To Go Brands Review

To continue on with my Health and Wellness segment we have a really cool company called To Go Brands. They have tons of different items that can be taken with you. A couple of the products that I was able to try include Trim Energy, Acai Energy, VitaRocks, and High Octane Energy Chews.

If you have kids, I’m sure that you have a hard time getting them to take their vitamins, right? I’m sure its not very hard to get them to eat the candy Pop Rocks. Don’t you wish you could give them vitamins in the form of candy? Well you can, To Go Brands has vitamins that are called VitaRocks that are vitamins that taste like candy. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to try them!

Another thing I was able to review was both Trim and Acai energy. Compare to most products in the same category, they taste really good! But im not a big fan of the Acai version as I am not a big fan of any Acai products. But the Trim energy was good, and it gave me extra energy too.

The last thing I was able to review was their High Octane Energy Chews. At first I thought that it was gum, and boy was I wrong. Ive seen a lot of energy gums lately and Ive been wanting to try one for a while which is why I wanted to try this one. But when I started chewing it definitely not gum. But it was not a horrible taste, just not what I was expecting. They gave me a lot more energy then the drinks did, and a lot faster. Which I thought was pretty cool.

Want to find out about what other products To Go Brands has to offer? Check out their website here.

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