Key Ingredient Recipe Reader Review

I love finding new recipes, especially when searching the web. Of course I could go look in an old fashion cook book, but I find the internet so much easier. So what if you could have the best of both worlds? This is why I was so excited to review the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader!

Key Ingredient Recipe Reader

My parents run a Senior Care Home and I swear my dad is always cooking. While it is always nice to steal some food, I have noticed that there are always multiple cookbooks laying on the counters. I decided that he would be the best person to test out the recipe reader, so I gave it to him as an early Christmas present. Of course I did tinker around with it before I handed it over! :)

The Key Ingredient Recipe Reader is great because it can hold all of you favorite recipes and you can access them by touching the screen. You can also easily search through your favorites easily with the search bar. You can take these recipes and organize them, or you can even add them to your meal planner!

Key Ingredient Recipe Reader

It is also spill proof. I cannot tell you how many times I have spilled food or worse on my phone or computer while trying to use a recipe! with this tablet you can wipe off spills with a washcloth and not worry about ruining your device. Of course you shouldn’t give it a bath, but spills are no match for this tablet! It also has a built in stand so that you can have it sit at the perfect angle so that you can see it while you cook.

Key Ingredient Recipe Reader

This tablet has tons of great features just for cooks! There is a timer feature which has 3 separate timers. So you don’t have to rely on your oven timer to cook more than one thing. It also has a substitution list so if you don’t have a certain ingredient you can find something to put in place of it quickly and easily. It also has an easy to use converter that really helps while cooking. Especially if you need to change the recipe to fit your family size. I know we have to do this all the time and I never know how to divide the ingredients easily.

Key Ingredient Recipe Reader

My dad loved using all the features, especially all the recipes! We only had a few things we didn’t love. One thing that bugged me more than him was that the tablet does not tell you when it’s charging. Most devices will at least have a little red light that turns on when it is plugged in. Of course this is just one of my pet peeves and he didn’t really care. The thing he didn’t like was that in order to add more recipes you have to either go on the computer or on your phone with their app, find what you like and sync it to the tablet. However, it does come pre-loaded with TONS of recipes and he hasn’t had the need to go online to find more.

We both really enjoyed this tablet and I think it looks a lot better on his counter than dozens of cookbooks. So I would say that it was a win-win. Especially since I clean their house and don’t know what to do with them all! I think this is a perfect gift for any cook that loves finding new recipes without destroying their phone or computer in the process.

You can find Key Ingredient on their website here, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Stay tuned for a giveaway of the Recipe Reader in our Holiday Gift Guide!

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  1. What a great present for your Dad… He is going to expect an early Christmas gift evrey year now. Now he doesn’t have to look up recipes in those old cookbooks.
    Terry recently posted…#nunaatbeauty nuNaat naat Garlic Magic For Your Hair My Profile

  2. So glad your dad likes it. I do think you may be getting some extra treat. lol

    p.s This would be really useful for me!
    Randk recently posted…About Kay My Profile

  3. I don’t do much recipe cooking. Mostly everything I do I know how to do already. This would be great for my cousin though who just LOVES to cook. Will have to tell her about this. She has lots of cookbooks, this would eliminate the need for them.
    Growing Up Madison recently posted…The Springfield Collection® Dolls #Review #Giveaway My Profile

  4. That is the perfect present for anyone who cooks a lot! It would probably help me to make receipes for one instead of the 4 -6 servings you usually see. I really like that it is spill proof considering what a klutz I am!
    Michele recently posted…Sunday Stroll Giveaway Linky 11/17 -11/24 My Profile

  5. I bet your dad loved getting an early xmas gift & a fabulous one at that!

  6. What a fabby early Christmas present for your dad! I’m forever damaging cook books with food encrusted fingers whilst cooking and this looks great as it’ spill proof. Thank you!
    Viccy H recently posted…Today is World Prematurity Day! My Profile

  7. I love this so much! I usually read recipes off of my phone or laptop, but the laptop is too bulky and the phone shuts itself off, so this would be perfect.
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted…Caribbean Beach Resort – A Fun Hangout?? Yup! My Profile

  8. I have heard great things about these! I would love to get on for my dad! He use to be a chef so I know he would get great use out of this!
    Teresa Mccluskey recently posted…Letters From Santa (Review) My Profile

  9. I write my own recipes, menu and shopping list but for those who struggle with these things, this is a great tool to have. I think it would be great for my mom or even my new DIL.
    Dawn ~ Spatulas On Parade recently posted…Sweet Potato Hash – #TheSaladBar My Profile

  10. Very neat, and I love how it’s spill proof. At least it would be safe to take onto the kitchen!
    Le-an Lai Lacaba recently posted…Meeting Haiyan: The first hand experience My Profile

