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So if you read my review on the UGLEE Pen you know that I don’t currently have my own working computer, and that I am being forced to go back to the basics of using a pen and paper for the majority of my blog information. It is getting very old very fast. Well I found a really cool product at Journals Unlimited to help me keep all my information in one spot and keep it orgnaized for when I am ready, and can find a computer to write my blog entry. I got the Journal called Me & My Big Ideas, which is great because it asks questions that help me organize my post and it makes me set a goal as to when I want my post to be completed.
The quality of the journal really surprised me as it was very well put together. The paper is acid-free and recycled and the ink used is soy-based. So its not only cute, but eco-friendly as well. The paper is also very nice, not what you would expect from it being recycled. With most notebooks I am always worried about the pages tearing and falling out. I’m not worried about this happening with my new journal. Another thing that I am generally worried about when it comes to notebooks is that the cover is always so flimsy. It either rips off while I am still using it, or starts to look very warn out with use. This journals cover is very thick and sturdy, so not only am i not worried about it falling apart, but i was able to use it as my surface for writing as well. With normal notebooks I have to find another surface to put underneath it for support or go sit at a desk, or table.
Journals Unlimited has lots of different notebooks, and journals to choose from available in 3 different sizes. Not only that but they offer 60 different titles in the “Write It Down” series that my journal came from. They also have other collections like the “Color” colection and many more. They also have the option to customize your notebook how you want it. So that you can have you name printed on it, or even your business information.
I love my new journal from Journals Unlimited, and I’m sure you will find one you love as well.
Want to save on your journal? You can get a discount to Journals Unlimited by registering you email onto their website located here.
Happy Journaling!
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  1. i emailed them about reviewing 1 or 2 journals! i cant wait to hear back . i love their journals

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