6 Tips for Dealing with the Signs of Aging

No matter how hard we fight it, age is going to catch up with us one day. And do you know what? Sometimes that’s okay. It’s fine to embrace getting older as a part of life. It’s good to embrace the aging! However, we don’t always want to embrace the signs of aging. Not because we want to slow down time. But because we want to keep ourselves looking fabulous. If this sounds like you, then you’ll love these top tips.


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1. Turkey Neck

Our skin loses quite a lot of elasticity as we get older. Which leads to the dreaded turkey neck! Wearing the right clothing and accessories can draw the eye away from your neck, if you’re not keen on getting Botox. Wear a long necklace or go for tops that have bold prints, to keep the attention focused elsewhere. You can also use moisturizers with peptides, that will help tighten things up.

2. Droopy Breasts

After breastfeeding you’ll find that your breasts are nowhere near as perky as they used to be. As you get older, gravity takes hold too. Unless you’re planning on undergoing surgery, there is no way they’ll ever get back to their former glory. However, you can make it look as though they are! Go to a store and get a proper bra fitting. The right bra can make all of the difference.

3. Age Spots

You tend to get brown spots as you get older, which is a sign of sun damage over the years. While you can’t turn back the clock and wear more sunscreen, you can hide those age spots. There are specific makeup products on the market designed for this sole purpose. It’s also a good idea to steer clear of dark shades of eyeshadow and nail varnish. This can make them stand out more. Keep applying that sunscreen to prevent further damage!

4. Thinning Hair

Stress and childbirth tend to leave most women with temporary hair loss over the years. However, as we get older that thinning hair can be more permanent. Companies such as Xandrox sell products that can help slow down the process and thicken your locks up. Also, go for hair care products that specifically add body and shine. You’ll find that they hide any hair thinning problems you may have.

5. Cracked Feet

Most of us will have spent years wearing high heels to work and parties. The amount we’ve put our feet through, it’s no surprise they’re cracking. Invest in a good moisturizer and apply it to your feet every evening. Try to avoid wearing heels where possible!

6. Wrinkled Knees and Elbows

Most of us can deal with the sudden appearance of crow’s feet – we knew it was coming! It’s the wrinkly knees and elbows that are a real pain, however. Taking up exercise classes like yoga can actually help with this. You should also look for moisturizers that contain a tint. This will take the focus off of the wrinkly knees and onto your seemingly all-year-round tan.

These are some of the worst signs of aging that can make us feel less confident. A few small changes here and there can help make every woman feel youthful again. Which is never a bad thing!

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