Manicure Monday- SensatioNail

We’re back again with another great Manicure for Manicure Monday! This time we are not going to do another review, as we have already shared this product with you many times. SensatioNail is one of my go-to nail products that I just can’t get enough of. I have about 15 bottles of gel polish from SensatioNail and plan to buy more in the very near future ( I love their new lines). The manicure I am sharing is a little old but has not been shared with you guys yet!

DSC02109 DSC02115 DSC02116

I had decided that for my Birthday I was going to do cupcake nails. They didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted to, but I thought they still looked great and were a fun way to celebrate! They were super easy to do and of course because they were SensatioNail they lasted forever! Which was great because not only was I able to celebrate my birthday with these nails but my daughters as well!

Have you ever done a Cupcake Nail Manicure?

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  1. wow this nail art is looking so awesome . Very different type of nails , i have not try these type of manicure ever , will try this :)
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  2. Your nails look very professional and done the way I like them. This is really nice nail polish and really makes your fingers stand out.

  3. Melissa Smith says:

    I thought those looked like cupcakes before I even started reading! I wish I had the time to do fun things with my nails. Unfortunately my kids barely cooperate long enough for me to paint them a solid color. I guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through your Manicure Mondays!

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