Pro Bar Review and Discount Code

Want a healthy snack alternative? Then you should check out Probar. I was able to sample the Fruition line to review for you guys. My dad mainly sampled them, as he ate the whole box in a day.

Some information on Probar:
PROBAR creates delicious, convenient, healthy plant based food products. We strive to become the leading provider of REAL FOOD choices while maintaining our commitment to quality, sustainability, and fantastic taste.

Some information on Probar’s Fruition:
Fruition ™ is the latest gluten-free addition to the PROBAR family. This fruit-based superfood snack bar is designed to be satisfying on-the-go without the extra fat and calories. fruition is the marriage of oats, chia seeds, and cashews in 6 mouth-watering real fruit flavors

My dads take:
I’s sure you can guess that he REALLY liked them. I received a decently sized box of Probar, and he ate them extremely fast. After he finished them he asked if I could get him more. I thought that Probar tasted really good. They are a like a soft gooey granola bar. So it you like granola bars but would like a more fruity flavor these would be great for you!

Do you want 40% off of Probar? Go to their website here. Enter in code BLOGGER, and viola! You can have your favorite Probar and 40% off. Remember that this discount can only be used once per customer so don’t try to use it twice.


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Zevia Review and Giveaway

I don’t know about you but I hate drinking soda because of all the sugar and all the calories. So if you want soda without these you should check out Zevia! They have a lot of different flavors too. So you can still have your favorite soda without the calories or the sugar. So you can have your cake, and eat it too. Or well at least you can have your soda, and drink it too. My favorite soda from Zevia is the Grapefruit Citrus soda.
If you want to check out all their awesome flavors you can check them out on their website here.
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Arnicare Review and Giveaway

I received Arnicare Gel to review for you as part of my Health and Wellness segment. I was really surprised at how well this gel worked. The only things I did not like about this product is that it was very cold when it was first put on, and it seemed to linger and become sticky on my skin. Which was something that made me not like the product as much. Although my husband loved it! I used it on his shoulder and he said that it felt funny at first but it actually helped the pain in his shoulder go away! Everyday after the first time I used it on him he kept begging me to let him use it again. For me it did help with my pain, but like I said earlier I did not like the way it felt. I ended up wiping it off after I felt it working. This product is really good to use if you are having pain in your muscles or joints. We used it with massage to help the pain go away for good, but it can also be used just as a temporary pain reliever. So if your looking for a good pain relieving gel, look no further.
Want to know more about Arnicare and their other products? You can find them on their website here.
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To Go Brands Review

To continue on with my Health and Wellness segment we have a really cool company called To Go Brands. They have tons of different items that can be taken with you. A couple of the products that I was able to try include Trim Energy, Acai Energy, VitaRocks, and High Octane Energy Chews.

If you have kids, I’m sure that you have a hard time getting them to take their vitamins, right? I’m sure its not very hard to get them to eat the candy Pop Rocks. Don’t you wish you could give them vitamins in the form of candy? Well you can, To Go Brands has vitamins that are called VitaRocks that are vitamins that taste like candy. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to try them!

Another thing I was able to review was both Trim and Acai energy. Compare to most products in the same category, they taste really good! But im not a big fan of the Acai version as I am not a big fan of any Acai products. But the Trim energy was good, and it gave me extra energy too.

The last thing I was able to review was their High Octane Energy Chews. At first I thought that it was gum, and boy was I wrong. Ive seen a lot of energy gums lately and Ive been wanting to try one for a while which is why I wanted to try this one. But when I started chewing it definitely not gum. But it was not a horrible taste, just not what I was expecting. They gave me a lot more energy then the drinks did, and a lot faster. Which I thought was pretty cool.

Want to find out about what other products To Go Brands has to offer? Check out their website here.

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Diamond Candle Giveaway Twitter List

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Celsius Review and Giveaway

Over the next week or so I will be having a Health and Wellness segment. In this segment I will be reviewing different products related to Health and Wellness.
Todays really cool Health and Wellness product is called Celsius. Celsius is a calorie burner drink designed to help you while you excercise to burn calories. When used with exercise Celsius can reduce body fat, improve endurance, provide healthy energy, is vitamin enriched, and is clinically proven. Unlike other sodas and energy drinks Celsius has only 10 calories, no sugar, and is low in sodium. They say Celsius works best when you drink it 20 minutes before your work out. Not only can it burn calories, but it can help you burn fat and build muscle.
I like the carbonated drinks, but I was not a big fan of the non-carbonated versions. But as I don’t like any non-carbonated soda like drinks, this did not surprise me. I’m sure if you like non-carbonated drinks that you will like them. My favorite of all the Celsius products is the Awesome Orange Powdered version of Celsius.
You can find Celsius on there website here.
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Ecological Skin Care Sunscreen

