Laid Hair Care Review and Giveaway

I recently was able to try some of Laid Brands Hair Care products. First off, let me say that I love the name of this company. I also love their logo! Before I start the review let me tell you some information about Laid and their products.

From their website:

Empowering ladies to get on the runway and unleash their inner attraction.
PHEROTTRACTION™ for women uses an exclusive blend of six pheromones aimed at enhancing a woman’s senses…letting her embrace every moment to the finest. In addition, PHEROTTRACTION™ for women contains copulins aimed at attracting a man’s attention so her finest moment can become theirs.

Creating the ultimate unfair advantage for men…
The powerful cocktail of 6 pheromones used in PHEROTTRACTION™ for men takes aim at a woman’s primordial senses; stimulating the lady… or ladies…you’ve always wanted to get with.

My opinion:

I received Laid Brand’s Luscious Locks Shampoo and Conditioner, No More Headaches Hair Spray, Mo’ Rockin’ Oil, and Straight Kinky Multi-Purpose Spray from their women’s line. I also Received their men’s Dirty Clean 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash.

I love their Shampoo and Conditioner! They not only smell great but work great too. I was very surprised because they are sulfate and paraben free. They also have Laid Brand’s special PHEROTTRACTION™ in the mix, so you can get the extra attention you’ve been searching for.

If you are prone to frizzy hair that tangles the moment you get out of the shower, then their Straight Kinky Spray is perfect for you. It is a leave in conditioner that helps detangle hair, protects it from heat, protects color, and helps prevent frizz. The Mo’ Rockin’ Oil is great if you have frizzy or damaged hair. It controls frizz and helps repair your hair at the same time. The No More Headaches Spray is great for those of us that have a different hairstyle everyday. You can use it for a light hold, or you can use it when you don’t want your hair to budge. Either way you’re covered. Best part about these products is that they are all sulfate and paraben free, and all contain PHEROTTRACTION™.

My favorite out of all of the products I received is the PHEROTTRACTION™ for men’s Dirty Clean Shampoo and Body wash. I absolutely loved the smell and found myself sniffing the bottle for quite a while until my husband found me and made fun of me, although he seems to really like my new shampoo so it works both ways.

So to some up, both me and my husband approve of these products. Even if you don’t believe in their magical powers, you will love them for their amazing results.

You can find these and other PHEROTTRACTION™ products on their website here.

Want to win your own PHEROTTRACTION™ Luscious Locks Shampoo and Conditioner, or PHEROTTRACTION™ Dirty Clean 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash? Enter my giveaway below!

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