Ecological Skin Care Sunscreen

Did my last post about sunglasses get you thinking about suncare for yourself and for your kids? I know it got me to thinking. Not only is it dangerous not to protect your eyes from the sun, but it is also dangerous to not protect your skin, and your face.
I was able to get some sunscreen from Ecological Skin Care to review for you.
The sunscreen is very thick. It goes on very white, but after rubbing in it goes clear. It definitely makes you believe that your skin is covered. Their sunscreen is hypoallergenic, reef-safe, biodegradable, and offers 30 SPF. I personally did not like their face sunscreen, but I dont like to put any sunscreen on my face unless it is already included in my foundation or moisterizer. The sunscreen does seem to last a very long time, and will definitely be my best friend this summer as I hopefully go play in the sun!
Want your own Ecological Sunscreen? You can find them on their website here.
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