Easy Ways To Hide What You Don’t Like About Your Body

Let’s face it, we all have bits we’re not entirely happy about. Some days bring even more problems to the mix. Whatever you don’t like about your looks, there are always some simple yet clever ways to hide it. So don’t panic. Read on and see if any of these ideas help you achieve the look you want today:

Bad Hair Day

We’ve all had them. And some days are worse than others! If your hair is being wayward, then

tie it back. This will stop it shooting out all over the place. You may need to add some hairspray to tame those wilder tresses. Of course, you can always wear a hat or use a hair band to hide any hair line problems. If you’re starting to spot the dreaded greys , then grab yourself a home dye kit from the local chemist. They are quicker than waiting for a salon appointment.


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Blemishes, Wrinkles, Eye Bags

When your skin is letting your down, it’s time to fight back with some age-appropriate skin care. If you’re not under twenty-one anymore, then blemishes should be treated more subtly. Spot cream can burn your skin if you’re not a teenager anymore, so use it with caution. Instead adopt a cleanse, tone and moisturise routine. Check out some makeup ideas from http://www.chichicosmetics.com for a new look to cover any problem areas.


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Big Chest, Little Chest

A lot of us are bothered by the size of our chest, no matter what we’ve been graced with. Choose fashion that suits what you’ve got, rather than what you wish you had. Ruffles, seams, and other decorations on tops give the impression there’s plenty there. If you’re big chested, look for square cut collars and plunge Vs to make the most of your womanly shape. Wear a bra that contains what you’ve got, even if you have to buy a bigger size than you would like.


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Tummy Trouble

If your belly is bothersome, then you have several options. You can choose longer length dresses with an empire line. The fabric will drape over your tummy, hiding any contour you’re not happy with. Control underwear can also flatten out tummies. Wearing fashion items with waistbands smaller than your waist can create a ‘muffin top’ look. Choose looser fashion instead. A long length top can be a great way to elongate the appearance of the body.

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Thick Thighs

If your legs are chunkier than you would like, then you could be one of the lucky girls who can build good muscles in this area. The bubble butt may be within your reach. And toned thighs are looking hot this season. If you’re after a more slender leg, then try an A-line skirt to give the illusion that less is at the top.

Fashion and makeup are great ways to hide those bits we don’t like the look of. We can’t do much to change our bodies overnight, but we can make the most of what we’ve got. Love the body you’re in now.

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