Skoy Cloth Review and Giveaway

Have you guys ever wished you could re-use your paper towels? Or do you wish that they wouldn’t fall apart while cleaning up that spaghetti your kids spilled on the counter from dinner last night. Or wish that they would actually clean up the whole mess without having to use towel after towel? I know I did! Luckily for us the lovely people at SKOY Cloth have found a solution for us. Yesterday I received in the mail a package of SKOY Cloth to review. When I opened up the package I was a little confused. The cloths were completely dry and were hard as a rock. My First thought was how in the heck are these supposed to be like paper towels? Then I looked at the information that came with them. They said that for best results to wet with water first, then ring out the excess water. After doing this it made more sense, the cloth felt like a really thin sponge. I felt much more confident that the SKOY Cloth would do what it was intended to do.
Now to put it to the test! SKOY Cloth claims that it can absorb 15 times its own weight, can do the job of 15 paper towels, and in its lifetime one SCOY Cloth is the equivalent to 15 rolls of paper towels! And I believe it! Now I wont be able to break it down mathematically for you like they have, but i can tell you this: the SCOY Cloth can definitely hold a lot of liquid! Not only is it amazing at cleaning up those liquid messes, but as you can hopefully see from my pictures they are also textured. So they are also very good at scrubbing those tough messes that paper towels normally rip while trying to clean up. Which for me will come in handy as my two little girls LOVE to make messes! I am very happy with how well thought out this product is. Most of the similar products will only have one feature or the other. But Skoy Cloths seem to have the whole package. I only wish that they had more colors and that we were able to choose which color we got. My kitchen’s theme is anything to do with red. From my appliances down to my towels. Luckily I love my colors and the colors these come in are very cute! And they are definitely worth it! I will be buying more of these very soon!
Besides all of the great things about the product itself, like them being 100% biodegradable and all natural. They are a really great company. The owners were two stay at home moms who were sick of how many people were wasting paper towels and that sponges were inadequate. So they went on a search to find something that could do what both products did while being environmentally friendly. Not only are they keeping our planet safe but they also want to help our schools! SKOY Cloth has a fundraising program which gives 40% of all sales back to the school! You can find information on this program here. This truly is a great company and I’m sure you will love them to!
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  1. These sound awesome I want some!

  2. thanks! this what I just needed..

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