Wonder Forge Games for Kids Review!

As a select few of you may know, my husband and I are absolutely obsessed with Monopoly. We play it all the time but I feel bad because it’s not something that we can play together as a family because our girls are just too little to understand the game. So I have been on the look out for games that the girls can play that not only are games they would like to play, but that they can understand and have fun with. This is why I was so excited to get the chance to review some new Wonder Forge Games.

Wonder Forge has great games that are made from your children’s favorite characters and more! We were able to snag a Sofia the First Magical Tea Time Game, a Jake and the Never Land Pirates Shipwreck Beach Treasure Hunt Game, and the Doc McStuffins All Better Game. My girls were so excited when they saw these games! So let’s get to what we thought about them!

I will start off with my girls favorite game of the bunch, the Doc McStuffins All Better Game!

Wonder Forge Games

This game is not one their favorite, but one of mine as well. It is pretty easy to understand and the girls LOVE the pieces. It comes with Slap Bracelet “band-aids” that have an instrument printed on the back of them. When it’s your turn you try to guess what instrument will fix their boo-boo. I think our favorite part of the game would have to be the bracelets just because who doesn’t love slap bracelets?! The girls will run around wearing them all day and will try to fix any and all boo-boo’s they find. It also comes with it’s own carrying case so that you don’t lose all the pieces!

Next up would have to be the Jake and the Never Land Pirates Shipwreck Beach Treasure Hunt Game.

Wonder Forge Games

We ended up sharing this game with the girls cousins. While Jake and the Never Land Pirates is one of my daughters favorite shows, this was the only game that she would share with her cousin. This game was a lot of fun as well. The coins have a magic hidden clue that can only be seen with the telescope and you take turns “hunting” for the treasure. I was a little worried at first about the sword being made out of foam, but as we played with it everything made sense! I thought that it would be one of those cheap swords that would break before you could even play the game, but to our surprise after hours of hitting everything in site it was still completely in tact. I was amazed! Not only that but if one of the kids hit another with it, it was soft and no one got hurt. So I would have to say that they made a great choice when designing the sword! All the kids had a great time playing this game and I can’t wait to play it with their cousin again!

Last, but certainly not least, Sofia the First Magical Tea Time game.

DSC03451 DSC03452

This is another one of the favorites! I was so glad when these games arrived because somehow Wonder Forge had the most amazing timing! Our games arrived and were waiting for us when we got home from taking our daughter to get an EEG. She thought it was Christmas! We definitely had a lot of fun playing the games with her and this was the first one that we broke out just for her. I love this game because my girls are obsessed with having tea parties, but they MUST have water in order to play. With this game you only use air! If you squeeze the teapot it blows air onto the cups that make them change color! The girls were so interested in how it worked that they playing with it for hours and they really do think it’s magic!

DSC03453 DSC03456

They had so much fun sharing their tea and having, well, a magical tea party! I was so excited that we had something to take our babies mind off of her head for a couple hours and I cannot thank Wonder Forge enough for that!

We loved all of these games and they have tons of great games not only for kids, but they also have games for the whole family! So be sure to check them out so see what would be perfect for your little angel! You can find them on their website here, or at your local Walmart!

**Disclaimer** Star Focal received samples of the above product in order to facilitate a review. However, we were in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.

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  1. I have just spent a lot of time in hospital and my kids really love their dr kits, I have to say the Doc McStuffins game looks really fun and I may have to add it to the Christmas Shopping List
    Karen recently posted…Keeping Fine Jewelry in Peak Condition My Profile

  2. You can tell how out ot the loop I am since I have never heard of Wonder Forge. I like the Tea Party set and one of the reasons I like it is because.. no water. What a unique idea to have air blow and change the color of the the cup. Like them, I would have wanted to know how that happened.
    Terry (My Journey With Candida) recently posted…Travel Size Air Inflation Pump From Crown Sporting Goods My Profile

