Secret Clinical Strength deodorant and Secret Body Spray

Recently the Secret facebook page had a giveaway called “Fearless Friday” where we were asked to describe a moment where we were scared but had overcome it. I got picked for their prize and received a sample (about half the size of the normal size) of Secrets Clinical Strength deodorant and a full sized sample of their lavender body spray. And it even came with a hand written note :)

I loved the deodorant. I tried a clinical strength deodorant a couple years ago and decided it wasn’t worth the money. However since then the deodorants i have been using have not been working as well. So i was pretty excited when i saw what they had sent me. I love the scent, and the results are even better! instead of having to put on deodorant a couple times a day, i was able to put it on and not sweat for over 2 days. Looks like i will be going back to clinical strength for good :)

The other product i was able to try, the lavender body spray, i also liked, but probably will not buy. The scent was not overwhelming like most lavender body sprays, which was nice but the scent only lasted about 10 minutes before i did not notice it anymore. I’m sure it was still there but I like to be able to smell that I smell like when using perfume. For some I’m sure it is nice because I know of a lot of people that get major headaches from any perfume, so they would like to have the scent but not smell it themselves.

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