Hydrive Energy Review

I swear that I can never have enough energy. Lately it feels like I am always tired and that I never get enough done. Sure, I drink the occasional energy drink, but I always feel bad later on. Whether it be because of the headaches I always get from them, or just how much junk is in them. Coffee sometimes help, but after so many cups I am back to square one with the energy drinks. Too much sugar and not enough benefits. Of course I still love my coffee and my energy drinks, but I am always on the lookout for a new way to get that energy without all the sugar. Recently, I was told about a new drink called HYDRIVE Energy Water. I was so excited about being able to review HYDRIVE that I could not wait for them to get here.

Hydrive Energy Water

These drinks are great because not only do they not have as much sugar, but they are only 30 calories each! They have 7 great flavors including: Lemon Lime Rush, Citrus Burst, Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Triple Berry, Kiwi Strawberry and Grape Fusion. Some of the flavors weren’t amazing, but I definitely have some favorites that I will be buying more of. I think my absolute favorite was the Citrus Burst! It reminded me of my Orange AMP energy drink, just without the carbonation. I thought it was great! My second favorite was the Lemon Lime Rush. It reminded me somewhat of a Lemon Lime Gatorade, not exactly but close enough to make me think of it. Overall we loved them and drank them all pretty quickly.

I was very surprised with how much energy these drinks gave me. After drinking them I didn’t need to have extra coffee or an energy drink. I was perfectly content with just drinking one bottle. These probably wont completely replace my energy drinks or coffee, but I do like that they are a great substitute and I will definitely be buying them in the future!

You can find HYDRIVE on their website here.

**Disclaimer** Star Focal received samples of the above product in order to facilitate a review. However, we were in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.

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  1. HYDRIVE sounds like something that I definitely need to try! I go through gallons of coffee – especially towards the end of the week, so this would be a nice change.

  2. I have to admit I haven’t heard of these before – but I definitely wouldn’t mind giving them a try :) x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Shawl Collar Cardigan from Damart My Profile

  3. Never heard of these but love the idea of them sounds much better for the body than coffee or energy drink.
    kay adeola recently posted…Great Christmas Gift Ideas from Post-It Notes My Profile

  4. My Hubs needs some energy… I have pretty good energy, but the Hubs… he needs help. He would like them being only 30 calories.
    Terry (My Journey With Candida) recently posted…6 Mile Walk Looking For Old Railroad Spikes My Profile

  5. HYDRIVE sounds a lot better than the energy drinks my son likes. I will have to get some for my son and see if he likes.
    Grandma Bonnie recently posted…Book Review: Eating On The Run My Profile

  6. I am not much into energy drinks but seeing how these do not have a high calorie count I might just try one if I see it in the store.
    Michele recently posted…Book Review – Dark Lullaby – Mayra Calvani My Profile

  7. I go through several cans of soda a day. Maybe I should use Hydrive too.

  8. I havent heard of these before, but it does sound like a much better option than energy drinks
    Karen recently posted…Anchr.co the new interactive social media My Profile

  9. I haven’t heard of this before. It would definitely be great for me, especially since I’m prone to fainting when I exercise.
    Le-an Lacaba recently posted…Little Timmy My Profile

  10. My husband works nights and he swears by these drinks. He says that they give him that extra energy that he needs to get through the night. at work.
    Tough Cookie Mommy recently posted…We Had A Wonderful Time At Medieval Times NJ! @MedievalTimes #Travel #Sponsored My Profile

  11. I can’t stand the taste of regular energy drinks so I’d be more than willing to give these a try instead!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted…Shaw’s Barbecue House Serves It Down Home Style My Profile

  12. id’ be a little afraid to give this to a kid if it gave an adult energy! but sometimes a quick pick me up is needed.
    amanda recently posted…October Crunch Time for Mumbai School Admissions My Profile

  13. That is exactly what I need. I was just sitting here debating if I should work, or take a nap. And it is only 10 am.
    Debi recently posted…Kmart Coupon Matchup & Top Deals This Week My Profile

  14. I’ve never heard of these, but I’m always on the lookout for a new energy drink that isn’t chock full of sugar. This looks promising!
    Amiyrah recently posted…Emergency preparedness after Hurricane Sandy My Profile

  15. I have to say this is the first time I’ve ever heard of Hydrive energy water! I’m not too crazy about energy drinks like these, though. My husband may like them.
    Courtney Pies recently posted…Keeping Cats Happy In Honor Of National Cat Day! #ShebaCat #Shop My Profile

  16. Brandi Dawn says:

    There are so many energy drinks these days that are not too good for you…its nice that they are starting to make healthier alternatives!

  17. I’m not a big fan of drinks such as these. I do have friends who swear by them and it seems most of my coworkers down monsters etc like water so they might like these.
    Growing Up Madison recently posted…Review: Skylanders Swap Force Xbox 360 My Profile

  18. I like that it is not loaded with sugar that is mainly why you get the crash after driving them. I will have to check them out. My husband is a big energy drink fan.

  19. I am willing to try them if they only have 30 calories each. I am always looking for a good energy drink.
    Pam recently posted…Happy Halloween! The Making Of The Robot Costume My Profile

  20. What about it gave you energy? Does it have ginsing?
    Dawn ~ Spatulas On Parade recently posted…Monster eye cupcakes (one bowl chocolate cake) My Profile

  21. OMG.. what timing; I’m fighting to keep my eyes open and it’s no anywhere near bed time and then I found your review… SOOO need to give it a try and see if this will boost my energy, too.. Thanks for sharing;
    Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom recently posted…Dress your little one in style with #ClarksKids and be ready for the Holidays #Giveaway My Profile

  22. I totally could use one of these a couple times a week. Especially since I am trying to do house repairs after the little ones go to sleep. I am going to bed later but getting up at the same time.
    Jennifer Pierce recently posted…and the Winner is….Circus Tickets STL My Profile

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