Dream Water

Another cool freebie site that I am a member of is Swaggable. Yesterday I received a product from them called Dream Water which is an enhanced water that is supposed to help you sleep. When I Received the bottle I honestly couldn’t believe that it was supposed to do anything. You don’t normally see anything that’s 2.5fl oz that actually works unless its like 5 hour energy. At this point i was willing to try anything to get some sleep as i had only gotten 3 hours of sleep 2 nights in a row and was beyond exhausted. So i decided to try it. I honestly was hoping for more flavor. I’m one of those people that cant stand most vitamin waters and propels, etc,. because I either have to have a lot of flavor or none at all. So I was pretty dissapointed in the flavor. About 30 minutes later I was running around seeing if i even could stay up any longer and it was not happening. If you really want to be a rebel try to drink dream water and stay awake! That is the real task because falling asleep after taking it was way too easy! And the good thing was that i stayed asleep all night which NEVER happens. So i definitely would recomend this product. It worked, which sad to say is not normally the case!
Happy Dreaming!

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  1. I am a chronic insomniac but like healthy ways to fall asleep. After reading this, it sounds worth trying. Thanks!

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