Did my last post about sunglasses get you thinking about suncare for yourself and for your kids? I know it got me to thinking. Not only is it dangerous not to protect your eyes from the sun, but it is also dangerous to not protect your skin, and your face.
I was able to get some sunscreen from Ecological Skin Care to review for you.
The sunscreen is very thick. It goes on very white, but after rubbing in it goes clear. It definitely makes you believe that your skin is covered. Their sunscreen is hypoallergenic, reef-safe, biodegradable, and offers 30 SPF. I personally did not like their face sunscreen, but I dont like to put any sunscreen on my face unless it is already included in my foundation or moisterizer. The sunscreen does seem to last a very long time, and will definitely be my best friend this summer as I hopefully go play in the sun!
Want your own Ecological Sunscreen? You can find them on their website here.
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Real Kids Shades Review and Giveaway

I received some really adorable sunglasses from Real Kids Shades as part of a review. Now I don’t know if you knew about this or not, but kids under 10 years old are more likely to get sun damage to the eyes then at any other age. Any damage that occurs is irreversable, which is pretty scary! Some of the eye disorders that kids can get from unprotected eyes include cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, pterygia, skin cancer around the eyes, and photokeratitis. So please, before you take your babies outside please cover their eyes!
I really have fallen in love with my babies new sunglasses. I got two for my little one that have staps connected to them so that they don’t fall off, and so that their not uncomforatable for your baby around their ears. One of the ones I received also had a foam casing on the side that touches the face to not only keep vertical sun rays from getting in, but to make them more comforable as well. The sunglasses I received for my oldest child are flexible, yes I said flexable sunglasses. I can’t tell you how many times I have spent a lot of money on what I thought were good sunglasses only to have her pull the ends so hard that they end up snapping off. These sunglasses not only bend at the end but bend on every part of the sunglasses so that they are not likely to ever break. Their lenses are also shatter proof and also offer 100% UV-A/ UV-B protection. If your glasses to break don’t worry too much because they have a warrenty!
Real Kids Shades also work with Preventing Blindness America to educate the public on the importance of protecting childrens eyes. Which I think is really awesome!
Want to find out more about Real Kids Shades? You can find them on their website here.

Want to win a pair of Real Kids Shades? Enter my giveaway below!

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Journals Unlimited Review

So if you read my review on the UGLEE Pen you know that I don’t currently have my own working computer, and that I am being forced to go back to the basics of using a pen and paper for the majority of my blog information. It is getting very old very fast. Well I found a really cool product at Journals Unlimited to help me keep all my information in one spot and keep it orgnaized for when I am ready, and can find a computer to write my blog entry. I got the Journal called Me & My Big Ideas, which is great because it asks questions that help me organize my post and it makes me set a goal as to when I want my post to be completed.
The quality of the journal really surprised me as it was very well put together. The paper is acid-free and recycled and the ink used is soy-based. So its not only cute, but eco-friendly as well. The paper is also very nice, not what you would expect from it being recycled. With most notebooks I am always worried about the pages tearing and falling out. I’m not worried about this happening with my new journal. Another thing that I am generally worried about when it comes to notebooks is that the cover is always so flimsy. It either rips off while I am still using it, or starts to look very warn out with use. This journals cover is very thick and sturdy, so not only am i not worried about it falling apart, but i was able to use it as my surface for writing as well. With normal notebooks I have to find another surface to put underneath it for support or go sit at a desk, or table.
Journals Unlimited has lots of different notebooks, and journals to choose from available in 3 different sizes. Not only that but they offer 60 different titles in the “Write It Down” series that my journal came from. They also have other collections like the “Color” colection and many more. They also have the option to customize your notebook how you want it. So that you can have you name printed on it, or even your business information.
I love my new journal from Journals Unlimited, and I’m sure you will find one you love as well.
Want to save on your journal? You can get a discount to Journals Unlimited by registering you email onto their website located here.
Happy Journaling!
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UGLEE Pens Review and Giveaway

I received 3 UGLEE Pens as part of a review. I was very happy when I received the pink pens! Especially since my computer died last week. So I have been forced to go back to the basics for writing my reviews by using a pen, paper, and of course my mobile phone. Okay, so I’m cheating a little bit.
The UGLEE Pen is meant to write nicely, but also to help you write more comfortably as well. The pens are definitely very comfortable, and definitely very ugly. Which is good because generally if a product lives up to one thing its meant to do, it will also do the other things its meant to do. The grip almost covers the entire pen to provide comfort and of also sparkly which I thought was pretty cool.
The only problem I seemed to have with the pen was that the more you wrote with it the more the ink seemed to leak out like in the picture. Which I didn’t notice until it was all over my new notebook and all over my fingers. As long as I kept my fingers away from the very end the ink generally stayed in the tip of the pen and not everywhere else. But despite the ink issue the UGLEE Pen is still one of the best pens I have ever used. Its comfy, writes well, and comes in different colors. I’m so glad I got my pens! I don’t know what I would have done without them this last week! Wait, I do know, I would have probably chopped off my hands to kill the pain from writing so much!
So save your hands and get some UGLEE Pens. Your hands will thank you! You can find UGLEE Pens on there website here.
Want to know what I have been writing on with my UGLEE Pen? Check out my review for Journals Unlimited!
Want to win your own UGLEE Pens? Enter my giveaway below!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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