Axe- Anarchy Review Part 2 First Axe "For Her"!!

For years I have been waiting for Axe to come out with a body spray for her. I have seen tons of other companies come out with their own to match their deodorant, but I never like the scents. So when I found out that Axe came out with Anarchy For Her I knew I had to have it, and I knew I had to review it for everyone else.
Anarchy For Her smells great! I honestly was not expecting much with it being their first female product, but was quite surprised at how great it really was. Not only did the scent itself smell really good, but its not too strong, or too light. It’s more like a perfume in the sense that it doesn’t evaporate immediately like most body sprays.

I love that my husband and I can have scents that compliment each other without having to spend a fortune on something that we both like. We also don’t have to make the other one settle for something that they don’t like because we both love them. Not only do I love mine, but I love the way his Anarchy smells too.

Another thing that I absolutely love is the can. The can is white, black and hot pink. I think that this scent is perfect for summer, but will be great to wear all year long. I just hope that Axe comes up with some other female products. I would love to try every single one of them! Especially after seeing how well they did for their first product.

You can find Axe on their website here, or in a store near you!

**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.

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Axe- Anarchy Review Part 1

I’m very happy to be able to review the new line of Axe for you guys! The Anarchy line not only has some great products for men, but also includes the first ever Axe product for women. This first post will be about the Axe products for men, and the second post will be just for us girls!
My husband has always worn the same Axe products. His favorite was the Dark Temptation. While I loved the scent, I have been trying to get him to change it up a little bit. The only time he ever changes the scent is when either a different scent is given to him, or if the store he goes into is sold out of the one he wants. He never picks anything I really like either so I never win. Recently I received products from the new Axe line Anarchy, and I was very excited to give something else a try.
My husband really liked that Anarchy comes in a clear solid deodorant, he like most of us, hates that white deodorants leave white marks in your shirts. He said that Anarchy is the first scent that hes actually liked since Dark Temptation and definitely is going to make the switch! I really love that the scent is not too overwhelming, but still smells great! I’m so happy that we can agree on a scent for him. Anarchy for Him is a mix of fresh fruity notes and sweet woods like sandalwood and white amber.
We also received Anarchy Body Wash as well as their Jet, and Sport Blast 2-in-1 Shower Gel and Shampoo. Of course we really liked the Anarchy, and we liked the Sport Blast, however we didn’t care for the smell of the Jet 2-in-2 Shower Gel. They all worked great, and I loved how they have the 2-in-1 formulas.
We also received some hair care products for men: Spiking Glue, Hold and Touch Paste, and Hold and Touch wax. These are great if you’re looking for a good way to keep your hair in place, and they smell great too!
You can find Axe on their website here, or at a retailer near you.
Stay tuned for Part 2!
**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.
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Olivia Rose Cosmetics Review

As you all know I suffer from acne. I absolutely hate it! Recently I have been on the search for products that not only help keep my acne under control but that also solve other products instead of causing more problems.
I received 3 different products from Olivia Rose Cosmetics: The Rose Cleansing Cream, Day Cream, and Beauty Rest. All of these products are chemical free, paraben free, sulfate free, phthalate free, synthetic, fragrance free, synthetic dyes and micas free, and cruelty free.
I love the Cleansing Cream. It is not harsh on my skin and does not burn my face. I hate how most cleansers end up burning my face and turning it red. I have been told so many times that if it burns that means its working, or that beauty is pain. I never thought that was right, and now I know its not. This Cleanser not only cleaned my skin, but left my skin feeling great.
After I use the Cleansing Cream in the morning I use the Daily Protection Cream. I love that it is not too oily, and that I can put my makeup right over it.
My favorite of the 3 is the Beauty Rest Cream. I can put it on before bed, and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels and looks amazing.
I have been using these products as directed for over a week now, and my skin feels and looks amazing. The dry spots I had are now gone, and my skin looks clear. My skin tone has also improved which is really exciting to me. I love these products! I am so glad that I found them, and I’m sure you will be to!
You can find these and other Olivia Rose Products on their website here.
**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.
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Kindle Fire Giveaway and Diamond Candle Giveaway!

Bay Area Mommy
Bay Area Mommy is celebrating her 1st blog anniversary with a giveaway for a Kindle Fire (or $200 Amazon gift card) and 2 Diamond Candles. Kindle Fire is open worldwide but the 2 Diamond Candles is restricted to the US only since they don’t ship outside the US. Giveaway will run from July 25, 12:01am EST to August 15, 11:59pm EST. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for prize shipment.

