Crayon Rocks Review and Giveaway **Closed**

My daughters 3rd Birthday was this last Sunday and instead of giving her more crayons to break in half we decided to go a different route. I hate finding pieces of crayons everywhere and hate how they break so easily. We were sent a package of Crayon Rocks to review for you.

About Crayon Rocks:

Hi, my name is Barbara Lee and I taught children with special needs for 23 years. I invented Crayon Rocks after being inspired by Jan Olsen, OTR, and the Handwriting Without Tears program. I learned from her how important it was to develop early a good tripod grip. Handwriting skills depends upon this.

Since a child’s first writing tool is usually a crayon, that crayon should be one that encourages him or her to use thumb, first and second fingers in a tripod grip. This is what makes Crayon Rocks a wonderful tool for fine motor development.

A Little Goes a Long Way

A really good crayon should take very little effort in applying great swaths of color to the paper. In fact, that crayon should be as much like paint as possible. Rich color that goes on smoothly and easily helps little fingers to grow strong as they spill their creative ideas onto paper.

I wanted a coloring tool that students with grip strength problems and disorders effecting fine motor control could use AND enjoy. It has been lots of fun to see what my students do with their Crayon Rocks.

What we think:

I love that Crayon Rocks are easy for children to hold and are non-toxic, vegan, and have zero phthalates! They are made in America from natural soy wax and colored with mineral pigments! With the exception of a few crayons, they are all very pigmented and very soft. When coloring with these crayons they do feel like you are painting instead of coloring with crayons.

My daughter was very excited about these crayons and has been obsessed with them since I gave them to her!

She loves them so much that she has been carrying them around the house and putting them in different containers along the way.

I love that they fit perfectly in her hand and do not break in half while she is coloring. The funny part is that my husband forgot about them and saw them in a cup and thought she had found colored rocks from outside. He even went to throw them away! Once he realized what they were he stopped of course, but I do like that they are pretty realistic looking (other than the bright colors of course).

I would recommend Crayon Rocks to anyone who has toddlers, or for presents for kids in your family. They are great to color with and perfect for kids hands! You can find Crayon Rocks on their website here.


**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here .
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  1. How unique. They really look like jelly beans to me!

  2. I love the whole idea of the crayon rocks and how they are different from ordinary crayons. I think most kids would really like these a lot.

  3. I love that they will fit a little ones hand

  4. my 18 month old would love these. she loves rocks and coloring. genius!

  5. These are so much easier to handle for the little guys! Love them! and no breaking is a plus!

  6. They’re pretty cool. i like the fact that they are made from soy wax

  7. Cute little crayons. Grest fit for little finger. Would love to win these for my niece Stella.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

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