  11. This would be a great tool for me. I need some help creating a meal plan for my busy family. I also love that the key ingredient recipe reader has a timer, I am forever forgetting I have stuff in the over.
    Chrishelle @ Cheer MamaDrama recently posted…ROCKING MY BOOTS CHEER MOM STYLE My Profile

  12. If I cook it has to be by recipe as I can’t cook really lol – so this sound fab I shall have to have a look out for one myself.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Winter Proof my Feet My Profile

  13. Wow, what a great gift for your dad! It’s going to be difficult to top that one in the future. ;) I would love something like this; I have destroyed so many bulky cookbooks because they take up too much counter space, and I have dropped bits of cookie dough, spilled milk, etc. on them. This would be a wonderful alternative; I also love the conversion feature!
    Casey recently posted…Street Style: Flurried Plumes and The 20/20 Experience My Profile

  14. I so need one of these! I have to set my laptop near the stove and I am always afraid I will mess it up.

  15. I really need one of these! I am always getting food all over my paper recipes.. This would allow me to get rid of these nasty papers!!! I love this thing!
    Ashley Gill recently posted…eye candy Giveaway! My Profile

  16. I love the idea of having all of my recipes condensed on this reader. It’s so wonderful to be able to use technology to do all of the things that we enjoy in our life and not have to clutter with too many texts.
    Tough Cookie Mommy recently posted…Share Photos And Win With Cricket’s “La Búsqueda del Más!” #MasConCricket @MiCricket #Ad My Profile

  17. I love this whole concept and I saw it the other day and I put it right on my Christmas list. Showed it to my husband and emailed him a link. Do you think that is a big enough hint? ;)
    Pam recently posted…Damn, Girl – You Look Hot! My Profile

    • starslammed says:

      I sure hope it is! But then again, my hubby never understands hints. Heck, he doesn’t even understand when I flat out tell him something. lol!

  18. I have one of these and love it. My husband loves that I no longer use my computer for recipes while I cook. The reader is so easy to use and spill proof!
    Jennifer Williams recently posted…The Duo Ultra Salt & Pepper Grinder from Ozeri My Profile

  19. Very cool gadget. I’m especially excited about the timer feature. That would be so handy!

  20. This is a fabulous idea, I am super excited – I have been looking for a present for my sister I am going to check this out. Thanks!

  21. I would love this for my kitchen!
    katherine recently posted…Feel Good with the Rejuvenator Shower Head My Profile

  22. awesome

  23. pick me

  24. Kelli Anderson says:

    This would definitely be handy in my kitchen and such a space saver.

  25. Brandi Dawn says:

    This is such a handy product! I am always trying to read the tiny print on my smartphone. I would love this!

  26. Simone Brothers says:

    Love the giveaway! Thank you!

  27. rayraycartucci says:

    I wonder if my dad would like one of these. I know I could find plenty of use for one. Thanks

  28. I love how this reader has three timers, a touch screen,and can take pictures of your paper recipes.I love the substitution list because I always forget an ingredient.I would like to see a light when it’s charging,though.Thanks for the great,thorough review!

  29. Sky Sparkle says:

    I’ve heard so much about this! I’d love one- they look slim and so great!

  30. This sounds totally awesome. My mom would love this for a gift. Maybe as a late Christmas present or perhaps a Valentine’s Day gift?

  31. Melissa Smith says:

    This is exactly what I need instead of going back & forth from the computer to the kitchen!

  32. Perfect for keeping my messy hands off the computer.

  33. This would be to keep all your recipes together in one place.

  34. Donna Cheatle says:

    My niece was telling me about this! It really sounds like something I need to have!

  35. Wow! This is the future of cookbooks! I have a small netbook at my boyfriend’s so I can use that in the kitchen if I need help with any cooking. I try, but this is better than me printing them and then not knowing where to keep them. Everything would be all in one place and definitely for those learning technology or how to cook.

  36. This looks like a good cookbook to help you figure out WHAT to make.
    amanda recently posted…Move Over Kale: Introducing Amla, World’s healthiest food? My Profile

  37. This was actually on my Christmas Wish List! But Santa couldn’t find one, so I didn’t get it. Still hoping, though! :)

  38. This would be great for a avid cooker that goes by recipes

  39. natalie yeoman says:

    i need one these for my recipes i got recipes all over the house i always lose

  40. This is a great idea to keep all your recipes organized instead of all scattered on paper cards. Much lighter and easier to carry around. Neater too.
    Chavonne H recently posted…Guest Post: $75 Gift Certificate Giveaway Ends 2/20 My Profile

  41. LeShay English says:

    Have never used it but I’m sure it comes in handy!

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