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Something that just about every girl needs is a hair tie. Sure we all have our favorites, but most of us don’t really know where to keep them without loosing them. When I was a teenager I used to put them around my wrists, but now they cut off my circulation and they just look funny. I started to make rubber band balls out of them, but they either got lost or my girls found them and lost them. If I didn’t loose them they lost their elasticity and it was back to the store to buy more. I was so excited when I was told I was getting the chance to review Cyndibands Hair Ties.

valentine's day 6 pack hair ties

Cyndybands are hand-made and won’t break or bend your hair. They are made to be comfortable and stylish and you can wear them like a bracelet and they have tons of options that can fit your personal style. You can even create your own set of colors and give it a name! I was able to receive their Mini Paint tin set and a couple gift tags for the holidays which were both amazing and I loved how easy they were for gifting!

conversation hearts hair ties

Valentines day is quickly approaching and they have some great Valentines day cards with Cyndibands attached! They are super cute and a great V-Day gift! I wish they had something like this when I was younger! I am absolutely loving their spring colors!

mini paint tin with 6 hair ties

They also have Mini Paint Tins, which are absolutely amazing! Not only are they great for storing your Cyndibands, but they each have 6 ties inside. Not only do I love it for it’s design, but I love that my girls can’t get into it!

I love that Cyndibands don’t pull or bend your hair! My hair falls out no matter what I do with it and I hate pulling out a handful of hair every time I pull my hair tie out. They are great for all ages and even my girls are obsessed with them! Cyndibands also heats the ends so that you don’t have to worry about them fraying on you or wearing out. If you are looking for a better way to keep your hair up and out of your face, Cyndibands is definitely a must!

You can find these and other great Cyndiband products on their website here, or catch them on Facebook and Twitter!

**Disclaimer** Star Focal received samples of the above product in order to facilitate a review. However, we were in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.

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  1. I use to get so annoyed when a bunch of my hair comes out when I pull out the regular hair ties. I no longer wear hair ties. If I did I would totally give these a try. I love how stylish they are. Thanks for sharing!
    Fabulous perks recently posted…January Shopstyle Wish List My Profile

  2. I can’t tell you how many hair bands I either lost or lost their elasticity–or how many I have purchased over the years. My hair is still a bit too short to wear one but it is getting longer again so you can bet I will be trying these.
    Michele recently posted…$15 Amazon GC-The Gathering-End’s Beginning-Randy Lindsay-Ends 1/31 My Profile

  3. Those are cute, I am wondering if they hold your hair well like the traditional bands. I run daily and always pull my hair up but do not want the hair ties falling out.
    Jennifer Williams recently posted…Stuffed Bell Peppers My Profile

  4. Those would be perfect for me to wear when I am in spin class. I am always looking for cute headbands to hold my hair back when I workout.
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted…Rhode Island Comic Con My Profile

  5. These are SO cute! I’m really picky about my bands, but I LOVE the packaging on these!
    Kristen from The Road to Domestication recently posted…On Prepping for the Tax Man My Profile

  6. Teresa McCluskey says:

    Cute! I have two daughters so I like to be safe and use hair ties like these so their hair does not get ripped! I love the colors of these ones maybe I should go check them out!

  7. Love them! And yeah, I’m *always* losing my hair ties. :P

  8. Those sound perfect for my daughters hair. I love the Valentine’s themed packs!
    Lawna recently posted…In need of College Books? My Profile

  9. Now that I have my granddaughter, she could use these. They almost had me thinking I made these wtih the name!
    Cyndie recently posted…Free South Beach Diet Starter kits My Profile

  10. I need to look into getting these if they don’t bend your hair. I hate when hair ties do that! And these are super stylish!
    Theresa recently posted…Get #CartonSmart with Tetra Paks from Pacific Foods @CartonSmart #Spon My Profile

  11. I don’t have a long hair, medium length but still I pulled my hair back all the time. I could relate about rubber band and other type of hair ties. I will give this a try. Thanks!
    Healy Harpster recently posted…Keeping the Kitchen Floor Clean My Profile

  12. Those are so cute! I have a lot of hair, so I always need a hair tie. I need something cuter than the basic one I have now!
    Nikki recently posted…STAINMASTER PetProtect Takes the Shame Out of Your Pet’s Accidents #UnShameYourPet My Profile

  13. I have had so many hair bands lose their elasticity or my cats run off with them. This is something I need for the summer!

  14. My daughter uses these as bracelets and hairbands. They are adorable!
    Tess recently posted…Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and Blueberry Giveaway Ends 11/23 My Profile

  15. I’ve seen them advertised in the past. I have to admit they do look great. I love that they come in all sorts of wonderful colors and patterns.
    Lady Lilith recently posted…Head Menagerie My Profile

  16. Nice! I want these for myself and the girls, they’d love them
    Melanie recently posted…Friendship on Fire Book Tour My Profile

  17. These are really cute and colorful. I think i saw a something similar on pinterest.
    marielle altenor recently posted…How I Survived Without a Cell Phone for 7 days! My Profile

  18. Sounds like some great headbands! I went to see the website and they look really cute. Thank you for sharing!
    Joanna Sormunen recently posted…You are beautiful My Profile

  19. I have super long hair and many hair ties, bows, bands, etc are really hard on it. I need to try these out.
    Dawn recently posted…Simple Tips To Save Money On Heating This Winter My Profile

  20. these are so cute, and all the fun colors are wonderful
    veronica recently posted…Casa Vilora Interiors Turns 6 Years Old! My Profile

  21. These sound like a great idea i hate having to keep buying new ones that are no longer any use and damaging my hair by wearing the normal bands,i would love to try these.
    kay adeola recently posted…I need more hours in the day and my fav Christmas Gift My Profile

  22. Oh I love those color selection. My daughter need some of these so I have to check them out. Thanks for sharing.
    Chubskulit Rose recently posted…Journey of an Immigrant My Profile

  23. what cute hair ribbons I can’t live without mine i am always pinning my hair up
    becca recently posted…Friday confessionals 1-17-14 My Profile

  24. I have a few similar bands and I love them! The Valentine’s idea is SO CUTE!!
    Ashley Gill recently posted…Bear Paws Giveaway! My Profile

  25. Very Cute! My hair sheds like crazy, so I feel you on the pain of pulling out a handful with each hair tie!
    Megan @ C’mon Get Crafty recently posted…Movie Monday: Movies to Inspire Your Workout My Profile

  26. Those hair bands are so pretty. I used to have tons of them in different colors and designs. But I had to cut my hair short and had no use for them anymore. I love having long hair because of all the different styles I can do with it. Maybe when my hair gets to be shoulder length again, I would start building my hair band collection once more. Thanks for sharing.
    Eileen recently posted…Dry Eyes Syndrome My Profile

  27. I have super short hair and haven’t needed a hair band in years! Cute though
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted…Free Gluten Webinar with Dr Tom O’Bryan My Profile

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