Buying Gifts for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday: The Rules

Is your girlfriend’s birthday coming up? If so, you’re probably tearing your hair out trying to think of gifts to buy for her. If you’re not, then you’re either oblivious as to how important this event is to her, or you know her very well. The following pointers are rules you should stick to so you can come up with great gift ideas:


Be Creative

Be creative with your gift ideas, if you can. This might take some brainstorming, and you may even need to speak to some of her friends/relatives to get more ideas. However, doing this is already a lot more thoughtful than buying her a clothes voucher for her favourite shop. While she’ll still appreciate the gift, it means more if you buy something you’ve put a lot of thought into. Think of her likes, dislikes, and what you thin
k she would appreciate. You should know her well enough! Thinking of buying her a watch? Use these tips to get it right!

Think Outside of the Box

Try to think outside of the box, especially if you think your girlfriend is a bit different. Most girls will appreciate new makeup or vouchers for makeup, but why not go one better and buy her a makeup lesson with the professionals, for example? She’ll learn new skills that she’ll enjoy using all the time. Things like this last forever, whereas makeup runs out or goes off. Sites like, for example, present plenty of unique gift buying opportunities.

Listen to Her

Your girlfriend may enjoy dropping hints about potential birthday gifts, and you may be oblivious. It’s in a woman’s nature to talk too much, just like it’s in a man’s nature to pretend to listen. In the run up to her birthday, start to listen to her properly. She may be dropping hints without even knowing it. You don’t have to buy her the exact things she’s talking about either, you could do your research and find something similar but that you think is better.

There are exceptions to this rule. For example, if she mentions that she could use a new hoover. Usually, this is not an invite to buy her it as a birthday gift, but a general observation. I can’t imagine any woman being thrilled with this gift on their birthday (unless they’re like Monica from Friends).

Make a Big Deal of It

Girls usually like it when you make a big deal of their birthdays. It only comes round once a year, so make sure you treat her as special as possible on the day.

Stick to a Budget

It can be very easy to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on your girlfriend once you get going. While this is fine if you have the cash, most of us don’t have a huge budget for gifts. Set yourself a budget, and stick to it so you don’t go bankrupt for her new handbag. She’ll appreciate anything you put thought into!

Have fun!

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