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Bad Idea T-Shirts Review

How many times have you been drinking some kind of drink out of a bottle, whether it be beer, a girly drink, or even a soda, and you can’t find a bottle opener anywhere? This happens to my husband on a daily bases as he works at a Cidery, and also loves to drink beer. He scares me because he will either use a lighter, or if he can’t find a lighter nearby he will often use his teeth! I can not tell you how many times we have gotten into fights over the fact that all he has to do is walk into the kitchen and find a bottle opener. Every time he refuses because that would be too easy.
Now I have found something that we will both be happy with for opening his bottles.
I absolutely LOVE this T-Shirt!! One of my husbands favorite movies is Anchorman! If he’s not watching it hes quoting it. This is one of the many quotes he says from the movie, so it was perfect for him.
I bet you are wondering why I talked about bottle openers at the beginning of this review, right? Not only is this a great T-Shirt, but it is a bottle opener as well. In the corner of the shirt it has a built in bottle opener actually sewn into the inside of the shirt. So no matter where you are, or what you are doing all you have to do is reach down, hook the bottle cap, and pop open your bottle! It’s so easy! Now we don’t have to fight about how he is opening his bottles, and he can look great while doing it!
Besides being a totally awesome t-shirt, this shirt is really well made. The fabric is thick, and the design doesn’t look like its going to start cracking like most shirts do. I’m so glad I found this company! Not only do they make bottle opener shirts but they make plain t-shirts, and American Apparel t-shirts. You can find a shirt for just about any taste on their website.
You can find this and many other funny t-shirts on their website here.
Want to win your own Bad Idea T-Shirt? Check out their Facebook page for their current giveaways! You can find it here.
**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.
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Connect Design: Watch Diary, & Tea Diver Review

Are you one of those people that always wants to have the bizarre things that no one else has? I know I do, and I found the best website to find some of these items! I received a Watch Diary and a Tea Diver from Connect Design.
This is the Watch Diary, it acts as both a notebook, a schedule, and a clock. I love all the different uses for it! The only think I would want different, is to make the clock a little easier to set. When I was setting it I felt like it was going to come off of the notebook.
The Watch Diary comes in many different colors, so you can have one to match your purse or one that is your favorite color. The front is made out of a leather like product.
I really like that you can highlight appointments and enter them into their own time slot. It makes it very easy to organize your appointments and very easy to see what time they are at.
You could also use it as a regular diary and use the clock to show what time everything happened. I’m sure you can figure out your own way to use it!
This is one of my new favorite products! It’s called a Tea Diver, the name pretty much explains what this cute little guy is. You put tea in it and let it dive into your water. I hate how when ever I make tea the end of the bag always falls into your cup and its a pain in the butt to get it out again. This is great because is has an end that is weighted so that you don’t lose it in your cup. You also don’t have to worry about the tea bag ripping and having dried tea leafs in your tea.
It’s definitely a conversation starter, I love that no one else I know has one like it!
You can find these and other great Connect Design products on their website here.
**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.
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SodaStream Review

I am so very excited to finally review the SodaStream for you guys! I love Soda, but I hate how unhealthy it is for you, and how horrible the bottles and cans are for the environment! I also hate that my kids want to choose soda over juice or water. Sadly, I used to understand that choice way too much. I am a carbonation addict! Most of everything I drink has to be carbonated.

I received a very wonderful package from SodaStream to review for you guys. It included the SodaStream unit along with the following syrups: Cranberry Raspberry, Black Current Pear, Cola Free, Cola, Ginger Ale, Diet Lemon Lime, Diet Pink Grapefruit and Root Beer.
I love how easy it is to create soda! Although it took me quite a while to fully understand how to make it. When I first used it I thought that you were supposed to push the button 3 times or until you hear a loud pop. You are actually supposed to push it until it pops a third time for the normal amount of fizz, but since I LOVE carbonation I do this a fourth time just to make it extra fizzy. Once you get the hang of adding enough carbonation it really is a breeze and only takes about a minute to carbonate the water and add your favorite flavor.
SodaStream not only makes syrup for all you favorite flavors of soda, but also makes their own flavors that are different but really awesome. My favorite flavor had to be Root Beer, it tasted just like any other Root Beer I have had but I didn’t have to feel guilty about drinking it.
So why choose SodaStream? Not only is the soda you make with a SodaStream healthier then soda you buy that is already made, but by making it you save bottles, cans, and yes even money. The average American drinks almost 600 cans of soda a year. As most people don’t recycle most of these cans end up in our landfills. SodaStream comes with a bottle that not only keeps your soda carbonated for a long time, but that is also reusable so you can reduce your use of cans. After your soda is made you can also pour it into your favorite cup or bottle.
Worried you wont like the flavors SodaStream has to offer? You can add just about any flavor to your carbonated water. Just today I added some of my MiO to flavor my water and I loved it! You can use your favorite syrup, or even a mixture of syrups to make your own flavor or soda!
One thing I will warn you about is to make sure you only carbonate water then add your flavor. If you carbonate juice or something else other then water you will be cleaning for weeks. Make sure you warn everyone else in your house as well, I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they had ruined their kitchen by carbonating things other then water.
I really love my SodaStream, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to soda. You can find SodaStream and all of their products on their website here.
Thank you for stopping by!
**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.
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Wat-Aah! Review

