Your Guide To Ageing And What To Do About It

None of us is getting any younger. We are all ageing, and our bodies and faces seem determined to give our ages away! Of course, there are plenty of creams and treatments available to help hide our true age. The trouble is knowing which one is right for us right now.

After our teens, we may be enjoying flawless skin. The wobble of hormones has settled down, and the stress of exams is behind us. In our early twenties, we are often at the start of careers and enjoying a carefree life with few adult responsibilities. Of course, we may have the odd midweek night out, and a few wild weekends per month, but that’s what our twenties are for, right?

In our twenties, we can feel a little bit freer than at any time of our lives before or after. We can binge on junk food and alcohol, and not bother with much of an exercise programme or skin care routine. It doesn’t seem to make a difference. We seem to get away with it.


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What you might not realise in your twenties is that this lack of due care could catch up with you. In your thirties, the signs of ageing are all there. Add excess sun exposure, alcohol and smoking to the mix, and you may be looking even older. Night creams in addition to a good daily moisturiser can help at this age.

Once you hit your forties, gravity has become your enemy. Your face may have deeper wrinkles and bags under the eyes. Your body may be less perky than before, especially if you have had children. It is harder to keep trim and shapely as your hormones start to change on you again. It is usually around this age, or your fifties, that you think about surgery to counter the effects of time.

A facelift is quite effective at hiding the effects of time on your face. Jowls, double chins and wrinkles can all be ‘lifted’ out with this surgery. This helps create a more youthful look to your face. If you can spare the time for this kind of surgery, it can be a great way to appear youthful with very little effort on your part.

Your body will change shape, especially if you have children. As you age, gravity makes skin sag and changes where fat tends to store. Your stomach may bear the most change, and it can be very difficult to flatten this as you get older. Some people go for tummy tucks while others look to control top underwear to give a more youthful shape.

Ageing is inevitable, but looking after yourself in your earlier years can help keep some of the signs of ageing at bay for longer. Diet and exercise play a huge part in how youthful you can look. Genes too can determine how your body responds to ageing. Whether you choose to grow old gracefully or fight every sign of age that you can, your body needs to serve you for the rest of your life. Take care of it every day.

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