the last thing we want is for everyone to see what underwear we have on. So I made my hubby a deal, if he were to stop complaining about my blog and me testing out products I would try to get a CString to review. Today the package arrived and he couldn’t be happier. I on the other hand was a little scared. First off I was VERY surprised at how fast it had gotten here. It took at the most 3 days to get here. So if your worried about shipping taking to long, don’t because you will have yours in no time! When i got it out of the box the first thing I noticed was the color. I ordered the Pink Sparkle fabric because I love pink and purple! It was very shiny and pretty, and surprisingly soft. The downside to the color I choose was that my 2 year old daughter thought that it was for her, and get this, a head band! It took me quite a while to stop laughing about that one. Now I know many of you are wondering what the C Sting is made out of, right? I’m sure that if you don’t have one you at least know what an under wire bra is. Think of it this way, the CString is like a under wire bra for your you know what. But the material seems very durable. So it should last a very long time.
On a more serious note, after I got over my fear of how uncomfortable I thought this was going to be I decided to put it to the test. Surprisingly it didn’t feel much different then a regular thong. It can be uncomfortable at first but after a while you hardly notice it anymore. Its not something that I’m going to buy 20 of them so that I can wear everyday, but its definitely something that i may purchase in the future. CString Direct has many different color choices like the pink sparkle, blue sparkle, white and black lace, pink, red and many other color options. They also have some other products so that you can have matching sets like their Triangle Top set, and their Halter Top set which are a very good deal. The one thing I didn’t like about the website was that the pictures of the colors were very small and some of them (like the pink sparkle) are kind of hard to make out. But it wasn’t a big deal, it just made it even better when I got my CString because it was so much more pretty than it was in the picture. And the customer service made up for it. So before you think that the CString is not for you because it doesn’t look comfortable or its too out of the box, you might want to give it a try. I am very glad I did because not only did it make my hubby very happy, but I’m sure it will be coming in handy every time I wear something that shows my underwear lines. So go ahead, pay the friendly people at CString Direct.
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  1. HAHA! I am so glad you reviewed this product it looked like a scary anomaly of nature but I can see that there is a time and place for it now. Like making your husband giggle with glee for example. <3

  2. I can see why she thought it was a headband lol. Interesting idea :)

  3. I cant wait to see if I get one, neat idea. Just dont wear with open bottoms!

  4. Thanks guys for the comments! yea hubby loved it.. hes been bragging about it to everyone. lol and yea a couple people I know said it looked like a headband.. very strange lol and I hope you can get one too Tiffany, I probably wont be wearing it under open bottoms either. Way too paranoid! Haha

  5. LOL!! Love the review, and what an interesting product…who would have ever thought..

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