Secret Clinical Strength deodorant and Secret Body Spray

Recently the Secret facebook page had a giveaway called “Fearless Friday” where we were asked to describe a moment where we were scared but had overcome it. I got picked for their prize and received a sample (about half the size of the normal size) of Secrets Clinical Strength deodorant and a full sized sample of their lavender body spray. And it even came with a hand written note :)

I loved the deodorant. I tried a clinical strength deodorant a couple years ago and decided it wasn’t worth the money. However since then the deodorants i have been using have not been working as well. So i was pretty excited when i saw what they had sent me. I love the scent, and the results are even better! instead of having to put on deodorant a couple times a day, i was able to put it on and not sweat for over 2 days. Looks like i will be going back to clinical strength for good :)

The other product i was able to try, the lavender body spray, i also liked, but probably will not buy. The scent was not overwhelming like most lavender body sprays, which was nice but the scent only lasted about 10 minutes before i did not notice it anymore. I’m sure it was still there but I like to be able to smell that I smell like when using perfume. For some I’m sure it is nice because I know of a lot of people that get major headaches from any perfume, so they would like to have the scent but not smell it themselves.

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Garnier Pure Clean 2 in 1 Shampoo

Recently I received a sample of Garnier Pure clean 2 in 1 shampoo. Normally I really don’t like 2 in 1 shampoos. They really seem to mess with my already frizzy hair. Sadly this product was no different. When I tried it I also used conditioner just in case, but even with the conditioner my hair was still more frizzy then normal. The one really good thing that came from the product was how shinny my hair was after using it. It almost seemed to sparkle when under sunlight, which was a definite plus. Another thing that I really liked was the scent, it was not the typical garnier shampoo smell. not that I didn’t like the smell, but after a while it did get very old. Personally I will not use the product again, but for someone who doesn’t have overly frizzy hair and would like to cut their shower time down or keep things environmentally friendly this could definitely be a great product for you :)
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Remington smooth and silky epilator

A couple months ago I went out and bought the remington smooth and silky epilator (model #EP-6025) from Target. It was very expensive compared to the average razor which took a while to get over. Before buying i read a lot of reviews on this and other epilators and this seemed like a smart choice. The design on the epilator itself is very nice, which is one of the reasons i picked it. it came with two different heads. one for large areas, and one for smaller or sensitive areas. also it had a pouch and a brush to clean the heads off with. my first reaction (which i had been expecting from other reviews) was “OUCH!!” lol. it wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be but it was still very painful. I was very happy with the results. I have very very dark hair that when i use a razor still shows from underneath my skin. so whether i shave or not i feel like i have done nothing. especially underneath my arms. but when i used the epilator nothing showed. I have not been that excited over a shaving product since i first started shaving. after using the product for a couple weeks i noticed that not only did my hair become thinner (a lot of reviews said their hair was not as noticeable but since my hair is dark its still VERY noticable) but it also became softer. also the more i used the epilator the easier and less painful it became. the only other drawback besides the price and the pain lol was that the epilator is very loud, i am constantly afraid that i will scare or wake my babies with it. but luckily neither has happened. Overall if mine does break or wear out i will definitely be purchasing another epilator, most likely another one of the smooth and silky ones and i have already started recommending it to friends and family. it is definitely worth it for us mommys that dont have time to shave everyday!

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Children’s Claritin

I received Children’s Claritin for free through When i first got the package i was very excited to be able to try a full sized product for free, and it was my first campaign from BzzAgent that had a physical product to test out. I tasted the grape flavored syrup and surprisingly it was very good so i decided it was time to try it out on my daughter. she loved the taste of it, which im sure those of you with kids know that most medicines are not kid-approved, so it was nice not to have to fight with her to get her to take it. after using the product for a couple weeks i noticed her allergy reactions had reduced and she seemed to be doing a lot better when taken outside. same with my youngest. we will definitely be using childrens claritin for our childrens allergy needs from now on :)

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