Clean Bottle

Have you ever had to throw away your favorite water bottle because your kids (or someone else in the house) hid it from you? My kids love to hide all my favorite things, especially things that they think are yummy or cool looking. So weeks later I will find my favorite cup or bottle hidden underneath their bed molded or worse and I end up having to throw it away. Even if I attempt at cleaning it I end up spending hours on it, only to not be able to reach a certain spot and then I have to throw it away anyway. Yesterday I received a really cool water bottle called Clean Bottle. Clean bottle has a removable top, bottom, and nozzle so it is really easy to take apart and clean. So if it does end up getting yucky inside you can take it apart and clean it without having to worry about what special thing your going to do to it to clean the bottom, or even the nozzle. Or if your at the park with your kids and some dirt or something gets stuck inside you can take it apart and rinse it while your there! Another cool thing about the Clean Bottle is that you can customize it with any company, charity or sports team logo you want. That way your Clean bottle can be your favorite new bottle too! I love my new Clean bottle! Hopefully it won’t ever get moldy or yucky, but if it ever does at least I know that I can clean it! You can fine Clean Bottle at REI, Performance Bicycle, Dick’s Sports, 24Hour Fitness, GNC, and of course at their website
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