Giani Granite Review and Giveaway

ïNothing is worse than having a horrible looking piece of furniture in your home. Especially if the other things you have are nice. In our house we do have a lot of nice things, but we do tend to buy pieces that need a little work to save some money. Recently we have acquired an old desk that was beautiful, only $15, but it did have some cosmetic damage. After talking with Giani Granite about their products, we decided that they would be a great way to turn old furniture into a great work of art! I could not wait to start the review!

This is what the desk looked like before we started:

Giani Granite Paint


While I was in love with the desk, it just looked like it had been unloved for too long. I could


n’t wait to get started on making it beautiful again! I received Giani Granite’s Bombay Black Granite paint and their Titanium Infusion NUVO Cabinet paint. I could not believe how little there was to do to create a new masterpiece.

Giani kit

I think that the hardest part of the process is washing the area you want to paint. However, it could have just been because the desk was new to me and I wanted to make sure it was completely clean. The primer was super easy to apply and dried surprisingly quickly. Even the primer looked amazing on the desk and I almost wanted to leave it that way before I messed it up! My husband thought that it would turn out horrible the minute I started painting with the sponges. After about 20 minutes I had gotten the look I wanted with the different colored paint and could not believe how great it was already looking!

Last on my mission was to paint the clear coat and the cabinet paint on the bottom. We were surprised at the different textures of the paints. The clear coat was very thin and almost watery, where the cabinet paint was very thick. Everything worked amazing and the results were incredible! The desk didn’t even look close to what it used to. In fact everyone that saw it asked if I had cheated and went out and bought another desk.




The desk definitely brightens the room and I could not have done it without Giani Granite paint. Giani Granite paint is made to make your counter-tops look like granite, but you can use it for so many other things! They are inexpensive compared to buying real granite and look absolutely amazing. I still cannot stop staring at my desk and how wonderful it turned out. My next adventure is to re-vamp my kitchen table with Giani’s Roma Red granite paint. So stay tuned for another review and be sure to check out the giveaway for your own Giani Granite Kit below!

Be sure to check out their great products on their website here and let us know which color you would like to win!

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  1. Oh wow, you must be so happy! That came out soooo good. I have an old desk that I could totally use this on – and after seeing this, I just might :)
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted…A Fork in the Road. Literally. My Profile

  2. The desk looks great! Using old furniture and giving it some loving care always is great, I think older furniture is much better quality than some of the new that is available to purchase anyway, love this.

  3. wow that came out amazing i want some i would do this to everything lol.
    kay adeola recently posted…Sunday Roast With Knorr Gravy Pots Celebrating Product Of The Year My Profile

  4. I think granite paint is such a great way to spruce up an area for way cheaper than the real deal. Your desk turned out great!
    Theresa recently posted…Wordless Wednesday~ The Last Valentine My Profile

  5. That is totally amazing that paint can be made to look exactly like granite! That desk looks incredible-great job!
    Michele recently posted…Book Review – The Angelic Gene – Steve Goodwin My Profile

  6. You did a great job! I have a few things I am wanting to refinish but with school I do not seem to have the time.

  7. That is cool!!!! Not sure I’d have the patience so I’d have to pay someone to do it lol, but it’s a super cool idea! Love it!
    Nathan W Pace recently posted…Alzheimer Testimonial My Profile

  8. much difference in before and after picture for this desk.. This is great! Glad that redesigning did wonders for it :)
    vinma recently posted…WordPress Blog Design with The Strategic Mama My Profile

  9. Love it! What an amazing difference!

  10. I like the chocolate brown kit

  11. Megan Cromes says:

    i like white diamond

  12. Oh my goodness, that is an amazing transformation! I absolutely love the new look! It is beautiful!
    Amber Edwards recently posted…Finding the Perfect Valentine’s Day Card for Valentine’s Day + Hallmark Rewards Program #ValentineCards #Shop #cbias My Profile

  13. That is amazing! I can’t believe how good it turned out.
    Lawna recently posted…Valentine’s Event – Bake Me A Wish Giveaway My Profile

  14. That looks very nice! I want to redo our counters but Im afraid. lol
    Tess recently posted…Tuesday Things My Profile

  15. The counter top in my bathroom is so ugly… I mean UGLY. I would love to redo it with paint instead of putting a lot of money into a new top.
    Terry recently posted…#Giveaway SmartSilk™ Pillow Review ~ Enjoy A Relaxing Night Of Sleep My Profile

