Car Talk Radio History

One thing I swear I don’t get to do enough is listen to the radio. The only time I hear it is when I am driving, which surprisingly enough is not very often. So often in fact that I have been begging my husband to get a stereo system for our house. One revolutionary radio station started Car Talk Radio. What is Car Talk Radio you ask?

In 1977 Car Talk Radio was started. Originally it was meant to be 6 mechanics that would sit there and talk about their cars and answer questions about others cars. Ironically enough only one mechanic showed, that mechanic was Tom. Tom eventually brought his brother to help, Ray, and they both got to sit there and help many people with their car troubles.

At first they were running this station without getting paid! With how much mechanics make nowadays I can’t believe that they were helping all of these people without getting anything in return. Although I guess being paid in gratitude and being a major part of history is pretty cool. For years they went unpaid until one day they decided to ask WBUR for $20 a week.

Tom and Ray in the studio

Tom and Ray

In 1987 Susan Stamberg put them on NPR and they went national. They had a weekly segment on her “Sunday Weekend Edition” show and they could not be more excited. After 9 months of being on air with Susan she made them go national. Sure they had their own fan base, but they never imagined they would go national!

Car Talk Radio aired for 35 years! During this time not only did they have their radio station, but they also had their own newspaper column and were very popular! I can’t imagine the amount of people they must have helped during this time. They stopped producing shows in October of 2012 and I’m sure this was a very sad day for many listeners! You can find Tom and Rays full story here.

Luckily for us we can still listen to reruns of this show and still ask questions about our cars through NPRCarTalk, as they picked up the show after it ended. So make sure that if you have car troubles you pick up your phone or tune into their show!

You can find out more about NPRCarTalk and learn how you can listen here.


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  1. My dad would always listen to this when we were driving places, I remember it since we were little..

  2. I am gonna look more into this! I have never heard of CarTalk Radio and I bet it will help the hubby!

  3. Never heard of this. Would let the hubby know about this coz he loves cars to death. He’s also a fan of vintage cars and everything related to it. :)

    Pauchee C.
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  4. Too bad it gone! My hubby is in the car business and it sounds like something he’d like
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  5. I have never heard of this but I know my husband would love it. Looking into it for sure!
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  6. Very cool!! I never knew this!!
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  7. I’ve never heard of Car Talk radio, but wonld be a great source when you have a car related question.
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  8. I had never heard of this before but my hubby knew what it was right away. :)
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  9. I never heard of this, but I’m going to look into it!
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  10. Thanks for the history lesson. Loved the pictures, too :)
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  11. I LOVE Car Talk! It’s hilarious as well as informative, and I have been telling my Irish husband about it for years. I have several episodes of their podcast downloaded and finally got him to listen to them. Now he loves it, too!

  12. I remember those days. I used to listen to it with my dad.
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