The Perfect Hobby For Your Child

Recently, my youngest daughter has expressed an interest in photography. She has an amazing flair for creativity, so I wasn’t surprised when she became interested in photography.

While most parents encourage their children with academic skills, I have always believed creativity is just as important. And even though I wasn’t sure if my daughter was too young to take up photography, I wanted to make sure that I supported and encouraged her.

While I didn’t know the best way to do this at first, after some Googling, I realized that there were plenty of ways I could support her. I also found out that many children, most much younger than my daughter, take up photography and are successful at it.

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In case you are in the same boat as I was, and don’t know how to approach your child’s new hobby, here are a few tips I have learned:

There’s no such thing as too young

While, as a parent, it’s your job to assess whether your child is ready to learn about photography, most kids are ready by four or five. It might seem young, but young children can be amazing photographers.

If your child is younger, then they are probably too young for a professional camera, but a child’s camera would be ideal.

Book your child lessons

That’s right, photography lessons for kids do exist. While you can teach your child a few of the basics, it’s best to leave the more complicated stuff to a professional.

To show my daughter that I supported her, I booked her in for one group lesson and one private photography lessons each week. I couldn’t afford to book two private lessons, but group lessons are just as good.

Buy your child a camera

How much you spend on your child’s camera is up to you. However, for their first camera it’s a good idea to choose something basic so that it is easy for them to use. Once your little one gains more skills and knowledge, you can then invest in a better camera for them. But until then, a basic camera should be just fine.

The only thing I would say is if your child is having lessons, ask their teacher what camera they would recommend. This is especially important if they have already been learning with a certain type of camera in class.

Book a photography trip

Once your child has shown you that they are serious about their new hobby, why not book a photography trip for the two of you? For unique photography holidays that are suitable for children, have a look online.

Planning a special trip around your child’s new hobby is a fantastic way to show them how much you support them. Plus, it will also give you and your little one some time together to bond. When I booked myself and my daughter onto a special photography holiday, she was over the moon.

While most people think of photography as being an adult hobby, kids can be amazing photographers. As long as they are patient and willing to work hard, photography can be the perfect childhood hobby.

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