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As some of you may know, I am going to a blogging conference next week! So of course I had to start getting prepared! One of the most important things to bring to a conference is items that have your brand on them. Of course my first stop for these kinds of products was Zazzle! We have worked with them before for our last Zazzle review, so of course I had to show you some more great products!

So what did I order? I got 3 things that I consider essential to carry around to promote your brand: Business Cards, a customized tote and a customized wallet. As we go through the review I will share with you why I think these are important! But first I will talk to you about the Business cards as they are my favorite!

Zazzle Review

I decided to go with a double sided business card. I believe that when it comes to business cards that simple is always better. I am not a big fan of cars that look like their company threw up on them. You know that I love bright colors! However, as much as I would love to throw them all over these cards I believe that this is for a lot of companies not only your first impression, but also your lasting impression. This is what a person/company will see every time they look for your contact information. Of course my logo is still on it, but it’s clean and easy to read.

I was very surprised at the quality of these cards. They are shiny and printed perfectly. They even came in a cute little box that I can keep them in. I cannot wait to pass these around at the conference!

The next thing I am going to share with you is the wallet I got. So why did I get a wallet? I don’t normally use a wallet or really anything similar other than my pockets. I have two kids and my purse has become the diaper bag. I needed a place to not only keep my cards, but a place to also put any business cards I get from other people. I decided that a wallet with my logo would be perfect and that maybe it would convince me to start using a wallet again!


It was not quite what I had expected but it is adorable and easy to carry. I love that it is not heavy or bulky! I also love that they have different color options and that that the pink was the perfect shade to match my logo! It really turned out great!

Zazzle Review

I love that it has the window for your ID that actually shows my whole ID. So many wallets have them but will cut off part of the ID so whoever needs to see it will ask you to take it out. If for some reason I do have to take my ID out this pocket is not sticky like others so my ID comes out easily.

Last but not least, I got a tote bag. At most blogger conferences not only do you get to meet great people, but you get to meet great companies. If you are lucky, your conference will either have a goody bag or companies will give you their products in hopes that you will add them to your blog. So what are you going to do with these products? This was my first thought when I found out about the goody bag at iFabbo.


Of course I could just bring a purse, but I didn’t think that would hold everything and I love the idea of carrying around a bag with my logo. Just like with the wallet this comes in different colors and of course the perfect pink! I was very happy with the quality of the bag itself. It was also a lot bigger than I thought it was which made me very happy!

Zazzle Review

The only issue I came across with this bag is how our unicorn showed up on the bag. The website wouldn’t let me make it very big and even small it is hard to see. The lettering turned out perfect and I still think it is adorable so I’m still happy with it.

Overall all the products are great! I am very excited to show them off and I have already gotten compliments on them! If you are looking for great customizable products you should check Zazzle out. They also offer phone cases, home items, gifts and so much more! They are very fast at getting your products to you, and have great customer service! Be sure to check them out here!

**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.

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  1. oh i love the wallet idea- super cute!! i need new business cards badly.
    brett recently posted…Get the Most Out of Your Savings Black Friday and Cyber Monday My Profile

  2. I have never heard about Zazzle before but I have been thinking about having some similar products made up. I will make sure I bookmark their site so I have it when I am ready.

  3. My Hubs was just talking about getting himself some business cards. He sells Mammoth Ivory and people keep asking for his number etc. Good luck to you at your conference.
    Terry (My Journey With Candida) recently posted…Jolly Time Popcorn Review ~ Give A Healthy Treat For Halloween My Profile

  4. I love this idea. When I thought I was going to BlogHer, I went all out on stuff!
    Katherine Bartlett recently posted…Using Milkster to Find New Design Products My Profile

  5. I love Zazzle as well! I designed some mugs on there for our company’s 20th anniversary party. I also set up an account so that my daughter could sell some of her artwork and she has made some great sales! So not only can you buy great stuff, you can also sell. Win/Win!
    Anita Breeze recently posted…Horse Theme Home Decor and Wall Art My Profile

  6. I haven’t been to or plan to go to any conferences in the near future. I already have business cards and I agree they should be clear and concise! I have a wallet and enough tote bags to last me a lifetime-with and without my name and/or logos. These three articles would be very important to have if you are traveling especially for business. I have been to Zazzles and like their tee shirts–maybe one day I will have a tee made that says Miki’s Hope!
    Michele recently posted…Book Review- Luthecker – Keith Dominque My Profile

  7. I love the tote bag. I actually just ordered my sister’s bridal shower invitations from Zazzle and I was VERY happy with the way they came out.
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted…How to Survive Driving Through a Rotary My Profile

  8. I’ve heard of zazzle and often nosed around it but never brought as I’ve always wondered about the quality of the products – its fantastic to see a real review and I would definitely be more than happy to buy from them in future now :) x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…HelloEveryBody Remodeling Body Scrub in Real Berry: Review My Profile

  9. I love the wallet! I have never heard of Zazzle before, but I really think this is a great idea for Christmas presents :)
    Jutta@HungryLittleGirl recently posted…Oreo Pumpkin Butter Cheesecake My Profile

  10. Eeek, love the unicorn! You will oove having the tote at the conference. Sometimes you can get a free one depending on the conference, but a tote really is the best way to carry everything.
    Pepper recently posted…Asian Chicken & Broccoli Salad My Profile

  11. What a super cute idea to have your name on stuff. I would have just thought of business cards. BTW, I love Zazzle! I sell lots of product through them. : )
    Tess recently posted…Smile your best with Smile Brilliant Review/Giveaway My Profile

  12. They look like really cute, and high quality items. It’s a bummer the picture wouldn’t show up bigger on the bag, but I think it’s cute anyway!
    Theresa recently posted…Celebrate Halloween with JOLLY TIME! My Profile

  13. Julie Wood says:

    This is really cute! I like the Pony and the color and your name on these items. What a nice place to get business items with your name on them. Zazzle is an awesome place to get this done!

  14. I love zazzle products. I have some of their business cards I use when I go to conferences too!

  15. What a cute logo! And those personalized products are just awesome! That is some great printing! TI’s a great way to advertise your site without having to stop and mention it to everyone you see.
    Amber Edwards recently posted…Smiling It Forward to provide medical help to those in need. #SmilingItForward #sponsored My Profile

  16. I like the unicorn like that, it makes it almost whimsical. :)

    I use Zazzle to make personalized photo stamps for people at Christmas time. :)
    Rosey recently posted…MailPix Growing Chart My Profile

  17. Claira Pam says:

    Love that wallet – super cute!!

  18. Love all of the items. That wallet is adorable!
    Bobbi Burleson recently posted…Friday Flashback 10/11/13 My Profile

  19. I love the wallet! And I, too, love that it shows the entire ID. I absolutely HATE having to try to pinch and pull the ID out of the pocket!

  20. I like the whole set customizable items, such a great idea. I attended a conference last year and I took only business cards. I think next time I visit would be nice to add more products to share.
    Fan R @TeddyOutReady recently posted…Montreal Olympic Park My Profile

  21. looks like some new ways to get the word out about your product or blog. I’m not a wallet girl but business cards would go well.
    amanda recently posted…Protecting girls from early marriage and trafficking My Profile

  22. oooh cute wallet :D i used to have a hello kitty one like that but i lost it. :(
    Jenny recently posted…Chibi Miku Fun Times My Profile

  23. That’s a super neat wallet and bag. I’m not a wallet person but I would use that to keep all my business cards in within the car !
    Melanie recently posted…Crashes and Failures My Profile

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