  16. Wow! What a great transformation! I have seen a product like this but was not sure how it worked. This is great.
    Cynthia L recently posted…French Toast with homemade Italian Bread My Profile

  17. WOW, Oh I really need this. We have a desk that this would work really great on
    Melanie recently posted…Recipe Challenge Day 4: Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups My Profile

  18. Wow, that desk makeover turned out so well. I have a few things I’d like to try this on.
    Pam recently posted…Ehler’s Danlos and The Microsoft Surface 2 My Profile

  19. Wow that is amazing – I honestly wouldn’t have thought you had DIY’d it! beautiful x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Valentines Gifts in Unusual Places My Profile

  20. I have a friend that did this and was surprised at how well it turned out. I plan to do it once we get relocated into our new home. I purchased some items at a yard sale and can not wait to make them over.
    Jennifer Williams recently posted…Stained Glass Heart My Profile

  21. That’s just so amazing. I’m at awe at how great it turned out. I definitely want Giani Granite.
    Fabulous perks recently posted…Dove Advance Care Influenster Voxbox My Profile

  22. How amazing. I am very impressed at what the before and after looked like. It is great what a little bit of work can do.
    Lady Lilith recently posted…Death Metal My Profile

  23. Wow, that turned out very nice! Nice work!
    Amber Nelson recently posted…Rihanna Offers To Pay For Fan’s Funeral My Profile

  24. WOW What a huge difference a product can make. I love the new look of your desk.

  25. Wow, this granite is gorgeous and really adds a touch of class to any room.
    Tough Cookie Mommy recently posted…Woo Your Sweetheart This Valentine’s Day! @PromoCodesSave #Ad My Profile

  26. WOW this looks amazing, I need to try this. I am also hoping I win this product, it would be fun to try out on some old furniture.
    Mommy2jam recently posted…Just another manic monday My Profile

  27. You really did a super job. You can’t even tell it is the same desk. I agree, it looks like you went out and purchased something brand new. Love that granite paint. I have never heard of it.
    Pam recently posted…Wonder Woman Doesn’t Exist My Profile

  28. Oh my – what an awesome job and I can only wish i can do it the way you do too!
    Aisha Kristine Chong recently posted…Have You Ever Been to China? My Profile

  29. I can’t believe how great that came out. That is just gorgeous and it makes me want to try it!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted…Midnight Castle: Hidden Object Game My Profile

  30. that came out really great. Good for you! It looks so much better now
    veronica recently posted…Tip For Tuesday: Decorate With Flowers During Winter My Profile

  31. This looks really great!! Sounds like its easy enough to use. I really like how it looks.. just can’t get over it!
    Ashley Gill recently posted…Cupid’s Arrow Target Gift Card Giveaway My Profile

  32. teresa mccluskey says:

    I love the after look! SO cool! I would love to do a few counters etc like that in my home!

  33. The desk truly looked great! You did an amazing job and it looks like a great product to boot!
    Amanda Love recently posted…Tickety Toc The Unstoppable Poppable Bubble and Cedar’s Foods My Profile

  34. I admire talent like this…. It looks like a whole new piece of furniture. Awesome!

  35. Tweeted and Liked!

  36. Darlene Owen says:

    i like the Chocolate Brown Kit

  37. I like the Bombay Black!

  38. I’d probably go with the white diamond kit.

  39. I would choose White Diamond (my cabinets are a darker color, so I’d want to balance it out with a lighter countertop)

  40. ashley cossette says:

    i absolutely love the bombay black !

  41. I’d love the Sicilian Sand kit. Thanks!

  42. I like the chocolate brown kit.

  43. Corey Olomon says:

    I would choose the CHocolate Brown!

  44. Taylor Closet says:

    I would LOVE the chocolate brown kit, this is awesome and love this idea.

  45. Ashley Fryer says:

    This is amazing. My favorite is the Sicilian Sand kit!

  46. Danielle Jones says:

    I would choose the chocolate brown kit.

  47. Melinda Stephens says:

    Bombay Black is my favorite color, but White Diamond would match my kitchen better.

  48. Annmarie W. says:

    I would love the chocolate brown kit!

  49. tina reynolds says:

    I would really like to try the chocolate kit love how it looks

  50. I like chocolate brown

  51. I would really like to try this out on my mother’s countertops as they are pretty ugly. Thanks for the review.

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