  3. I haven’t had little ones around in forever. I am totally ready for grandkids! These toys would be on the top of my list :)
    Bobbi Burleson recently posted…Friday Flashback 11/8/13 My Profile

  4. The treasure hunt one looks like fun for my boy! I love toys that help kids use their imagination.

  5. I am so excited about all 3 of these games! My children would love them! I know my daughter would like the Doc kit the best though. How fun! Also, we are always having tea parties and she seems to think water is a MUST… The Sofia kit would be PERFECT with no more messes for momma to clean up!
    Ashley Gill recently posted…Staying safe with safeHands Hand Sanitizer–Review My Profile

  6. These sound like really fun games! Teacups that change color when the air hits them from the pump? I would like to know how they do that as well.
    Michele recently posted…Book Review – Not for Profit – Glenn Shepard, MD (Adult)-Ends 12/1 My Profile

  7. What fun games! My little guy is SO into Jake and the Neverland Pirates right now – he would flip for one of those. Actually, he’s love the Doc McStuffins set just as much!!
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted…Heroes on the Monorail My Profile

  8. Oh what a fantastic and relevant review! I have a little girl who ADORES Sophie the First and Doc McStuffings, and a boy who LOVES Jake and the Neverland Pirates! Great ideas for their Christmas wish list. Thank you

  9. My girls love Doc McStuffins … that last photo is hilarious and adorable!
    Sadie recently posted…13 Squat Variations for a Toned Butt and Legs My Profile

  10. My oldest daughter would like the Doc McStuffins set and my youngest would love the tea set! I am going to be shopping later that is for sure!
    Teresa Mccluskey recently posted…ColoradoAromatics (Review) My Profile

  11. The treasure hunt toys would be perfect for my boys. All others are nice for girls which I wish I have. Love that tea set.

  12. I remember the doctor/nurse kit that my sister and I received when we were little. We loved that thing. These type of toys really inspire creative play.
    Pam recently posted…Engagement Ring Shopping Tips My Profile

  13. The kids Dr. Always lets them hold his instruments so they will not be nervous, they would totally love this set to use on each other.
    Amanda recently posted…Getting Inspired with the Blurb Gift Center My Profile

  14. All of those toys look like a lot of fun, but I especially like the Doc McStuffins kit. I bet your daughter was thrilled to see the games. What a great surprise for her!

  15. My son would flip over the Never Land Pirates Shipwreck Beach Treasure Hunt Game. He is such a big fan of the show.

  16. We have a couple of the Doc McStuffin different sets here and the kids love them,the other toys look like a lot of fun too.
    kay adeola recently posted…Interplays My Style Pick ‘n’ Mix Jewellery Review My Profile

  17. We have the Doc McStuffins and Princess Sofia games and my daughter couldn’t wait to open them. I think her favorite is the Sofia one since she loves pretending to have tea. :)
    Growing Up Madison recently posted…Holiday Shopping at OshKosh B’gosh With Coupon #MC My Profile

  18. We are getting Doc Mcstuffins and the pirate guys for the grandchildren this year. These look like fun!
    Tess recently posted…Pumpkin Cheesecake Minis My Profile

  19. These games look like so much fun and I love all the pieces. Promoting pretend play in children is so important to their development. These are also great gifts for kids for the holidays.
    Tough Cookie Mommy recently posted…Know The Facts About RSV! #RSVAwareness #Ad My Profile

  20. My youngest son would love that Jake and the Never Land Pirates game! Very cute!
    MELISASource recently posted…Fall Family Fun With Verizon LG G2 Smartphone #Verizon #LG My Profile

  21. AWw so cute! My youngest girl would really love all of these, she watched Disney Junior every morning
    Melanie recently posted…Getting Running again My Profile

  22. Debbie Welchert says:

    These games sound like so much fun for the little ones. The pirate game is on my list for my grandson who would have so much fun playing it.

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