Natures Bounty Optimal Solutions Hair Skin & Nails Review

There are a lot of things in life that you either just don’t want to do, or you just can’t seem to do it. For me, one of those things is taking vitamins. Yes, I know that this is quite ridiculous but it is something I have always had a hard time with. For one, there are so many different vitamins I never know which one(s) to get. I also hate taking pills. The main vitamins that I try to keep up with are ones that improve hair, skin and nails. I was so excited when Smiley360 contacted me to review Natures Bounty Optimal Solutions Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies.

I remember when I was younger and all my friends started getting the gummy vitamins. I was super jealous and would always ask to steal some when I saw them. Back then they didn’t taste very good but that didn’t change how much I wanted them. What I love about the Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies is that they actually taste great! They are not the same texture as say a gummy bear but they are really close compared to others that I have tried.

What to know what else is great about these gummies? They contain no artificial flavor, no milk, no lactose, no soy, no gluten, no wheat, no yeast, no fish and they are sodium free! I think the one I am most excited about is the no fish part! It is nice knowing that these gummies have such great ingredients!

These gummies contain the antioxidants Vitamin E and Vitamin C which contribute to health and vibrant skin. They also contain Biotin to help maintain healthy hair and nails. Since taking these gummies I have noticed my nails have been a little stronger, but most of all I have noticed that my hair has been stronger. My hair falls out constantly and since taking these I have noticed a lot less hair in the shower. My skin has been softer, but I don’t know about more “vibrant.”

Overall I really like the Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies. They are great vitamins and a great price and so much easier to take than traditional vitamins. I highly recommend them! You can check out these and other great Nature’s Bounty products and take the Hair, Skin, and Nails Challenge here.

**Disclaimer** Star Focal was sent product from Smiley360 at no cost to review. Regardless all statements were not influenced by the company, but are my own personal opinion.

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