Wat-Aah! Review

I hate how every time I go to the store, or watch t.v. all I see are products that I don’t want my girls to have. I shouldn’t have to fight to get my daughters to eat or drink healthy. It’s even hard for me to pass up some kind of sugary drink! How am I supposed to get my girls to drink something as boring as water? Luckily I am not the only one that thought water needed a boost.
Now we can give our kids WAT-AAH!, a premium bottled water with brightly colored labels to make it less boring. The bottles are absolutely adorable, and the water tastes great as well!
My girls love to drink WAT-AAH! And love to steal it from me when I’m trying to drink it. I love all the bright colors, and also the different types of water.
They have Z which has Zinc added, and is the yellow bottle. Energy is the green bottle, and has energizing oxygen added. Orange is Power with added magnesium. The blue is Brain with added electrolytes, and pink is Body which is natural spring water.

You can find out more about WAT-AAH! on their website here.

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