Review of Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy

As I’m sure you all already know, I am a BzzAgent. As a BzzAgent we are sent products for free in exchange for reviewing them, and sharing our opinions. Recently I received Clear Scalp and Hair therapy shampoo and conditioner. I do a lot of coloring to my hair (i love bright colors :D) so i need a product that will help repair my hair and keep it from getting too dry and keep it from splitting. So i was pretty excited to get to try this product as it is very inexpensive in stores, not only that but it is a very new product so none of my friends have tried it either. Imy Bzzkit (what Bzzagent calls the box full of goodies you get) i got a full sized bottle of both the shampoo and the conditioner as well as 8 sample bottles of each. I absolutely LOVE the bottles! for one they are pink, one of my favorite colors, and they have a very cool design. They only downside to the bottle design is that if you go to set them upside down you have a very high chance of dropping them on your foot. OUCH! lol but if you are not as clumsy as i am you will have no problem with
them. :)
Now for the fun part: So the shampoo was very surprising. it was very thick and once you put it in your hair it was so sudsy it felt like foam. It made me feel like it was definitely cleaning my hair. it also had the pearl effect that i love, and it smells great! and since it was so sudsy i didn’t need as much as i normally do, which is a lot as i have hair almost to hips.
I seem to have problems with most conditioners. like i said before i have very long very dry hair. so any conditioner i use has to be thick otherwise it doesnt work. i thought i was going to have the same problem with this because most cheap conditioners just dont do the trick. I really liked it. When i rinsed out my hair it was very soft. Now i could only hope for my hair to be pretty when it finally dried.
The one thing i didnt like was that for some reason my hair took forever to dry, WAY longer then normal. I dont know if it was because of the product or if it was because of something else. But the good news is that my hair was amazing. not as frizzy as normal, definitely shinny, and extremely soft! I couldn’t believe it. But if it didn’t do what it was supposed to do they probably wouldn’t be able to do such a big launch of their product. lol This is definitely my new favorite shampoo and conditioner. And my hair still smells awesome because of it! thanks for reading guys!
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  1. Awesome review. I really need to try it.

  2. Thank you Kelly :) I did really like it.. my hair is still so soft!

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