Eylure Review

As some of you know, I lost all my eyelashes when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. Some of them have grown back, but I still don’t feel like myself without my long eyelashes! I don’t wear them all the time, but when I go out I love to wear false eyelashes to feel like my old self! I have tried many different brands and so far only one has not only made it easy for me to wear them but they actually stay on and don’t bother me all day. I was so excited when I got the news that I was getting to complete another Eylure review!


Eylure has something for everyone, which I love. I for the most part don’t do well with big bulky lashes so I asked for some of their more natural looking lashes and of course I had to have the KA-POW lashes from Katy Perry because I love her and purple. I was also sent a little starter kit which was a life saver!

First I will start with the kit. This kit is awesome because it comes with everything you need as a beginner to get the lashes on easily. I have a hard time getting the lashes on straight so this really helped. It comes with corner lashes so that you get the hang of it and regular lashes. I love the applicator tool and will use it forever!

Eylure Review

Next is a set of lashes from their Naturalites Collection.

Eylure Review

I love these because they don’t look overly fake. You can tell they are not real if you look closely, but I got tons of compliments about how long my lashes were while wearing them which was really nice.

DSC03351 DSC03353 Eylure review

Next is my favorite of all the lashes, Katy Perry KA-POW lashes.


I love these because unlike other brands with colored lashes, Eylure hid the purple lashes in between layers of black lashes. So you still get some color that makes your eyes pop, but not so much that people think you are nuts!

DSC03375 DSC03373 DSC03369 Eylure Review

I love that Eylure lashes will last a whole day without starting to peel off! I don’t want to spend time adding something to my eyes that will drive me nuts all day and night. They have different styles for everyone so you can find just the right amount of lash for you!

Be sure to check out all of Eylures false lashes on their website here.

**Disclaimer** Star Focal received samples of the above product in order to facilitate a review. However, we were in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.

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  1. I should try these. Lately I have trouble wearing mascara and eyeliner because they smudge whenever I wear them. If I used these I wouldn’t need them.
    Jennifer Wagner recently posted…Engadget’s Next Great Gadget Competition: 10 Semi-Finalists Compete My Profile

  2. You lashes look lovely. Natural and very pretty.
    Rachee recently posted…yaRRnthings: Quick #Crochet or #Knit Gifts My Profile

  3. I didn’t know that you lost your eye lashes. Wow, that was a strange thing to have happened. The Eylure eyelashes look very real. I would never have know if you wouldn’t have told us.
    Terry recently posted…Pumpkin Pie Smoothie No Sugar Added ~ Happy Fall! My Profile

  4. They look real and natural for sure. I personally can’t imagine being able to put on fake lashes. However, they look really amazing on you!
    Crystal Green recently posted…What To Look For When Choosing Curtains For Your Family My Profile

  5. Anita Breeze says:

    Those are really beautiful lashes and they look so natural. Those darn hormones making you lose your lashes! Not very nice! :-(

  6. If you hadn’t said they weren’t real, I wouldn’t have known it. They really look quite natural and so pretty!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted…Why You Should Care About Open Enrollment My Profile

  7. Those really look very good on you and I can’t tell in your pics that those are fake eyelashes! To be truthful-I don’t see the purple in those eyelashes you say there is some-which is actually in my opinion a very good thing!
    Michele recently posted…Sunday Stroll Giveaway Linky 11/10 – 11/17 My Profile

  8. I’ve wanted to try fake eyelashes for a long time now, but I’ve always been afraid that they hurt to come off when I’m done with them. Yours look awesome.
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted…Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party My Profile

    • starslammed says:

      They don’t hurt at all. I thought the same thing! The glue is strong, but it peels off easily when you go to take them off. :)

  9. I have very short almost non existent lashes but because I have sensitive skin I don’t use any of the fake lashes. I had a bad reaction once. My daughter might be interested in something like this.
    Growing Up Madison recently posted…Learn to Dress with Kidoozie Dress Me Emily or Josh #Review #Giveaway My Profile

