If you know me personally you probably have noticed that my lips are always chapped. And by that I mean chapped so badly that my lips crack, peel and often bleed. I have tried just about anything I could think of to fix this problem but nothing ever seems to help. So when I heard of Chopsaver I thought it would be just like any other chap-stick. Something that makes it a little less painful, but doesn’t actually stop the problem no matter how many times a day I apply it. So I decided to put Chopsaver to the real test! I decided that I was going to do a before and after blog review. Luckily for me (or unlucky at the time) when I started this mission my lips were really chapped. Remember the splitting and bleeding I was telling you about? That’s how it was when I received my Chopsaver. It was horrible! Every time I smiled at my daughters first birthday my lip would re split and the moment would be gone. I hate not being able to smile because of my lips! And having chapped lips makes you not want to bring any attention to them. So enough was enough! I needed to get rid of my chapped lips immediately. So the next morning I began my mission. Here is what my lips looked like before Chopsaver:

I absolutely loved the taste of Chopsaver, and it was very smooth. Some chap-sticks have a horrible flavor, and are either too oily or too sticky. Another thing that I noticed is that Chopsaver lasts a really long time, there’s no need to reapply every 15 minutes because your lips are dry again. So before I could put up an honest review about Chopsaver, I used it for 7 days to see if it was noticeably different. I definitely noticed a difference and I think you will agree! Here is a picture of what my lips looked like after just 7 days of using Chopsaver!

Like I said, I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that Chopsaver really helped my lips. I am very happy with this product and I will definitely need to buy some more to stock up on!
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