My Shadow- Godefroy

So I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I take the time to put eyeshadow on and 5 minutes after I put it on I have an itch and I completely forget about my makeup. I end up smearing it all over my face and then I have to run to the nearest bathroom so that I can either attempt at fixing it, or take off all my makeup to try to make it not look horrible. It drives me insane! Now I’m sure you all remember putting on temporary tattoos as a kid, right? Well Godefroy came up with the idea that we could use temporary tattoos as eyeshadow. The idea is pretty awesome, you just have to put them on and you don’t have to worry about shadowing your eyes perfectly, or what colors go together, or am I going to mess this up in the next hour? Not only that but My Shadow is meant to stay on for a long time. So there’s no need to reapply day after day. Now I’m not sure if my eyelids are of abnormal size or what, but My Shadow did not cover my eyelid completely. That and it seems nearly impossible to get it to line up directly at your lash line. Which is what I thought you were supposed to do with it. Another thing is that it is very difficult to place evenly on both sides. I did end up making it look pretty good by shading with eyeliner and adding extra eye shadow for that extra sparkle. My end result is the picture on the left. I think that with a little more practice I could really get used to them and place them correctly. My only other problem is that they seem to be kind of heavy. I don’t wear makeup very often so even regular eyeshadow seems heavy. I’m sure that by the end of the day I will be used to them. I definitely would recommend them to anyone looking to get that shadowy look without spending too much time on it. I used mine for the base and it turned out pretty well. I’m just glad I decided to use the shadow ones as practice first before I used the night clubs set. It’s definitely something I will have to get used to, but I love it! And at only $1.99 a sheet they are definitely worth it! You can find My shadow at the Godefroy website here. Just remember to take your time while applying so that you put them on right! A couple of things I would love to see in the future, and hopefully try, are different sizes of My shadow so that we can cut it to fit our eyes, and My Shadow with sparkles. I know they make temporary tattoos with sparkles so I think that would be a really cool idea!
Have fun guys!
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  1. Everyone should have sparkly eyeshadow! (I may or may not be glitter obsessed lol)

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