Straightening Your Hair: Tips and Tricks for the Perfect ‘Do

There are so many mistakes you can make when straightening your hair; the whole ordeal can be quite stressful. However, this shouldn’t put you off. All you need to do is practice and you’ll have the most gorgeous, silky smooth hair you’ve ever laid eyes on. Here are some tips and tricks for the perfect straightened ‘do:


Don’t Go Over it Too Much

The first thing you need to do is to ensure you aren’t going over your hair too much. A lot of women straighten their hair in the same place over, and over, and over again. This is damaging your hair and giving it that dry feeling. If you go slowly enough over one piece of hair, it should be perfectly straight after one go. No more needed! For some it’s like a habit, so try to break out of it.

Section the Hair

Sectioning the hair will make the process of straightening much easier. Start by sectioning off your bottom layer and straightening with a Royale straightener, for example, and then move on to your next layer. Do as many layers as you need to until you’ve worked on your whole head.

Give a Slight Flick at The Ends

Giving a slight flick at the ends of your hair will stop it from looking over straightened. Few people can pull off poker straight hair. By flicking ever so slightly under when you get to the end of a piece, you’ll create a more natural look that frames the face. You’ll also emphasize all of the layers in your hair, making it look more voluminous and healthy.

Use Great Straightening Products

You must prep your hair before straightening, even if you aren’t washing your hair. A good heat protectant spray is essential, as this will stop your hair from becoming too damaged. You may also like to apply a frizz ease serum and a volumizing mousse. It’s always good to have volume at the crown for height, even on straight hair. This flatters the face and makes it appear slimmer. Having hair stuck flat to the head isn’t always a great look. A shine spray will finish this look off perfectly!

Add a Little Volume

There are lots of ways you can add volume to your straight hair, other than the volumizing mousse that we discussed before. Many people avoid straight hair as it sits too flat to their head and isn’t very flattering, but there are ways to combat this. You could use a crimper at the roots underneath your hair, for lasting volume that nobody can tell is fake. You can also lightly backcomb the hair at the roots, being sure to cover up with pieces of smooth hair. Watch tutorials online of how to get this right!

You can even use a mix of the different techniques together. Backcombing along with using a volumizing root booster will make your hair last all night!

You can’t have gorgeous hair without beautifying the rest of yourself, so look at some mani inspiration too. Good luck!

photo: flickr

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  1. great post. yeah like the point of not ironing same hair again and again otherwise it will damage your hair , especially naturally curly people tend to do this mistake more.
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