  10. You have such gorgeous eyes! I haven’t ever worn false eyelashes but EyeLure is enticing me. Love that you can mix in colored lashes.
    Kate, aka guavalicious recently posted…Gift Guide : Mighty Leaf Tea Gift Sets My Profile

  11. I never wear false lashes but these look really good and even better that they do not peel off after time i think it is really funny when you see some girls not even noticing their lashes are falling off after a drink or two lol
    kay adeola recently posted…Music Monday, My Profile

  12. Those look really nice, I wonder if they are simple enough for a beginner like me
    Karen recently posted…Dream Fit Sheets Giveaway My Profile

    • starslammed says:

      I haven’t been wearing lashes long and I don’t wear them often. The little tool in the beginner kit is a lifesaver! It’s definitely worth a shot! I got addicted very fast! lol

  13. Those lashes look awesome! And I love that they don’t scream “fake”! They actually look more natural than other false eyelashes I have seen do!
    Amber Edwards recently posted…Free Stories! Free Stories for Everyone! My Profile

  14. I saw the Katy Perry brand at Clair’s a while back and thought they looked pretty. I have never tried fake lashes, but they do look very lovely on you!
    Theresa recently posted…Menopause the Musical My Profile

  15. Those look fantastic on you! I can’t even tell they’re not real.
    Rosey recently posted…Veteran’s Day My Profile

  16. I would have never know you were wearing fake lashes. Those look great. I have tried the fake ones several times and do not have the talent to get them where they are supposed to go. I always end up looking like I have a caterpillar or some other bug crawling across my face, lol.
    Jennifer Williams recently posted…Why Not Give Back with Gifts From Kenya My Profile

  17. I would never know those eyelashes were fake. They look great. When I try to wear false eyelashes they always fall off.
    Pam recently posted…pick UR gift To Make Holiday Shopping Easier & $250 Visa Gift Card Contest My Profile

  18. They look amazing on you – I am awful at applying lashes so never really use them but have had some Eylure for a beauty box in the past and they did look lovely x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Bonmarché Cable Waterfall Cardigan: Review My Profile

  19. My eyelashes are very thin and very light. I have thought about using a product like this. You have motivated me to do so. You look great with them. Very natural.
    Pam recently posted…White Diamond Drop Pearl Earrings Giveaway! ~ (RV $175) My Profile

  20. Wow those are sooo amazing! I’ve been tempted to try fake lashes.
    Pepper recently posted…Healthy Bentos of the Week: Lego Week My Profile

  21. I have never tried false eyelashes but love how they look!
    Amanda recently posted…Simple DIY Winter Wreath My Profile

  22. Oh how pretty! I would always worry of having them slip off or something in the middle of a party or dinner. I would try them out though
    Melanie recently posted…Fair Disclosure by Joyce T. Strand My Profile

  23. I love the Kaite Perry eye lashes! I have never tried eyelure but I want to now!
    Teresa Mccluskey recently posted…Christmas Giveaway Event {Giveaway} My Profile

  24. I love false eyelashes but I get so aggravated while applying to my right eye that I find myself ripping them in pieces lol. I can apply to my left eye with no problem but my right eye no go.

  25. These lashes look amazing! I like the Katy Perry ones better though. The fuller look is for me!
    Ashley Gill recently posted…Baby Stella Doll Review and Giveaway My Profile

  26. Wow, I’ve never heard of losing your eyelashes. That’s crazy! You look amazing with these eyelashes, though!
    Courtney Pies recently posted…VTech’s New Phone Helps Moms! (No Home Phone Service Required!) My Profile

  27. I absolutely LOVE the way look on you; sooo cool.. thanks for sharing and I will have to check the Eylure out, never heard of them but can’t wait to try it now
    Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom recently posted…Make homemade Spaghetti sauce in no time and #TheTimeYouSave you can spend with your family #Recipe My Profile

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