Radio Flyer "How Do You Roll?" Groove Glider Scooter Review and Giveaway **Closed**

I remember when I was younger and everyone had a scooter, and if you didn’t have one you were not cool. I begged and begged until finally I got a scooter for Christmas. Other than the fact that it was blue and not pink I could not have been happier. Now that I have two little girls I live for those moments that make my girls happy. I was able to get Radio Flyer’s new Groove Glider to review, and not only was I excited but my little one was super excited to help me review her new toy.
When we first got the box we could not wait to open it, and as soon as my little girl saw it she pointed to the picture and said “cute!” She is two years old so any compliments from her mean a lot. I was a little surprised that we had to put it together, but it was very simple and took a matter of minutes to do. I could not believe how cute the scooter is. Its white and pink which is perfect for my little princess!
Now on to the fun part, learning to ride a scooter! Like I said earlier my daughter is only 2, so it will be a while before she will fully grasp the concept of riding a scooter. Even so she has learned to ride it for about a foot before falling over. It is very simple to ride, and is sturdy enough for me to show her how to ride it although I would not recommend it for adults. Another great feature is that the handle bar is adjustable so you can trust that it wont be too tall or too short for your princess to ride. My daughter will ask all day to ride her “Wee” and I love watching her learn to ride it. I know that this scooter will be around for a while and I know that her and her little sister will love it until they are too old for it.
So why is this scooter called the Groove Glider? Each Groove Glider Scooter comes with a removable mp3 speaker! You can connect virtually any mp3 player, such as your iPod, to the speaker and your little girl can listen to their favorite songs while they ride their favorite scooter. Since it is white and pink it will match just about anything so it can be placed on other toys she has or even her backpack. It also has a little mesh sleeve on the inside so that you know your mp3 player will be safe.
I definitely think that any little girl would be very lucky to get this scooter! My little girl loves her scooter and I’m sure yours will too! You can find this and other great Radio Flyer toys on their website here.
Want to win one for your little princess? Enter Star Focal’s Giveaway below!

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**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.
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  1. I didn’t ever have a scooter,instead I had roller skates and a bike.

  2. I never had a scooter :(

  3. I had roller skates when I was younger. I would love to win the scooter it is cool!

  4. I was too cool for a scooter! I rolled on my Big Wheel! :)

  5. I never had a scooter, but I’d love to be able to give one to my daughter!

  6. I want to win this for my daughter :)

  7. My brother did and I was so jealous!

  8. Unfortunately I did not have a scooter when I was a kid…I love this one and would have loved to win this one…it is precious.

  9. I had a scooter when i was younger..My niece will love this!

  10. Oh yes, I use to love my Razor scooter! My daughter would love this!

  11. I didn’t have a scooter, but my daughter would love this! :)

  12. I didn’t have a scooter when I was young-but all my kids had them -and loved them. I know a sweet girl that would love this Thanks for sharing:)

  13. I had roller skates & always wore my key around my neck.

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