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When I was younger and had an older car my air conditioning didn’t work. I always wished that I had a solar powered fan to keep my car cool while I wasn’t in it so that it wasn’t so bad when I did get into it. Now we have a working AC but since our car is black with tinted windows, it gets really hot throughout the day. Sure once it cools down it stays cool, but I don’t like turning on the car and leave it running just to be able to get the girls in the car. I was so excited when I got the Kulcar!


So what is Kulcar? It is a Turbo powered fan that is placed above the window in your car that is solar powered. When in the sun the fans turn on to cool your car down without killing your battery or you needing to be there to turn it on. It is decently quiet and is easy to install.


The Kulcar comes with weather striping for you window that not only fits perfectly around the device, but also around you window. For our car, installation was a little more difficult because as you can see above, our back window are angled. After some cutting and sizing we had it installed in no time. It only took about 10 minutes to install even with cutting the strips to size. I also couldn’t believe how great it looked on our car!

DSC03401 DSC03400 Kulcar Review

Like I said earlier, our car gets really hot during the day. So if we want to take the girls anywhere we have to turn the car on, open the windows and let the AC run. I hate doing this for many reasons! One, I don’t like leaving my car on without me in it and of course I have to go back inside to get the girls after it has cooled down so this doesn’t really work for me. Two, I don’t like wasting gas. Three, it takes a lot longer then it should to cool down. With the Kulcar you can just leave it on and it will run when the sun is shining on your car and keep it cool and ready for you to get in.

Here is a video about Kulcar that can tell you more :)

The only thing I would suggest when using the Kulcar is that if you do have air conditioning in your car, I would push the solar panel down while driving so that it doesn’t turn on and off every two seconds. Other than that this device is easy to use and really comes in handy when it’s hot! I can’t wait until the weather is warmer to be able to really test this thing out!

I think that the Kulcar not only is a great product for the family, but that it would make a great gift. I mean really, who doesn’t want a cool car? Also it is a great idea for families with pets, so that they are safe in the car as well!

You can find Kulcar on their website here, or on Newegg.com here.

Also, be sure to check out their Social Pages!

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  1. I live in Florida, this would be a great thing to have here. The heat can be brutal in the summer.
    Jennifer Williams recently posted…Why Not Give Back with Gifts From Kenya My Profile

  2. I can definitely use this in my vehicle. The extra chill factor would be perfect for many families esp while traveling.

  3. Winter weather is moving in right now so reading this made me cold, but in the dead heat of the summer this would be such a welcome device! I might consider getting one.
    Mary recently posted…SoyL Scents Candle Gems Review – Holiday Gift Guide My Profile

  4. This looks like a great gift!

  5. Very interesting, I bet many women who suffer from menopause would appreciate this.
    Liisi Carr recently posted…Wristband Blood Pressure Monitor with Voice My Profile

  6. I dreamed about this everyday I lived in Southwest Florida! I can’t believe it actually exists and now I live in Northern Minnesota. How’s that for a fair life?
    Jessica Hehir recently posted…Red Velvet Snowflake Cookies My Profile

  7. This is a great idea! I drive for a living so I’m always looking for a way to create good circulation! This would be a great product to have in my car!
    Jenn recently posted…Wordless Wednesday ~ Developing good habits! My Profile

  8. My AC doesn’t work, i really need this!
    Malia recently posted…Sesame Street Hugs Forever Friends Cookie Monster *2013 Holiday Gift Idea* My Profile

  9. I love that it is solar powered! I’m not sure I would want it hanging out my back window, though. However, the concept is brilliant and I wouldn’t surprised if we started seeing more cars on the road with it.
    Sherrie W. recently posted…Top 5 Tips When Shopping for Car Insurance My Profile

  10. This would be perfect for us, we live in FL and the car is always too hot. Sometimes we have to wait outside the car for a while for it to cool down before being able to put the kids in, this would be a great solution!
    paula recently posted…Ipad Air Giveaway My Profile

  11. I live in MN and currently don’t have the need for this. However, I do need one since it can get really hot here the during summer times.
    Garf recently posted…Perfumes, Lingerie & Beauty Basics: 5 Things Victoria’s Secret My Profile

  12. Such a smart little invention! I could use this in the summertime :)

  13. Oh, I want. Oklahoma summers are positively brutal to the point where I rarely even want to go outside.
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  14. This looks cool. a bet a lot of car drivers would want one of this. you have nice and shiny car.
    Sheila recently posted…Bridesmaid Dresses For a Spring Wedding My Profile

  15. Wow I can’t believe this is available. It would probably really save money on gas too, not to mention all the heating you just mentioned.

  16. This would be great to have!
    katherine recently posted…Win an iPad Mini with SKIT! My Profile

  17. I have seen this before. It is a really cool concept, especially for places where your car gets so hot in the summer.
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