The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress always feel like an ordeal for any bride to be. After all, there is a lot of pressure to look good. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable in any dress that you wear. For some brides, the pressure is too much. It can be a minefield choosing the most perfect dress. Bear in mind, there are no hard and fast rules of dressing to impress on your wedding day. In reality, you can wear whatever you want. You don’t have to listen to popular opinion. But, if you want some general guidelines on dressing for your body shape, you are in the right place.

Every bride deserves to feel nothing short of beautiful on their big day. You need to make sure that you are finding the perfect dress so that you feel as gorgeous as you should do.

Let this article take the stress out of wedding planning. Finding your dream dress will be a breeze.aRjp8kcNGDPzLRKh0moNo4tYvXU08qN1w_kb4zcxTOoZYWqvWhqwNak1zMPiFScJtS0JGLVxdh33XEcYcK4UElFHDrGrF96_pirDwPVQ4Vin4RagjqcwC2WDGCjlo-qBkQ=s320

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1. Don’t Go Wedding Dress Shopping Late in the Evening

Going wedding dress shopping in the morning is essential. Why? You will have your consultant’s full attention. The store will be less crowded, and you will be able to take your time when walking around the store. You don’t want to feel that you don’t have her full attention. You are probably going to spend hundreds on this dress. You want to feel special. Trying on bridal gowns in the morning, or early part of the day, means that you will get a better fit overall. After all, if you have spent the day snacking, dresses will not fit as well. Shopping in the morning allows you to have a better feel for your preferred bridal gowns.

2. Do Try Everything On!

You may have a very clear image of how your dress is going to look. But, when you try on that exact style, and it doesn’t quite look right, you are going to feel upset. Go into a bridal store with an open mind. You need to make sure that you are going to try on a wide range of dresses. Even if something looks ugly on the hanger, try it on. You never know, it may look simply stunning on you. You need to make sure that you are open-minded when trying on wedding dresses. Try on all of the styles within the store to make an informed decision.

3. Do Dress For Your Shape: Check Out Your Silhouette

While a slinky mermaid style wedding dress looks divine on some ladies, if you are a shorter, curvier woman this is not going to fit well. Think about your size, shape and the usual cut of your dresses. If you, usually, live in pencil skirts and tight tops, opting for a fit and flare style wedding gown may look bizarre. Consider your shape and size when trying on dresses. If you are a slender woman, opt for a slinky, carefully fitted dress that highlights your small waist. If you are a curvaceous woman, try on gowns that highlight your fantastic bosom. Thinking carefully about your own form will ensure that you find the most amazing dress. You will knock the groom’s socks off when you walk down the aisle.

4. Focus on the Top of Your Wedding Dress

There are many types of wedding dresses, but many brides focus on the detailing of the skirt and hem of the dress. In short, this is not the way to go. Why? Well, think about it rationally. You will have a lot of photos taken from the waist up. Ignoring the detailing on your bodice or top part of your dress will mean that your photos may look dull. While you may prefer an enormous, lace skirt with a plain top or bodice, this is not going to be reflected in your photos. Opting for lovely, simple detailing at the top of your wedding dress will ensure that your photos look amazing too. After all, once all of the wedding day is complete, you will be left with only the photos and your wedding ring. Choose wisely, so you have no regrets from your big day.

5. Don’t Choose a Fashionable Wedding Dress

Okay, there are a wide range of patterns and choices. But, the key to making sure that you look gorgeous on your day? Ditch the trends. Forgoing fashion is the only way to choose a wedding dress. While some of the wackier trends will only be around for a short time, your photos will last a lifetime. Ignoring fashionable trends for your wedding day is wedding dress rule 101. After all, you want your photos to stand the test of time. You do not want your wedding to look dated. You want to make sure that you are the epitome of classic, elegant bride. This should be reflected in your beautiful wedding dress.

6. Don’t Take All of the Family to Your Fittings

While it may be tempting to take the family on a grand day out to the local bridal store, don’t. They are going to tell you that you look stunning in everything that you wear. What is more, the more people who are shouting things at you, the more stressed you will feel. Take one or two people maximum. My advice would be to take your mum and your best friend. You need to make sure that you only take people who are brutally honest with you. You want an honest opinion of how you look. You don’t want people telling you that you look wonderful when you don’t. It’s that simple.

7. Do Consider Your Accessories

Your accessories should serve to compliment your gown. Do bear in mind that you will need to accessorise your gown with a whole host of things? Veils, tiaras, headbands and necklaces should all serve to compliment your dress. Make sure that you have a gown that can easily be accessorised. You also need to make sure that you do not accessorise on a whim. Think long and hard about your accessory choices. They can be costly, so do not buy them on an impulse.

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