I hate how every time I go to the store, or watch t.v. all I see are products that I don’t want my girls to have. I shouldn’t have to fight to get my daughters to eat or drink healthy. It’s even hard for me to pass up some kind of sugary drink! How am I supposed to get my girls to drink something as boring as water? Luckily I am not the only one that thought water needed a boost.
Now we can give our kids WAT-AAH!, a premium bottled water with brightly colored labels to make it less boring. The bottles are absolutely adorable, and the water tastes great as well!
My girls love to drink WAT-AAH! And love to steal it from me when I’m trying to drink it. I love all the bright colors, and also the different types of water.
They have Z which has Zinc added, and is the yellow bottle. Energy is the green bottle, and has energizing oxygen added. Orange is Power with added magnesium. The blue is Brain with added electrolytes, and pink is Body which is natural spring water.

You can find out more about WAT-AAH! on their website here.

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Laid Hair Care Review and Giveaway

I recently was able to try some of Laid Brands Hair Care products. First off, let me say that I love the name of this company. I also love their logo! Before I start the review let me tell you some information about Laid and their products.

From their website:

Empowering ladies to get on the runway and unleash their inner attraction.
PHEROTTRACTION™ for women uses an exclusive blend of six pheromones aimed at enhancing a woman’s senses…letting her embrace every moment to the finest. In addition, PHEROTTRACTION™ for women contains copulins aimed at attracting a man’s attention so her finest moment can become theirs.

Creating the ultimate unfair advantage for men…
The powerful cocktail of 6 pheromones used in PHEROTTRACTION™ for men takes aim at a woman’s primordial senses; stimulating the lady… or ladies…you’ve always wanted to get with.

My opinion:

I received Laid Brand’s Luscious Locks Shampoo and Conditioner, No More Headaches Hair Spray, Mo’ Rockin’ Oil, and Straight Kinky Multi-Purpose Spray from their women’s line. I also Received their men’s Dirty Clean 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash.

I love their Shampoo and Conditioner! They not only smell great but work great too. I was very surprised because they are sulfate and paraben free. They also have Laid Brand’s special PHEROTTRACTION™ in the mix, so you can get the extra attention you’ve been searching for.

If you are prone to frizzy hair that tangles the moment you get out of the shower, then their Straight Kinky Spray is perfect for you. It is a leave in conditioner that helps detangle hair, protects it from heat, protects color, and helps prevent frizz. The Mo’ Rockin’ Oil is great if you have frizzy or damaged hair. It controls frizz and helps repair your hair at the same time. The No More Headaches Spray is great for those of us that have a different hairstyle everyday. You can use it for a light hold, or you can use it when you don’t want your hair to budge. Either way you’re covered. Best part about these products is that they are all sulfate and paraben free, and all contain PHEROTTRACTION™.

My favorite out of all of the products I received is the PHEROTTRACTION™ for men’s Dirty Clean Shampoo and Body wash. I absolutely loved the smell and found myself sniffing the bottle for quite a while until my husband found me and made fun of me, although he seems to really like my new shampoo so it works both ways.

So to some up, both me and my husband approve of these products. Even if you don’t believe in their magical powers, you will love them for their amazing results.

You can find these and other PHEROTTRACTION™ products on their website here.

Want to win your own PHEROTTRACTION™ Luscious Locks Shampoo and Conditioner, or PHEROTTRACTION™ Dirty Clean 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash? Enter my giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Original Sprout Review and Coupon Code

I don’t know about you, but I love to use different scents during certain times of the year. In the summer I love to use smells that remind me of the beach, or fruity smells. It’s really hard to find these different smells in products that actually work, especially when you are already hooked on a specific product. Not only that, but if you are looking for a product without certain ingredients its even harder to find a new favorite.
Original Sprout has many different Worry-Free products. When they say worry-free they mean that the products do not have Soy, Gluten, Honey, Peanut or Dairy. So you know you can be safe when using their products.

I loved the shampoo and conditioner, they both smelled great, and worked very well with my hair. After using my hair was soft and shiny. I loved that the smell reminds me of a beach, and that they also help keep my hair color in place. As my regular readers know, I currently have pink hair so color keeping is a must.

My favorite product from the Tahitian line is the Face and Body Sunscreen. It doesn’t smell like normal sunscreen, it actually smells great. It is not greasy so you don’t even notice that its there. It won’t mess up your makeup and best of all it helps prevent acne. I hate using sunscreen on my face because the smell makes me sick, and most make my skin break out so I was very happy to have this sunscreen. Not only is it great for mommy, but it is great for the whole family as it is one of Original Sprouts Worry-Free products.

You can find these and other great Original Sprout products on their website here.

You can use code FIRST_ORDER_10-U to get 10% off your first order on their website

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