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Nowadays you have to have a cell phone or you will be shunned from society. Even some jobs will use texting as a way to communicate to employees a number of things including; when you are working, to-do lists and so much more! For some getting that much needed cell phone can be quite the task. You can either sign a contract and basically sell your soul for 2 years to an overly priced cell phone company, or pay a little more up front and still have a decent sized bill every month and worry about paying it the day it expires or you could lose service, or worse, your phone number. With Solavei, plans start at just $29/month for unlimited talk and text and for every person you refer to their service you get a portion of your bill.

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I think that the thing I hate most about switching a service provider, especially when using prepaid providers, is loosing your old phone. When you have prepaid it is awesome to be able to change providers just because you feel like it and most will even transfer your number over for you. However, a lot of the time the different phones are not compatible with the new network. So all the money you spent a couple of months ago to finally upgrade your phone is now gone and you have to start all over. Even worse, you might even lose all of your contacts and pictures in the process. Solavei lets you keep your old phone and just connect it to their network. Check out their commercial here!

The best part about Solavei is that you have the opportunity to earn free service. For every person you refer to Solavei, you get one step closer to free cell service. What I love about this is that unlike most companies with referral programs, each person you add will continue to save you money as long as they keep the service. So if you have 6 friends looking for cheap cell service you can refer them and if all 6 stay connected with Solavei you will continue to get free service. The more you refer the more you earn. They offer different plans that are also eligible for free service as well as the opportunity to be paid every month for the extra referrals. There is even a business plan that you can start to earn even more money. You can learn more about these plans here.

Solavei is growing extremely fast! They have had over 300,000 members enroll in less tan 2 years and has paid out over $29 million to their members in revenue. Now is a better time than ever to get free service and Solavei is definitely the place to do it! Check them out on there website here, or check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

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